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  1. Leaving Munich back to Ireland

    Good Augustiner Beer,, Austria, Italy, and other countries just a short drive away but to mention a few... I left norniron 50 years ago, then it was not a peaceful place to live. But. I was thinking about his child who may find it difficult to adapt to a new country, way of life, and perhaps a new language, not to mention leaving his or her friends here. 
  2. Leaving Munich back to Ireland

    Are you sure you are doing the correct thing returning to Ireland? I suppose your child was born here and he may find it difficult adapting to a new country and language..  I came here with my wife and two daughters 49 years ago and would not like to go back. My brother in law was here for a short time 40 years ago and returned to Ireland.. Every time we returned for a holiday he always said that leaving Munich was the biggest mistake he ever made. When we go back for a short holiday now what we enjoy mostly is the return flight to Munich. 
  3. Brexit: The fallout

    Listening to the radio this morning and if I heard correctly there is some consideration that after Brexit British Citizens who remain in the EU may need a work permit! Did anyone hear this?
  4. Brexit: The fallout

    Spoke to the UK Pension service today, they will send the pension  to our German account with no problem   Got a letter from British Embassy in Berlin just now saying the UK Transition Period ends on 31 December and what action  UK Nationals may need to take,. It mentions  Register for residency, Exchange UK driving licence for a local one,, access to  healthcare ( S1 holders and UK European Health Insurance  Card  = EHIC ) etc.  I have no idea what they are as I have been insured with the German Krankasse for 48 years now so I assume  and hope that nothing will change.
  5. Brexit: The fallout

    Spoke to the UK Pension service today, they will send the pension  to our German account with no problem
  6. Closure of UK bank accounts to EU residents

    After I received info from my bank that from 31 December they would be closing all accounts from UK Citizens living here I spoke to another Northern Ireland bank about opening an account but they said you must appear personally with indentification otherwise it cannot be done. Are there any complications getting UK pensions paid tto a German Bank Account?
  7. Brexit: The fallout

    Brexit is going to create complications for UK Pensioners living in the EU after December. I received a letter from my bank yesterday telling me that my account where I get my pension paid into in Northern Ireland will be closed from 1st January as they do not know if  after Brexit they are allowed to offer banking services to residents of Germany. Anyone know excatly what is going to happen?