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  1. Outdoor lighting - do solar lights really work?

    We have a couple of these   We use them to illuminate our drive and terrace, but only for a short period, activated by a movement sensor.  They also only come on after dark. We have had them for about 5/6 years and they work well and we have not needed to buy any replacement batteries, etc.  My husband was very sceptical as we have a lot of trees and he didn't think they would get enough light, but they have been great.  I don't know how they would be if you wanted them on for longer.  If it is very windy, the sensor is activated and then, very rarely, they haven't come on when needed.  But maybe only two or three times in those 5/6 years.
  2. The idea is that this way you can recycle all the bottles and lids and reduce what goes for incineration.  
  3. Type of test needed (Germany <-> UK)

    No, no Einreisethingy needed.  If you go to the Einreiseanmeldung page, they ask what country you are coming from and you get confirmation straight away whether you need one or not.
  4. Passport renewal situation (UK)

    When we recently applied for UK passport renewals for my daughters, it didn't look like they were going to come on time, so we applied for German passports.  The German passports  came in 3 weeks.  In the end the UK passport of one daughter arrived a couple of days before we travelled and for the other arrived 30 minutes before we left for the airport.  I would have quite happily let them travel on the German passports.  I will probably get a German passport in the future as it always gets stressful at renewal time.  And you can get a German express passport in 3 working days.  Our local Bürgerbüro knew when we were travelling and said if the passports weren't there a week before we travelled to give them a call and they would make sure they got there on time.
  6. A green Bavaria makes the Brits look bad

    It should generally only be small amounts of newspaper.  According to the website of our Landkreis, it should only be single layers.
  7. Hope the kids (and you) are not too shook up Chelski. I will never forget being at the Munich Olympic park with my family when there was the shooting at the OEZ.  Really sad about the student that died.  I hope the others recover ok.
  8. A gastroscopy without the sedative?

    A normal gastroscopy (Magenspiegeulung) - I have had 2 and was completely knocked out for both.  If your doctor refuses, find another doctor.     There is another type where you swallow a pill-shaped camera.  As Fraufruit says, you probably have to be awake to swallow that camera, but not for the standard one.
  9. 3G in Restaurants?

    In Niedersachsen it is complicated as it depends on the Landkreis.  But I think the 2G+ got thrown out in Niedersachsen so you should be ok.  
  10. 3G in Restaurants?

    But 2G+ in Bremen includes being within 3 months of your last vaccination.  Are they not accepting that?
  11.   Absolutely right.  Also, I have no idea of your finances.  I know when I was younger a bill like this would have crippled me. 
  12. 3G in Restaurants?

      When I got my booster, the app still showed my previous certificate as the 'latest' on opening. I had to go to the booster certificate and turn on the button next to my name saying that I am the main user of the app.  Only then did it show my booster automatically.  I already had this marked against my previous certificate, so that was a bit weird.  The whole family has everyone's certificates on their phone as this is usually a lot quicker than each person opening the app.
  13. Hmm.  But the landlord has to bill for 2020 by the end of 2021, don't they? And the 2019 bill should have been sent by end of 2020 and that is the bill where they have made the mistake.   I would want to pay for anything that I had used so I am not saying don't pay but to expect you to come up with the 600 Euro within a month seems unfair.  I would ask for proof from the water company.  If you are prepared to pay, but don't want to pay that much all in one go, I would ask for more time to pay.
  14. We will finally buy a TV

    Thanks Leon.  I haven't really used Joyn yet so want to look in more detail. I think with the limited amount of free stuff there and the ARD and ZDF apps, that is more than enough for me.
  15. We will finally buy a TV

      We have a Samsung smart TV - 5 years old now.  As well as apps for the usual streaming services it also has apps for ARD, ZDF and there are apps (e.g. Joyn) that have the German commercial channels too - this is all free.  I would look into those before signing up for any other service.  We are planning on cancelling our Vodafone cable TV contract.