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  1. Resident in Germany, freelancing in EU

    Hi dstanners; No, they only told me that I would receive an hourly net pay of x amount, paid in total at the end of each month. As far as the working permit is concerned, the company (hirer) is taking care of it. But, yeah, its starting to sound a bit complicated for me too. If anyone can recommend any English speaking accountants, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks all
  2. Resident in Germany, freelancing in EU

    Thank you so much Panda The service agreement names them as 'the customer' and lists me as 'the performer' (whatever that means!). Might be a better solution to talk directly with an accountant or finanzamt
  3. Resident in Germany, freelancing in EU

    That part is going to be taken care of by the employer. My concern is the German side about the stuff that I listed. Thanks for your input Panda
  4. Hi all, I would appreciate any help regarding this. I am a resident of Germany with an EU permit. I was recently offered a freelance job in another EU country. There is no contract, just a service agreement with an unspecified end date. I will be living in that country for the duration and I get paid a net amount on hourly basis without any contribution to the other countries government. My questions: - Do I have to inform the finanzamt about this and pay a year end tax in Germany? - If so, do I get any tax breaks at the end of year in terms of transportation, living expenses over there etc.? - Do I still have to inform my healthcare insurance provider (TKK) about this and pay contributions? (As mentioned, my pay is based on hourly basis and net income per month is changing) - Should I register myself as a freelancer (or register a company) in order to get some breaks on the way? - Is there an English speaking accountant here (or recommended) that can help me with process? - Finally, do I have to do a change of address?   Thank you so much for any feedbacks