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  1. Daylight saving time - Germany

      What a petty reply.  But thank you for reminding me, why I really shouldn't come on here.
  2. Daylight saving time - Germany

    I didn't used to mind the clocks changing before, but since my children started secondary school, they start school at 7.35am.  This means, when the clocks go forward, it feels like they are starting school at 6.35am.  This is just horrible and it takes them several weeks to adjust.  I don't care whether they decide on summer time or winter time but I hope they stop the change.
  3. Rules regarding tree removal

    Tree protection is generally at an even more local level.  My town in Niedersachsen has its own Baumschutzverordnung, and it looks as though Hannover has something similar.  Baumschutz Hannover
  4. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

    My letter says that I become German on the day the Urkunde is handed over, so as long as you pick that up before end of March you are fine.  I'm getting mine on Friday!
  5. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

      I had to go in person too.  One reason is that you have to pay in advance, I also had to prove where I lived, with a Meldebescheinigung, and from that they ensured that I did the correct test according to where I live.  (I live in Niedersachsen but others who took the test at the same time lived in Bremen, so had to do the Bremen test.)
  6. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

    Requirements for Einbürgerung   Send this to the lady at the Kreis.  It says you need/can get an Attest from your doctor.
  7. Pollen count for hazel is medium to high at the moment.  So could definitely be hay fever. If this is the case, fresh air is not what you need.  German weather service - pollen warnings 
  8. I can't remember the timings of everything now, so I may have this wrong.  My previous post from 2011 was about 6 months before my twins started school.  So at that point I had definitely taught them to read some English, using the resources mentioned in this thread. Once they started school, I left them to concentrate on the German.  I did still read to them most nights, but they started to want to read for themselves.  They did read mostly in German for that first year of school but then when they were 8 they wanted to read Harry Potter and we only had a few of the books in German so first one child, and then the other started reading in English without any extra help.  The only issue that one daughter had was the pronunciation of names that she had never heard of, like Pamela.  I bought them lots of books in English, and we got lots of German books out of the library and they are both excellent readers (although one is not so good at spelling).
  9. Problems with the chip in a UK passport

    Mine stopped working completely (not just in the UK) when the passport was approx 2 years old.  If you believe what you read in the internet, the government bought chips that were guaranteed for 2 years, for use in 10-year passports. I managed for several years without it working but had a trip to the US and was told I needed to get a new passport. I decided not to risk it. If you have time, there is an official process, but it can take up to 5 weeks, and then if they determine it is your fault, you then have to apply for a new passport.  Contact details here...
  10. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

     I had my appointment on Friday.  The lady said it usually takes 6 to 8 months but that they would do their best to have my citizenship approved before the end of March.  I would have applied earlier but couldn't find my birth certificate anywhere so in the end had to get a replacement.
  11. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

    Anyone here applying for themselves + children?    My husband is not bothering with the German citizenship and he has the right to another EU passport anyway.    So I have an appointment next week - I just phoned up this week so was very excited to get an appointment so fast and am now frantically getting the last of the documents together.     I have just realized that I have to sign the application at the appointment.  As my husband and I will both have to sign for the children, does this mean he has to go to the appointment too?  I hadn't thought of that, and would have asked for an appointment earlier in the day if I had realized.  Anyone know?  (Yes, I will ring up tomorrow, but it is not always easy to get through.)   Also, has anyone had to do a CV for their children?  What did you include?  Mine doesn't have to be handwritten, and I understood it should just be a factual list of education, work, etc., so for the children will be very short. Or did you fill it up with extra info?    
  12. Cheddar cheese from Lidl and elsewhere

    'West Country Farmhouse Cheddar' is a protected designation of origin.  
  13. I have also been told several times throughout my daughters' lives (they are now 13) that there is something wrong with them, but in the end everything has been fine.  They are both at gymnasium - one is top of the class and the other could be doing better in some subjects but is doing very well in others.  I would trust your instincts, and if you are concerned then get him checked out for your own piece of mind.  The chances are that everything is ok.  I had two different teachers tell me that they thought my daughter had an Attention Deficit disorder (not hyperactive).  Other teachers just said that she was probably immature.  At one point the psychologist confirmed the ADD diagnosis but after some more tests then did a complete about turn and said I just need to fatten her up and get her some tutoring for her dodgy spelling.  She is getting the tutoring and we are trying to ensure she eats well and, as I said, she is doing fine.
  14. Tip of the day

    We had something similar years ago with our Bosch washing machine.  Every now and again the display would go blank and it wouldn't work, then after a day or so, it would work again.  We called out the Bosch repairers and they charged us approx 80 Euro to tell us the circuit board needed replacing for approx 300 Euro.  As it was only just out of warranty, if I could find the receipt, they said they would charge us less but didn't specify how much less.  Luckily I never found the receipt - husband worked out we had a slow leak which was setting off the Aquastop function.  Once it had dried off, it would start working again, only to stop again after a couple of washes.  We replaced the rubber door seal and approx 10 years later, it is still working no problem.
  15. is it worth disputing train fine?

    It's a while since I lived in Munich, so I don't remember - what is the maximum number of strips for a single trip?  I have a recollection that it is 8 but can someone confirm?  If it is 8 then it would be clear that he made a mistake.