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  1. Exchanging UK license

    I exchanged mine in 2013 and I have the date that I got the new licence on the front (4a), same as warsteiner, but on the back (10) it looks like the date I first registered in Germany, March 2000.  I passed my UK test in 1983 and that is not mentioned anywhere.   Edit: I am not sure I exchanged in 2013 as I know I did it in Munich and I left Munich in 2012, so not sure why there is the 2013 date for 4a.
  2. The GU series has a lot of books on nutrition.  My local library is full of them.  There is one called 'Die richtige Ernährung bei...'  which looks like it might cover what you are interested in.
  3. Cholesterol values - question for the Doctors

    The calculated max HR is not very reliable.  Ideally you would go to a doctor who can measure it in a safe situation.  I think there are sports doctors that do this - you could also then discuss your training with them and ask advice on what zones you should be training in.  Generally HIT training should only be once or twice a week and all other cardio training should be 'easy'.   If you are using the same gadget to measure your heart rate, then a rise of more than 10 bpm on your resting heart rate is quite significant.  I have only had that when I was seriously stressed and my husband had it when he had the flu and didn't rest enough - it then took several weeks for his heart rate to come back down. 
  4. Latest info from the UK on living in the EU with a UK driving licence.  Short answer for those in Germany - get it changed and by 30 June 2021.   Driving in the EU: UK licence holders living in the EU - GOV.UK (
  5. Robot lawnmower

    We also have a tractor mower as our plot is over 5000 sq. metres.  It mulches too, so we don't have to put the grass on the compost.  I don't think our garden would be suited to a robot mower as it has quite a few hilly bits and is divided into separate areas.  As for the noise, the man who sold us the house says it used to take him 5 hours to mow the lawns.  When we told him that it took us around an hour with the tractor mower I think he sorely regretted not having bought one.  Also, I don't think it is that much noisier than a regular mower but one hour of the tractor is better than 5 of a normal mower.  We also have a trailer that attaches, which is helpful for transporting stuff around the garden and this year we bought an attachment that sweeps up and collects the leaves.  We have a lot of trees in our garden, plus our neighbours have trees overhanging our garden.  I used to not see my husband in Autumn as he would spend all his time in the garden collecting leaves.  This year we got it done in a couple of evenings.  Plus it is fun, even though we have had it for 8 years now.
  6. 1st written warning from employer

    For those that don't have legal insurance, the 'Arbeitnehmerkammer' offers free legal advice on employment law, which might be a good first step before paying for a lawyer.  (I haven't used their services, just saw an advert today -
  7. Cholesterol values - question for the Doctors

    A training plan can also involve only one piece of equipment.  There is a lot of information out there about training hard/easy.  Generally it is recommended to do approx 80% of your training 'easy' and 20% 'hard'.  What is 'easy' vs 'hard' seems to be more contentious especially related to heart rate, but you can also go by perceived effort.  (Btw, I like to measure/record my exercise and I am a woman, so don't think it is just a man thing.) seems to have some interesting articles on these subjects.