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  1. Yes, I know the "rule" the question was are there any implications for doing it early - since technically we are leaving Germany and our passports will show this if looked at - and then remain as tourist. It is much easier to send in and take care of all the other cancelling of things while here. Has anyone actually ever been fined for doing this a few weeks early? Also, this would only be for him, not me - as I wont do this til we leave - as I need it for my insurance in Jan.


  2. Are there any implications to de-registering before you actually leave and then remain a few weeks as tourist? We fly out of Germany Dec 18th, back on 24th - wondering what or if this is possible??? Actual leave date is first week of Feb but would de-register 16/17. Not sure it really matters - but partner asked me the question and I dont know the answer. As then we dont have any "residence" here in 2014 officially. thoughts...


    Info - not currently employed, ins is not an issue (as not German)




  3. I would like to highly recommend the doctor that I found after 10 years of going to various doctors and physio in Munich. My Ortho (Dr. Pürckhauer) decided to share his praxis with this doctor as he had so many patients with chronic pain, he actively brought in a pain specialist to "compliment" his patients needs. Dr Mayer spent 90 min with me on my first visit - did a thorough history covering all aspects of life/medicine and then even called the private mobile of one of the best head pain doctors in Germany (as she had worked with him before) and spent a good 5 min alone on the phone with him going through history and option. She then on my 3rd visit when a more aggressive approach was needed - then called him again to work me in in 3 weeks (normally would take 3 months). Anyway - short story - in little under 2 months (after 10 yrs of visits) I have finally solved what and how to manage my non-stop pain because of her way of actually caring about the patient. I highly recommend her!!! Even if she does not know herself what to do - she has the knowledge and "caring" approach to find another solution.


    Here is her website

    Dr Mayer

    Dr. Alexandra Katinka Mayer

    Prinzregentenstraße 78

    81675 München

    089 41 77 68 90


  4. Hi - I have a spice grinder for sale :) Is exclusively what we used it for - Indian spices :) But it only for grinding the spices. We then use a small kitchen blender for the paste making. Have a look - may not be what you are looking for though.



  5. I think he is talking about the smaller Isar Card only machines - and I think those are indeed only in German. On those machines - hit the larger button that is to the right of the numbers on the first screen (this is only to enter a # if you have a customer/card#) then on the 2nd screen - this is where you hit the rings you want. hit 1 and then hit the last ring you want (2, 3, 7 etc...) then on the next page - it will ask if you want current week/month or nest week/month ticket - select that - then the next screen - pay


  6. Thanks Gen. We will wait til Sept on the next visit to decide what to do - as will be ashes of 2 people and they very much wanted some of them in diff places - especially Ireland - so will sort something out and keep researching until then.


    Lisa - no need at all to be sorry :) appreciated the fact that you wanted to help :)


  7. Thank you Lisa - however, the reason for asking the questions - as is with the reason for this thread - is that Germany is one that you as a private person can not bring any remains in . It must and can only (if you are following the rules) be shipped to Germany by an official crematorium or funeral home in US directly to one there - this is why Gen gave her suggestion and why I am asking if anyone has tried it. As it will not be all of them- only part of them and not in the original urn that would have been sent/sealed by crematorium.



    My impression is that most ash scattering is done clandestinely anyhow. You get the ashes from a funeral home in a nice urn to keep on your mantelpiece / "to take back to the home country". Then you take the ashes out, put them in a ziploc freezer bag, go to wherever you want to scatter them and do it.

    Just wondering if anyone has done the suggestion Gen gave above? When you don't have the urn - but just a few of the remains in a different sort of container (bag, box what ever).


    What is the likely hood of TSA (we would be travelling US-DE direct) wanting to open it if they find a bag or box of what looks like powder??


    Thanks :(


  9. Back with hopefully my last question :)


    When filling out the V050 form, when asked if you have worked for this company before - am not sure "legally" what to put here as I worked for "Hays Temp GmbH" 2008-2010, but my new contact as contractor is with "Hays AG" - are these legally the same company, or do I answer no for this?? (Question 3.3)


    Also, will they slam me as my contract is only in English? Will they demand one in German?





  10. Thanks. As I am just starting this (and yes, I know I should have started last month) as I got my first payment (which was only for 6 day work) mid May - the next payment will not be until mid July - so hoping I dont get "fined" for the first one being late, especially as it was a small one. But have downloaded Elster and will fill it out this weekend, but did not find a place on the program to give details for them to take it - and would feel much more comfortable doing the transfer myself. Assuming their bank details would be the same as what used to be on my yearly besheid (as was always perm before) from them?? Would I just then complete the info online and then do the transfer the same day?


    Edit: Just saw the added info that Panda posted. So, then - as I was not sure what to do and yes, I know it is my fault, as I have to make sure I submit if for my April work, which I received mid May (again, very small amount as was only for 1 week) - and for my May work, it wont be paid until mid July. I will do the April one tomorrow (as soon as I confirm I have the right info to do the transfer) then I don't receive my next earnings (from May work) in my account until after the 10th of July. - so do I still file online before 10 July and only put in my expenses (MVV, mobile and net) or do I do it before 10th July on what I invoiced, even though I have not yet received it??


  11. I am sure that this has been answered already, but my quick glance through the 23 pages, I did not find it.


    When you fill out the Elster for VAT as a freelancer (just starting this)- do they then send you an invoice for the amount and you can do via überweisung - or do you HAVE to let them take it directly from your account?




  12. The arbietsamt most likely will only pay for the courses if you attend the ones through Bamf. If you want to go to a different school, you will have to pay for it. The Bamf courses are Monday thru Friday 08:00-14:00 or something like that. And it really depends on the teacher and how many and what levels are in the class. Mine was horrible. We had somewhat good grundstufe through those who already had the C1 certificate. They basically place you in a class depending on your education and what country you come from - even though they do a test. I was so unhappy with these courses that I ended up going to Deutsche Acadamy at stuchus (265€ per month) and paid for it myself. But others were lucky enough to have a good teacher who managed the differences in the class levels. And they are very unwilling to allow you to change courses, even within the same level. You have to beg and beg and beg - even with a letter from the AA vermittlerin, it took forever to get them to change me - but by then, I had already become so frustrated with the whole thing that I just went to DA and paid myself -and was VERY happy with them. Learned more there in 1 week than I did in the Bamf class in 2 months. Also, with the Bamf course, you MUST attend every day Monday thru Friday - only excuse is being sick (and they want a doctor note). they are not flexible at all. and if you screw up the course (attendance etc..) you can loose your ALG


    I would suggest talking to your vermitter(in) and getting the request from them - they will then send you to the Bamf office (across from KVR) for the test - then depending on where they decide to put you - it can take up to a month or even 2 to have a class for you (as everyone starts together, no joining midway).


    I wish you luck and hope you do not end up with a bad teacher like I did :(


    Here is the link to Bamf in English


    The other option you would have is to do the immigration course - 1he 100€ per month one if you qualify


  13. Reviving this to asked a question I am sure I know the answer to, but thought would ask anyway ;)


    If you are a contractor and "requested" to work on a public holiday - what do you put down for your hours? Are there any laws for this for contractors/freelancers?


  14. OK, am back with another question - hope it has not been covered. So, my steuerberater contacted the Finanzamt to make sure I was registered correctly and to get me a tax number for my new contract work (I had worked for 6 months or so (extremely few hours) back when I first moved here in 2004. Then from 2005-2010 I worked as a permie.


    As they still had that number on file, I was told to use that same one. By doing this - does the 3 year start up exemption start from way back when I worked a few hours in 2004 (ie - totally up shit creek) or from when I do proper contract work as I am doing now (last month)?