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  1. So, my best friend (Czech) who lives in the UK married her boyfriend (they have been together for a while) in Tunisia a couple weeks ago (He is from Tunisia, which is why they got married there). The plan was for her to fly back as she had to work. He had to wait a week or so longer for his new visa to come through. Well it did not. They (British home office or what ever it is called) are saying it is that they need to "prove" their relationship more. They think it is a marriage of convenience. I think it is only because he comes from a Muslim country, but that is beside the point. I have already sent her emails that she sent me over a year ago talking about how much she loved this guy and that he was "the one". She has provided all the stuff they have ask for but also her lawyer said it would help to have some letter from friends who are close and can testify to their relationship.   I have no ideas what to put in this letter.   Has anyone at all by chance had to do anything similar? Any suggestions.   The relationship is more genuine than most I have ever seen. They are in love and just want to be together and it is breaking her heart.