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  1. A few weeks ago I took on a cat whose aged owner recently passed away due to the corona virus. Much to my chagrin, the cat wants to jump off the balcony so that I would like to see about getting a cat net (Katzennetz) installed to prevent this. I guess I could try and fashion something myself, but I’d rather not botch the job and risk disfiguring my nice Altbau balcony and instead would ideally like to have something professional and subtle. Can anyone recommend an address here in Berlin to this effect? I’ve googled but some firsthand recommendations are never a bad idea.   TIA!
  2. Coronavirus rent relief & reductions for salary cut

    Possibly just deduct it from his rental deposit? Otherwise another poster here seems to be looking for a new place (" The war for apartments in Berlin") should your current tenant indeed decide to move out.