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  1. Passport renewal situation (UK)

    Thanks Tammodar but I was hoping for more recent experiences, particularly post-Brexit.  They are saying in can take up to 11 weeks, which is more than twice what they said in the past.  Robinson100 has posted that it took five weeks, I am just wondering if that is typical.  Five weeks will probably just about be ok.  I am actually hoping it won't be as fast as in the past as we might be away.    Sending the passports back was more complicated than in the past.  The lady at the post office said they had to go as a 'Päckchen' not in an envelope as it now has to have customs info on the pack.  We used to have a lovely lady at the post office, but the new one is not so nice and always treats me as an idiot for not knowing the latest posting rules.  She also complained because I filled the customs forms out in the post office, saying that was inconvenient for her other customers, who had to queue outside and that I should have gone home to do it.  (Only 2 customers at a time allowed in.)  It was a lovely sunny day though so I really didn't see an issue.   I was sending two passports back and they have to go back separately as the address includes the tracking code.  I checked very carefully but am still paranoid that I might have got the passports mixed up.  She also didn't like that I didn't put a value on the customs form, but I wrote that they are expired, so hopefully is not an issue.
  2. Passport renewal situation (UK)

    Has anyone else applied for a UK passport renewal recently?  Is 5 weeks about the norm? In the past they used to say 4-5 weeks and it would arrive in less than 2.  Now they are saying 11 weeks, so I guess 5 sounds about right.
  3. Fantasy Premier League 2021/22 (aka FPL)

    GW5 deadline is tonight. I keep changing my mind about who to captain.  Salah, Lukaku, or a Man City player?
  4. Landlord died,-was-nun--f187545.html   I googled in German, and the above confirms what Karin says about the Nachlassgericht.  However, they also say that if it is an emergency you can contact the utility companies directly.  I would think no hot water should constitute an emergency.
  5. Fantasy Premier League 2021/22 (aka FPL)

    You are too kind Chelski.  I am sure it can turn around very quickly but am very happy with my start.  I think I was more cautious this year, in the past I have always made some silly decisions early on and had to wildcard quite quickly. 
  6. Fantasy Premier League 2021/22 (aka FPL)

    I didn't expect that.  I was reasonably pleased with my team in GW1 but was hit by not having Bruno.  GW2 has given me my biggest ever green arrow, I went up approx 1,000,000 places! This is of course because it is very close, so a few points means a big difference in rank.  Having looked at Chelski's previous rankings, I don't think I'll be top for long but will enjoy it while I can.
  7. Fantasy Premier League 2021/22 (aka FPL)

    As an Evertonian, I am also looking at bringing Lukaku in but want to do it without taking any hits and can't decide who to get rid of.  I didn't want him in from the start as I knew he wouldn't play in GW1.  
  8. Fantasy Premier League 2021/22 (aka FPL)

    I have joined.  I have been doing FPL for a couple of years.  Stuffington United is the team name. Thanks!   Donnys Dreamers, are you from Donny?  My husband too, or at least from Finningley.  
  9. Google Street View

    If I look at the street where we used to live in Munich, you can still see that our furniture is on the balcony and my hanging flower pots too.  We left in 2012!  
  10. Exchanging UK license

    I exchanged mine in 2013 and I have the date that I got the new licence on the front (4a), same as warsteiner, but on the back (10) it looks like the date I first registered in Germany, March 2000.  I passed my UK test in 1983 and that is not mentioned anywhere.   Edit: I am not sure I exchanged in 2013 as I know I did it in Munich and I left Munich in 2012, so not sure why there is the 2013 date for 4a.
  11. The GU series has a lot of books on nutrition.  My local library is full of them.  There is one called 'Die richtige Ernährung bei...'  which looks like it might cover what you are interested in.
  12. Cholesterol values - question for the Doctors

    The calculated max HR is not very reliable.  Ideally you would go to a doctor who can measure it in a safe situation.  I think there are sports doctors that do this - you could also then discuss your training with them and ask advice on what zones you should be training in.  Generally HIT training should only be once or twice a week and all other cardio training should be 'easy'.   If you are using the same gadget to measure your heart rate, then a rise of more than 10 bpm on your resting heart rate is quite significant.  I have only had that when I was seriously stressed and my husband had it when he had the flu and didn't rest enough - it then took several weeks for his heart rate to come back down. 
  13. Latest info from the UK on living in the EU with a UK driving licence.  Short answer for those in Germany - get it changed and by 30 June 2021.   Driving in the EU: UK licence holders living in the EU - GOV.UK (