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  1. I have been living in Germany and paying voluntary UK NI contributions for years. To do this I transfer a chunk of money back to my old UK online account (registered at my parents address) once in a while from which the contributions are then withdrawn every month by direct debit. Currently this is working fine.   However I see that my UK credit card is now asking to confirm payments on their app, which I am blocked from downloading to my smartphone in Germany. If my UK bank account goes the same way it could make everything really awkward. If I am obstructed from paying in in the future, then I guess I might as well consider stopping paying in now.   Is there some way to pay directly from Germany or the EU? Does anyone else have any ideas about this? In section 6 of form NI38 I note there is an option to pay anually rather than monthly, so if I had to make an international transfer with fees, I guess it would be better to switch to that.   Sorry if this has already been discussed on another thread. I had a search for it.