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  1. Moving out and Inspection

    That means I am screwed. I should start saving to pay these guys.
  2. Moving out and Inspection

    I have photos. But the wear'n'tear happened during my tenancy. The Kitchen was already old and during these 4,6 years of course the situation has changed. The glass window cracked from the edge couple of months ago which we believe happened due to temperature difference.
  3. Moving out and Inspection

    I am moving from my current apartment. I have live here for 4.6 years. The apartment was not renovated when i moved in only the walls were painted. There were somethings that i had mention to my landlord to fix couple of months ago and he said he will do it (verbally) so far he has not done yet and now we are moving out. One of the glass window is cracked from inside which we believe that we have not done. We have reported this also to landlord. There are general wear and tear in the Kitchen. So the question is who will be responsible for these as i am moving out and what worse i can expect to tackle the situation. Thanks for your suggestions.
  4. I started my Elternzeit (12months)right after the birth of my baby. My wife is not working so we both are on Elternzeit. We want to spend most  of our Elternzeit outside of Germany. So for this reason i asked my landlord if i can have another tenant during this period but he has refused to do so. So i have only 2 options left 1- pay the rent without living here or 2-cancel the contract and spend the Elternzeit wherever i want but then I have questions about Elterngeld and Kindergeld. I want to keep my health insurance here all the time and I will be paying for this by myself. As we will loose our address for this time what will happen to these. Any suggestion/tips/guidance are welcome.   P.S. We are European Nationals and want to spend the Elternzeit in Non-EU countries.   Thanks in Advance.
  5. Parental leave for Father and Elterngeld Calculation

    Thanks guys for help. I have applied for Elternzeit 35 months as i will be starting from 2LM. but still did not get any confirmation yet. Now comes some more questions hope to get the guidance.   1- Except Employer whom should I have to inform immediately or later about my Elternzeit? i.e Health Insurance/Elterngeldstelle   2- What will happen to my Health insurance as i will be getting only Elterngeld?   3- What will happen to my Health Insurance after 12 months of Eltergeld?   4- Is it possible to pause the Health Insurance for sometime? I want to travel with family for 6 months continuously to non-EU country.   Thanks in Advance.
  6. Parental leave for Father and Elterngeld Calculation

    What is the agreement? Can employer deny the Elternzeit or reject the proposed time?   I want to start my Elternzeit from 2LM for 36 months. Can employer in this case reject/Proposed another time frame?   Thanks
  7. Parental leave for Father and Elterngeld Calculation

    Thanks for a detailed answer.  This amount of time can be doubled with half the payment if you do Elterngeld Plus.  This also allows you to work part time during this period if you want. Is part time work is only allowed with Elterngeld Plus ? Secondly should this part time work be in the same company or can be anywhere in EU and different employer?   Thanks again.
  8. Dear Members,   Is it possible for a Father to take 3 years Parental Leave  right from the Baby Birthday? Any chances of rejection from Employer and possible way forward? Secondly For Elterngeld Calculation : Does the calculation counts the average Salary of Past 12 Months from the Birthday or the Past 12 Months from Starting the Elternzeit?  For Example: Elterngeld when Elternzeit started directly from the Birthday.                       Elterngeld in case of Starting Elternzeit from the 5th LM of the Birthday.   Thanks
  9. Dear Members,   Is it possible for a Father to take 3 years Parental Leave  right from the Baby Birthday?  Sorry for not starting a new thread.   Thanks