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  1. Brexit: The fallout

    Nice one Dom.
  2. Brexit: The fallout

    Another fake account. Just joined yesterday but we're on pet name terms already?!
  3. Coronavirus

    I was listening to the radio this morning and the point was raised several times that German style federalism could end up costing lives due to an incoherent, ad-hoc approach to this crisis.   I think so far the death rate has been so low just because Germany has more ICU capacity than most countries but it will still be overwhelmed if and when the virus starts spreading in anger.   The Poles and Czechs are taking a more conservative approach. We'll see who was right soon enough.
  4. Coronavirus

    The Chinese may have given us this virus with their filthy wet markets but they are also showing what needs to be done to get it under control. The half measures being taken in most of Europe will in hindsight be seen to have been a huge error.
  5. Coronavirus

    A doctor's frightening description of the warzone like conditions raging in one of the richest regions of the European Union:   It's going to end up like that here if the attitude doesn't change quickly. Our local Gesamtschule had a confirmed case yet just 2 classes were asked to self isolate. This is a joke. The school should be completely shut right now.
  6. Coronavirus

    Lol. If they had inflicted this upon the world then the UK would be the worst affected country ;-)
  7. Coronavirus

    The measures that have been taken in China and South Korea are far more Draconian than anything we've seen here, even in Italy. Those are the sorts of measures we will need to see taken all around the world.   I wouldn't be writing Covid 19 off just far it has mostly hit developed countries best placed to tackle it. If it gets a hold in the developing world the picture will be far bleaker.
  8. Brexit: The fallout

    Corona virus is going to give a whole new meaning to the term "economically inactive person"!
  9. Brexit: The fallout

    The EU will have to look after itself as best it can. The British government under Johnson doesn't want a deal anyway. Parliament was able to stop them last time but won't be at the end of this year as the great British public has given the right wing Tories the majority they needed.
  10. Brexit: The fallout

    We'll just have to look after ourselves then.
  11. Brexit: The fallout

    I couldn't care less anymore. The UK is a third country and won't be doing us any favours either.
  12. Brexit: The fallout

    And? I expect most of the EU would welcome another liberal democracy to the fold, especially to counter the nasty behaviour of the likes of Poland and Hungary of late.   But as you conceded, it's not even an official position if any organ of the EU. It's just the former president's of the council opinion. An opinion I share.
  13. Brexit: The fallout

    What have the EU communicated to Scotland officially exactly?    
  14. Hi all, We are currently building a new house and it's planned to install a photo voltaic system on the roof (just under 10kWp) which will export excess electricity to the grid (Einspeisen). As far as I know it's financially sensible to elect not to be a Kleinunternehmer despite the small turnover (ca. €1000 pa). The reason is that if you elect not to be a Kleinunternehmer, you can claim the VAT back for the entire installation (ca. 3k) and the "penalty" you pay for this is that the network operator will then pay you for your generated electricity with VAT included. This VAT must be forwarded on to the Finanzamt. The amount of VAT you'll forward on such a small installation is tiny compared to the up front VAT rebate of the entire equipment cost.   Does anybody know any more about this or perhaps actually does these monthly returns for their own PV system? 
  15. Brexit: The fallout

    The UK transport secretary has announced that the UK will leave EASA and return all certification processes to the CAA.   This will cost about £40m a year. The UK currently pays about a tenth of that into EASA and has a lot of clout as many of the top dogs in there are Brits!   Another spectacularly stupid thing to do. In reality the world is heading for 3 large certification bodies (EASA, FAA, CAAC) and the CAA will end up following the rules set by these behemoths.   I expect a lot of aerospace manufacturing in the UK to up sticks and move or become less competitive.  
  16. Tax returns for photo voltaic feed in

    Ah I understand. 
  17. Tax returns for photo voltaic feed in

    That's a lovely bit of work SP. Would you not be tempted to cover the roof in PV? You should be able to get a very good price per kWp with that huge roof area.     
  18. Tax returns for photo voltaic feed in

    Indeed FF, indeed.
  19. Tax returns for photo voltaic feed in

    SP, at the end of the day reducing your leccy bill or getting a FiT is the exact same thing. It means your bank balance is higher at the end of the month than it otherwise would have been.   By the way, would love to see some pics of that barn conversion if you feel so inclined!   I think the yield on PV at the moment is about 5% and it's guaranteed like the money was on deposit. The yield on even the best deposit account is...   There are reliable tools for calculating the solar harvest for any roof and location. PVGIS is the go to reference I see mentioned on German forums.    
  20. Tax returns for photo voltaic feed in

