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  1. @Metall, we are looking for rental. @jeremytwo, already following that too. Thank you both for your input
  2. Hi all Me and my wife are looking for an accommodation around Miesbach area. We are following immobilienscout and immowelt on daily basis but no luck so far. We are looking for something with at least 2 bedrooms (preferably with garden or entry level apt but not a must!) Please reach out if you have any leads. Thank you so much
  3. EU Work permit

  4. Sales Manager

    Wasn't there a discussion somewhere about how this company treats the applicants at job interview and afterwards?
  5. EU Work permit

    Thanks Nick The only thing official on the website that I could come across was this:   Zu Beachten   Darüber hinaus können Sie unter erleichterten Bedingungen in den Ländern der Europäischen Union (ausgenommen Irland, Dänemark, Großbritannien) leben, arbeiten oder studieren.   Not so helpful
  6. EU Work permit

    Good Morning all I have a permanent residency for Germany (Unbefriested Aufenthaltstitel). Recently, I have been offered a job in another EU member state. Does my German residency permit allow me to also work in another EU member state or do I have to go through that countries formal residency and work permit applications all over again from beginning? Thanks a lot for any help (and sorry if this topic has been discussed before, couldn't find any discussions)
  7. Kabel&Medien Service

    After a week of multiple calls to tech support, someone 'accidentally' found out that the provider had a software upgrade last week and the customers had to reset their routers (not just restart) in order to get their phones to work again. This is how incompetent these people are!  Thank you all so much for your feedback.
  8. Kabel&Medien Service

    Thank you so much for your help Sneaker. Really appreciate this. But asking a bank to return debits for a basic service that they already provided, wouldn't that cause a problem?
  9. Kabel&Medien Service

    Hi all Someone PLEASE help me with this cause we are going crazy!! In March, we signed up with Kabel& Medien Service for their Telephone and internet package service (200 Mbits). Since day 1, we never received the promised 200 Mbits speed internet. The best we got was between 30-40. We notified them around 5 times or so, sent them pictures of our speed test etc. Twice, a technician came to our place, promising to fix the problem but nothing at the end. The last time he was here, he said there is not much else he can do. There are days that the speed actually drops down to 2 Mbits! We sent an email to this company, asking them to quit our contract since we never got what they promised but they replied back saying, our earliest termination date is March 2019. Our phone service has been dead for the past week and we reported that twice so far. Again, no replies as of today. Is there a better business bureau or a department of consumer rights that can intervene? No idea if its feasible to hire a lawyer cause it may end up costing us more than what the contract is worth in long run. Any feedback is highly appreciated. Thank you