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  1. DKB Visa chargeback for cancelled flights

    Thanks Fraufruit. I missed that thread.
  2. Has anyone here requested a chargeback on their DKB Visa for flights cancelled by an airline?   I'm getting the runaround from Aer Lingus after requesting a refund from them one month ago for flights they cancelled due to Corona.
  3. Coronavirus

    I bet a disproportionate amount of Swedish cases will be in ethnic minorities where multi-generational cohabitation is common. Ethnic Swedes do social distancing by default. They more commonly live alone and home office and flexible work life balance stuff was commonplace before Covid19. 
  4. Coronavirus

    What the absolute fuck are you on man? Kincora boys home was in Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom. Do you know the difference between Ireland and Northern Ireland??   Also, I read the article. It does not mention people trafficking even once!!   Do you just post random shit hoping not to be called out on it?!
  5. Coronavirus

    How many decades?
  6. Coronavirus

    If you tell me where your homeland is, I'll name a name.
  7. Coronavirus

    Ireland counts more reliably than the US. Many countries have failed to accurately count out of hospital fatalities. This is especially true for nursing homes. Ireland counted nursing home Covid 19 deaths from the beginning. In fact most of Ireland's deaths have been in nursing homes. Ireland counts more reliably than the US and tests many more people.   Ireland could have done better in preventing the disease getting in to nursing homes. I'm prepared to admit my country made mistakes unlike some proxy Americans ;-)  
  8. Coronavirus

    Jeremy my dear man, Trump failed to act for the entire month of February. He banned Chinese people from entering the US and then basically did nothing but guess what, the epicentre had already shifted to Italy and no restrictions were imposed on Italians at that stage. A whole month was wasted and the buck stops with the president for that.   If you want to be president you have to be able to take responsibility for the bad as well as the good. The orange man child is unable to do it because he's mentally not fit for the office he holds.
  9. Coronavirus

    Our school in Brandenburg will be similar. I'm also sceptical right now but hope for the best.
  10. Coronavirus

    The US intelligence agencies do not report to the governor of New York or the mayor of New York city. They were however sending daily reports of the emerging threat to the White House. These were passed on to President Trump who failed to act and failed to inform the states of the imminent threat.   The buck stops with the president. 
  11. Coronavirus

    I don't see how we can do this without technology to automate, in real time the contact tracing once an infection is confirmed or even suspected in a person.   Under lockdown it may be just about possible but with more contact between people the number of contacts to trace becomes very large.
  12. Coronavirus

    We meaning the readers here.
  13. Coronavirus

    I think the countries that bore the brunt of the fatalities will actually take social distancing more seriously as they leave complete lockdown than countries like Germany where in the minds of many, nothing happened.     
  14. Coronavirus

    Children allowed out for fresh air in Spain for the first time in weeks today. 
  15. Coronavirus

    According to RBB news just now, Trump will no longer take part in the nightly press conferences. He's such a coward.