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  1. Portable air conditioning units

    Have a look at  Lidl offers next week,  on page 14 selling from Monday 8 june  an airconditioner  mobile for €179 instead of €249 both in stores and online.
  2. Portable air conditioning units

    Aldi Süd prospect for next week   have a mobile  air conditioning  set from AEG  . The Ventilator costs €499 and  a flexible tube and adaptor for a window costs €69,99 including delivery. Worth having a look at.  
  3. Oktoberfest 2020 Cancelled

    read yesterday that tables for 10 persons were being offered for €5,000 . Unbeleivable .
  4. Piano Teacher not paying back money he owes

    Do you have a receipt or any form of proof  for the cash you handed over? If not then it is possible you do not have any chance to prove  he owes  lessons for your kids. .
  5. Claiming unemployment benefits in Munich

    Immediatly after you receive notice of termination of your employment contract from your employer or if you were the one who gave notice  you must  register at the Arbeitsamt. They get in touch with him and if your contract was terminated by you it can lead to complacations for receiving unemployment benefits.
  6. Ryanair Munich/Dublin route not available after March 2020?

    I would also prefer to fly to Belfast but  the  journey from Dublin to Banbridge where I stay with my brother only  takes an hour . It takes almost as long to travel to Munich Airport from Aubing ( Ca. 40 minutes ) in the S4, changing and waiting  at Hirschgarten  and sometimes longer with a car if the Autobahn is blocked. I have never experienced problems with seating on Aer Lingus flights. We never book seats  in advance as  24 hours before departure when we check in online we have always got seats. We find that only   hand luggage is prefereble as  when you arrive you can proceed to  Customs and do not need to wait . We keep toilet articles and clothing   with our relations
  7. Ryanair Munich/Dublin route not available after March 2020?

    I always thought Ryanair  only use  Memmingen airport which is named Munich West . When we are flying to Ireland we always use Aer Lingus, we are no longer dependent upon school holidays or holiday planning in work so can choose the cheapest flights. Munich airport is only 35 minutes away with the  S Bahn from Neuaubing which means no parking fees have to be paid.  Aer Lingus also have special offers. We have booked for June and it costs us €110 per person return. Only with hand luggage.  Aer Lingus ran flights from Munich to Belfast a few years ago bur stopped due to lack of demand.