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  1. Latest info from the UK on living in the EU with a UK driving licence.  Short answer for those in Germany - get it changed and by 30 June 2021.   Driving in the EU: UK licence holders living in the EU - GOV.UK (
  2. Robot lawnmower

    We also have a tractor mower as our plot is over 5000 sq. metres.  It mulches too, so we don't have to put the grass on the compost.  I don't think our garden would be suited to a robot mower as it has quite a few hilly bits and is divided into separate areas.  As for the noise, the man who sold us the house says it used to take him 5 hours to mow the lawns.  When we told him that it took us around an hour with the tractor mower I think he sorely regretted not having bought one.  Also, I don't think it is that much noisier than a regular mower but one hour of the tractor is better than 5 of a normal mower.  We also have a trailer that attaches, which is helpful for transporting stuff around the garden and this year we bought an attachment that sweeps up and collects the leaves.  We have a lot of trees in our garden, plus our neighbours have trees overhanging our garden.  I used to not see my husband in Autumn as he would spend all his time in the garden collecting leaves.  This year we got it done in a couple of evenings.  Plus it is fun, even though we have had it for 8 years now.
  3. 1st written warning from employer

    For those that don't have legal insurance, the 'Arbeitnehmerkammer' offers free legal advice on employment law, which might be a good first step before paying for a lawyer.  (I haven't used their services, just saw an advert today -
  4. Cholesterol values - question for the Doctors

    A training plan can also involve only one piece of equipment.  There is a lot of information out there about training hard/easy.  Generally it is recommended to do approx 80% of your training 'easy' and 20% 'hard'.  What is 'easy' vs 'hard' seems to be more contentious especially related to heart rate, but you can also go by perceived effort.  (Btw, I like to measure/record my exercise and I am a woman, so don't think it is just a man thing.) seems to have some interesting articles on these subjects.    
  5. Where to buy FFP2 facemasks in Berlin?

    An article in our local paper suggested wearing a cloth mask over the FFP2 mask to help hold it in place.  On the point about the FFP2 being airtight, it should be as airtight as possible around the outside so that you are breathing in and out through the filter.  Otherwise, you are not getting the protection, or offering others the protection, that the mask is designed for.  
  6. school holidays

    Did I understand correctly, you were allowed to take your child out of school previously because you promised not to do it again.  So you also plan to break a promise?  It should be no surprise that the head is not happy and you are showing the teacher and your child that your words are not to be trusted.  That's before we even get on to the bad idea of travelling at the moment.
  7. Yes there is an app for ARD and one for ZDF.  We have cable TV but almost never watch it.  I have also been holding on to it in case there is something that I can't get otherwise, e.g. CNN, but I think we will cancel soon.  I originally kept it for German TV but with prime and ARD, I have more than enough German stuff.  World cup football is the one thing that we would miss if we cancelled, but my children are now old enough that I can go to the pub instead.  (Post Covid).  I also have DAZN and we get some football and rugby on that.  
  8. Can you use an amazon firestick?  You can get German Amazon Prime and Netflix, and get ARD and ZDF for free.  
  9. Any IT experts out there? Home WIFI problems

    I finally bought a Fritz Mesh Repeater and we now have reliable internet throughout the ground floor of our house.  It was very easy to use and the accompanying app advises you on where to position it.
  10. Good advice already, I just wanted to add that when we moved out of our rented flat, there was some damage to the flooring that was our fault.  We only paid for the damaged area!!!  The floor had been new when we moved in and they did a calculation based on the flooring usually being renovated/replaced every 15 years.  Unfortunately I can't remember the calculation but the length of time we had lived there was also taken into account. It was good quality Parkett and we ended up paying about 100 Euro (I think, sorry, a long time ago).  
  11. What are you cooking today?

    Known as PICA, it can also be a symptom of iron deficiency.  (I am slowly becoming an expert as daughter was found to be severely anaemic last year. No longer anaemic but still severely iron deficient.)  My daughter didn't eat dirt but loved ice.
  12. Posting a used phone to the UK... import duty? This is what currently applies for goods from 3rd countries, so it is likely to be the strictest that will be applied.  When posting outside the EU, usually you have to put a customs declaration, and give the value so if you mark it as a gift with a value of less than 39 pounds, you should be ok.     
  13. Rude receptionist at Doctor's office

    My German is good, not perfect, but pretty good. I still get Germans speaking English to me, even after I have asked them to speak German.  Sometimes they switch in the middle of a conversation and then you are left wondering 'why did you switch, did I say something wrong?'  I try and carry on in German, and this mostly works but it does require a certain bloody mindedness.  My colleagues mostly speak excellent English, so it makes me more self-conscious about my German.  However, I think it is partly that they just don't think Brits/Americans can speak German, even if you have started the conversation in German quite competently.  But also it can just be habit.    In shops, if people hear me talking to my daughters in English they assume we can't speak German.  Actually, people assuming that I can't speak German leads to some interesting situations.  Sharing a table with some German women at the Hofbräukeller in Munich, they started criticising the fact that I was feeding my daughter fish fingers and saying what a terrible mother I was because of it.  I kept my mouth shut that time but was fuming.  Something similar happened once at a meeting I attended in Brussels.  The two Germans that I was sat next to, started talking about me in German, saying that I was talking nonsense, so I turned round and explained to them what I was trying to say.  The look on their faces was quite priceless.   When my children were very young (approx 3 years old), the Krippe staff wanted to practice their English on them.  I put a stop to that.  I only allowed one lady at the Krippe to speak English with them, a bilingual German-American.   I should just say, one time not long after I had first moved here, an American girl asked me directions in German.  I answered in English as it would have been weird to speak German.  She was so busy shouting at me 'why are you speaking English to me?' that she couldn't hear me explaining that I am British and walked off, still complaining.  
  14. I agree with MollyWolly - choose your Notar carefully.  Our sellers had inherited their house and there had been issues with the inheritance, so they asked if the Notar that had dealt with that could deal with the sale.  However, the Notar was not really a big problem, but our mortgage lender was.    Our mortgage lenders were insistent on the translation even though they had already signed the contract and despite the fact that I said my husband's German was good enough to understand written documents, he just wouldn't have been able to cope with the (spoken) contract signing.  Hopefully our mortgage lender was an exception but I would still try and ensure that the translation paragraph is not in the contract.
  15. I wasn't allowed to translate for my husband (we are both Brits but my German is better than his). If you are buying a house together, a spouse is an interested party and could have different interests. Our interpreter wanted to prepare a translation in advance and then just go through it with my husband on the day - pointing out the relevant parts, similar to what Vivanco says he did.  Our notary objected to this and insisted that the interpreter interpret everything that he said on the day.  He said that he would usually deviate quite a lot from the 'script'.  Our appointment took 5 hours!    One tip I have, is if you do need an interpreter, make sure that this is NOT mentioned in the contract.  Our notary added into the contract that an interpreter would be present. Our mortgage provider saw this and panicked and insisted we get our mortgage contracts translated into German.  In the end we found a shortcut, but it still cost us extra money and stress.