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  1. Do Police sign forms in Germany

    I don't move in a 'circle' and have also been a housewife. Housewife does not equal uneducated.  I have all sorts of friends and most probably have no idea that I have a PhD.  I don't live in the city but there are still people of all professions out here.
  2. Do Police sign forms in Germany

    Well the question is very vague.  For which authorities is the document required?  UK authorities?  German authorities?  Other?  My examples were for UK citizens in Germany, wanting a UK passport.   Also, Yesterday was saying that it is very difficult in/for the UK.  I disagree - the list of example professions is is very extensive and is not exclusive.  My profession is not on the list, but I have signed for several friends over the years including quite recently.
  3. Do Police sign forms in Germany

    What I mentioned above was for UK passports.  Colleagues (preferably British or Irish)  have signed and I have never had an issue.  Not all were Directors.  I have also signed for friends and colleagues as I have a PhD.  Again, never a problem.
  4. Do Police sign forms in Germany

     I have asked colleagues in the past - usually someone at Director level - but HR Manager would probably also be good.  If you don't work, perhaps a neighbour?
  5. SKY GO - Problem with VPN

    Yes.  There are no fixtures at the moment because of the international break, but with the free trial what have you got to lose?  Suggest you wait until the international break is over, unless you want to watch the Euro Qualifiers. Dazn has them too.  
  6. SKY GO - Problem with VPN

    They don't have the premier league (they did last year but it has moved to sky).  They do have the Championship - I just checked by logging in to DAZN.  (Price has gone up to 11.99 but still very good value especially as you can do a month's free trial and cancel at any time.)
  7. SKY GO - Problem with VPN

    Doesn't German DAZN give you the Championship matches?  9.99 a month and no need for a VPN.
  8. Verpackungs Gesetz - Tax on packaging

    Here is some info in English. Key points 1) register your business - free 2) participate in a scheme for packaging waste - costs money dependent on amount and type of packaging.