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  1.   Thomas Zitzelsberger specialises as an expat tax advisor since 1997. He is a fully qualified accountant under German and Irish law and has gained extensive practical experience in advising individuals on both domestic an international tax issues. He has three years work experience in the UK, Ireland and USA. This means he and his team have an in depth knowledge of different tax systems in these countries as well as speaking both English and German fluently. This background gives EXPATTAX clients the comfort of knowing that everything is taken care of.   100% of Thomas's business can be conveniently conducted via email or telephone. A face-to-face meeting is not required. This saves you both time and money. Thomas is based in Munich, but he can provide equal services to clients anywhere in the world.   At www.expattax.de you can find a full online tax calculator in English language to use for free. In the blog section you will find answers in English language to most of your specific tax questions as an expat - in the unlikely event that you don't, give us a shout.     Thomas Zitzelsberger Spitzelbergstraße 12 B 81476 Munich Tel.: 0049-89-92 13 13 96-0 Email: info@expattax.de Web: www.expattax.de (contains FAQ pages about German taxes)   This is a paid placement posting.