    I want to make a modest profit. From all my reading on German forums, it makes financial sense if you can get the system installed at the right price. The right price is determined by the price per kWp of installed power. Less that €1k/kWp (turnkey) would be a good price. 2k would be a bad price. If you pay 2k or more the system will struggle to make a profit. If you pay closer to 1k the system will completely amortise in about 10 years. After that anything you use yourself or feed in is free. The FiT is currently still guaranteed for 20 years but the panels will last longer than that so even if the FiT stops after 20 years (personally I think that some FiT will be paid after that given our climate change crisis) then you will still be getting free electricity for your own use and hopefully by then the batteries will be worth installing, pushing up the ratio of self consumed power.   The cost per kWp falls as the size of the installation increases because of the fixed costs like scaffolding and most of the wiring works being identical for a system regardless of the size. A rectifier costs the exact same to install whether it's 5kW or 15kW. The wiring the same. Only the panels cost marginally more to install on a larger system but not that much more.   In my original post you'll notice I had fallen into the psychological 10kWp trap. It did make some sense at the time as my south facing roof would have been able to take about this amount with reasonably affordable panels at the time. Now the reasonably affordable panels are more powerful and I can get 13kWp on there and I have laid conduit to my future garage to get another ca. 8kWp on there and also to the carport to get another 6kWp on there.    Flat roof garages and carports can be fitted more cheaply as typically no scaffolding is required on safety grounds. A ladder suffices. Many people just install the panels flat, parallel to such roofs. This wouldn't have been done years ago as the panels were to expensive not to install at an optimal angle to the sun or without the self cleaning effect of the rain. That does not apply any more as the panels are now so cheap.   No battery. Batteries make no sense financially yet. The figures are usually massaged by the dealers to make a battery seem a no brainer but they rarely properly include the cycle costs (batteries have limited cycles before they are useless). Every charge and discharge costs part of the battery's life.   The money is made in the summer months. Shade in winter is irrelevant. Shade in summer is a problem that may or may not be fatal to the viability of the system.   The EEG-Umlage on self consumed electricity in its present form has been declared illegal by the EU which wants to encourage small scale feed in across the bloc. It is widely hoped that it will simply be scrapped for most home owner sized installations. This would make the sums slightly more attractive but crucially eliminate the bureaucracy of dealing with it and eliminate the need for the second meter.   Clearly some homes are better placed to gain from PV. For example we are often at home (home office) during the day. My other half works exclusively from home. This means electricity can be used during the peak production period.   We have a heat pump. We can favour running the heat pump during this period too, slightly over heating the floor screed (using thermal mass of the floor to store the energy) or making hot water.   If you have gas heating and are out of the house all day it's going to be harder to make PV work but it still can work.    
  21. Brexit: The fallout

    No, no SP. It's the Corona virus what done it. Brexit was just trying to help!    
  22. Tax returns for photo voltaic feed in

    I haven't proceeded yet. Too many other things to finance. I'm currently building a 6 x 8 garage which will provide yet more roof area for PV when I do it.   Batteries (in Germany) make no financial sense according to the received wisdom on the PV forums I read. Even with the grants some Bundesländer make available they still don't add up yet. They need to become significantly cheaper.   For the moment the best option (financially) is to just feed in excess production and take the FiT.   You normally don't get 2 new meters AFAIK but each network operator will have their own rules. Around here they will swap your existing meter for a two way meter. It can simply run backwards.    Currently if you have >10kwp you are subject to the EEG Umlage which is a penalty for using energy yourself. This should not scare anyone away from building bigger that 10kwp however, as long as you go a decent bit over. 10,001 kwp would be silly, but it's generally agreed that above about 12kwp it makes sense again.   If you are subject to the Umlage you will need a second calibrated meter from your network operator which only measures the generated power. If you have less than 10kwp you won't need that meter.   Happy to discuss further. It's an interesting topic.
  23. Brexit: The fallout

    "Poison Patel" would read the headline in the Daily Express if it wasn't a right-wing mouthpiece for the right wing Tory party.   In normal times she'd have resigned already.
  24. Brexit: The fallout

    To Spain, Gibraltar is Spanish and to the Cyprus, the SBAs are Cypriot. Spain and Cyprus are EU member states. The UK is not. Whose side should the EU as a whole take? The rules have not changed but the UK has placed itself outside the EU tent. By choice.   Opening a fake embassy (to whom would the fake ambassador present his or her credentials?!) would be cringe worthy and pointless in the extreme.    You'll have to explain your point about the US in more detail. I don't understand it. The US stands to gain more than the UK in trade terms in any FTA with the UK. 
  25. Brexit: The fallout

    Sterling has lost 4p against the Euro since last week.   Gone from 83.5p to 87.5p to the Euro.   Apparently sterling is more vulnerable to the negative effects of Covid 19.