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  1. @giorgio83


    I am a Malaysian who is married to a Polish citizen residing in Munich. The officials at the German Embassy in Malaysia have advised us to submit all documentations and wait until the dependent visa has been issued in Kuala Lumpur before i leave for Germany. Even if you enter Germany before being issued the visa, you will still have to return to Malaysia to obtain the dependent visa. The whole process takes between 6 - 8 weeks.


    The Malaysian German Embassy website provides useful information and i think that would be the best place for you to start.


    Good luck to you!


  2. Thats a whole lot of helpful information! Thanks you guys. And the running cleats look like good investment. Beats spending time at the hospital doesnt it! I hope that i will still be able to continue running even during winter now that i am 'enlightened'. :rolleyes:


  3. For someone who comes from the tropics my usual running gear consists of a t-shirt and shorts. But i will soon be experiencing winter running and wonder how should one be dressed for such a climate. I suppose i still can run with my trusty Reeboks or would it be safer with different type of shoes? Please help initiate me into winter running! B)


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  4. Hope this isnt considered hijacking the thread. Just wanted to know personal experiences of those who have had to learn German. I currently am studying German at the Goethe Institute in my country before relocating to Munich. I expect to study it for a year at a basic level. Would i still need to continue with German lessons after i arrive or with the basics i will be able to learn more as i go along?


    Any feedback would be appreciated! Thanks!