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  1. Coronavirus

  2. Coronavirus

    The further you drive the higher the possibility that you come into contact with strangers. You could break down orbe involved in an accident, requiring a recovery service or even emergency services. You might just get caught short and need the lavatory.   On an individual basis it's insignificant. Scaled up to the whole population it is not. Stay as close to home as possible.
  3. Coronavirus

    1.4 billion Chinese disagree.
  4. Coronavirus

    I don't really agree that it's too late. A friend of mine is an immigration officer at Dublin airport. Even flights from the UK are mostly empty so at present there is little coming in. I see Coveney is meeting the NI authorities today. Hopefully they can agree a more coordinated approach as an island should. NI unionists have in the past been ok with all-island handling of such things as BSE and foot and mouth where NI livestock was considered Irish by the EU and could still be exported. This crisis should see NI treat humans as well as livestock and there should be controls on the movement of people between the whole island and GB (and everywhere else obviously).   I was glad to see that some of our €230m delivery of PPE will be shared with NI.
  5. Coronavirus

    Border closures make absolute sense if you are actively tackling the spread internally. If you are letting it spread internally then closing an external border makes no sense but few countries on earth are taking this approach (anymore).   Let's say Germany or Ireland (where social distancing certainly looks to be succeeding) manages to flatten that curve, the last thing you want is to allow imported cases through an open border. This is especially true in Germany's case at the crossroads of Europe!   China has started to come out of lockdown but has had to introduce tighter controls at their external borders to prevent reimportation of the virus.   Every country will have to do the same IMO. There will be no complete return to normality globally unless and until a vaccine is in circulation. It makes no sense to go to all this effort and then throw the gates open again.
  6. Coronavirus

  7. Coronavirus

    In fact the Netherlands is split north/south along Protestant/Catholic lines. I doubt the average Dutch person really believes that there's nothing they can do and it's just God's will. I mean if that were the case they would have drowned under the North Sea centuries ago but they fought back against the sea.
  8. Coronavirus

    Trump full of self praise in his daily briefing as usual. Dear God help the United States.
  9. Coronavirus

    Masks definitely help IMO. Common sense really. If everyone had to wear a mask in public I reckon it would make a big difference.
  10. Coronavirus

    Germany is performing significantly more tests than any other European country. I suspect the German confirmed cases is the most accurate (still not a complete picture) but the way Germany records deaths may be misleading and an underrepresentation.   I certainly believe Italy and Spain have far more cases than have been confirmed. Their death rates and relatively low rates of testing would lead me to believe that. I'd say the UK is in the same boat just delayed by 2 weeks. Not sure about Germany yet.
  11. Coronavirus

    Our arrogance has cost lives. Hopefully this is a valuable lesson to us to act in unison and act quickly when this happens again. The EU need to develop a unified response strategy for these things for the future, including guaranteed financial help for any EU region that needs locking down. Fear of localised economic consequences has led to a much greater problem globally.
  12. Coronavirus

    Klaus Wowereit's husband has died of Covid 19.
  13. Coronavirus

    Those 1.9bn are probably already spent!
  14. Coronavirus

    We will walk to the lake today and enjoy the sun. We may not be allowed out at all in 2 weeks. 
  15. Coronavirus

    The Irish authorities believe if we achieve 90% reduction in social contacts the virus can be contained in 3 months, 80% in 4 months and 70% not at all!!
  16. Coronavirus

    Friend of mine living 40 metres from here has tested positive. We have been social distancing so cancelled our planned game of cards last weekend. Dodged a bullet there, for now. He's starting to feel better after a rough week of severe flu like symptoms.
  17. Coronavirus

    Indeed, it's the body's own immune system going into overdrive that has killed a lot of people from what I understand. I certainly wouldn't be relying on past exposure to other illnesses to get me through this one.
  18. Coronavirus

    No just the republic. NI following UK procedures.
  19. Coronavirus

    From midnight in Ireland only essential workers allowed to work outside the home. Public transport only to be used by essential workers. Govt very concerned about admissions to ICUs.
  20. Coronavirus

    Depends how much testing is happening, especially in the poorer south of the country. People down there may not feel as financially able to comply with a lockdown and let's be honest, the black economy is huge already so doing business out of sight of the authorities is hardly new. The south of Italy could be horrendous. Please God it won't be.
  21. Coronavirus

    US overtakes China though I think we can take both country's figures with a pinch of salt.
  22. Coronavirus

    There was a police helicopter buzzing around here last night for like half an hour. We thought they were checking people were staying in but today found out that some individuals broke into a house with the occupants inside. This type of thing is really rare around here. I suspect drug addicts are getting desperate as shoplifting and normal daytime burglary are much more difficult now.
  23. Coronavirus

    Trump just went off on one about the EU again. We prevent the US selling us the best medical equipment in the world by daring to have "specifications" that do this.   He also started attacking a journalist for writing "fake news" again. He is taking the whole thing personally as usual.   The man is totally unhinged. How did he end up president?!
  24. Coronavirus

    Only in America...(maybe)   It seems almost spiteful.
  25. Coronavirus

    The WHO thinks the US could become the new epicentre and given Trump's appalling handling of this it's hardly surprising.   The White House has now recommended self quarantine for anyone who has been in NY.