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  1.   Perhaps the above can help?
  2. Should we/How to introduce ourselves to the neighborhood

    A couple of weeks after we moved in, a group of neighbours arrived on our doorstep to welcome us.  Our house was a complete mess so I didn't invite them in (still a bit embarrassed about that) and I was a bit confused as to who they all were - we have a big garden so we have borders with 6 different properties.  In the summer, we invited them all round for coffee and cake.    I like your idea and would say go for it.  10 years later, we know them all pretty well.  
  3. Advice on Properly Ventilating a Basement

      If you can heat the cellar and it is cooler outside then ventilation will help.  Cold air cannot store as much water as warm air, so you will definitely be removing moisture.  Key is to ventilate for short periods so that you only cool the air down and not the cellar itself.  A de-humidifier is another option.   And buy a couple of hygrometers so you can check if moisture is too high and if what you are doing is having an effect.   You can get simple ones for about 10-20 Euro, e.g., on Amazon.
  4. We had a similar discussion with a neighbour about the drying room.  My husband only turned the heating on once and they neighbour complained.  It was against the rules to dry washing in your flat.  It was also not allowed to dry your clothes on the balcony if they could be seen.  For the people on the top floors this was no problem, for those on the bottom, it could be.  All these things should be discussed with your Hausverwaltung.    We used the communal washing machine on a Sunday morning  - one of the children had had an 'accident'.  Someone else used the machine after us, which took it into the lunch hour.  We got a nasty anonymous note complaining about Sunday use, and they were particularly disgusted that the washing machine was used at lunch time.  Someone probably complained to the Hausverwaltung because a couple of days later there was a sign on the door confirming that the washing machine could be used from 7am to 7pm, 7 days a week. (We still tried not to use it on a Sunday.)     Our Hausverwaltung put up signs saying that children were allowed to make noise.  When my daughter saw this, she understood she could be as noisy as she wanted but I said, no, we should still try to be considerate.
  5. UK rental income on German tax returns (post-Brexit)

    I did submit a UK tax return for a number of years, including only the rental income, but after about 4 years they told me to stop as I didn't owe any money and was never likely to.  I agree the best seems to give them a call and ask maybe for a statement saying something along the lines of 'no tax returns submitted as requested by HMRC as rental profit was not high enough for tax to be payable:
  6. UK rental income on German tax returns (post-Brexit)

    After a few years of submitting UK tax returns, if you are not liable to any tax, HMRC then tells you not to submit a tax return again.
  7. UK rental income on German tax returns (post-Brexit)

    Hi Panda.  Thanks for the explanation.  So, if you didn't submit the UK tax returns because the profit was too low to exceed the personal allowance, how do you submit them now?
  8. UK rental income on German tax returns (post-Brexit)

    Yes, thanks Gary.  Was doing this in my lunchbreak and a bit too quick.  
  9. UK rental income on German tax returns (post-Brexit)   Double taxation agreement amended in 2014.  Only had a quick look but says rental property should be taxed where situated.   New doc in 2021.
  10. UK rental income on German tax returns (post-Brexit)

    My recollection, which might not be quite correct, was that the EU told the Germans that EU income had to be treated fairly, that is, the Germans were taxing EU citizens on profits but not allowing credit for losses.  At some point, therefore, Germany said that EU income would no longer be taxed (although I did always wonder about the Progressionsvorbehalt) as they were not prepared to allow credit for losses occurring in other countries.  Therefore, when the UK left the EU, profit from the income could at last be taxed.   What this actually meant for the tax returns has never been clear to me.   Found this using google
  11. Train Fine

    Did you give them your correct address or not?  If you did not give them your address, how can you wait for a letter?  If they took the details of your passport, including passport number, then I assume they will use that to get your address, assuming you are registered in Germany.   You can of course, try and appeal but I have no idea if you will be successful.  As they probably have your address already, it seems worth a try.  
  12. It's Legionella bacteria - the ones that give you Legionnaires' Disease.   Our plumber's can't seem to make their mind up what temperature it should be set at and change it every time they come.  On our boiler it is in a PIN-protected section but I think they have told us the PIN so I could change it if I wanted.
  13. Solarthermie

    We visited family in the UK and rather than have the solar water panels, they had a PV immersion controller.  The info says that If your home has a hot water cylinder (tank) this is likely to include an immersion heater, even if gas is the primary energy source.   This seems a much simpler way of using solar to get hot water.  Anyone use something like this here?  We don't have PV yet but hope to get it at some point in the near future.
  14. 3G in Restaurants?

    This isn't about the ozone layer, this is about greenhouse gases.  Greenhouse gases store and emit heat and are therefore contributing to global warming.  
  15. 3G in Restaurants?

      The issue is not nitrogen (N2) but Nitrous oxide N2O. The difference is like the difference between hydrogen (H2) and water (H2O).    N2O can be produced industrially for use in various industries, or can occur naturally.  All this can be found on the Wikipedia page that you quote above.