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  1. I am currently looking to move away from Comdirect to Trade Republic for my passive investments but the fees for deposits to the cash account are a bit confusing. Is it free for SEPA bank transfers or does the 0.7% fee that applies to credit cards also apply to bank transfers?
  2. Looking for a volunteer video editor

    Good call John. This is where this belongs for sure. I am also struggling to see why anyone would be inclined to give their time to someone who couldn't be bothered giving enough of theirs to describe the project and why someone might work for free on it.
  3. DHL Rip Off for postage to the UK

    It was a private sale of some items I listed on an Irish classifieds website. I warned him that I was not responsible for any charges he might face and he took the risk. He paid £60 extra.
  4. I took advice in Ireland and the outcome was that it would be a very bad idea to start gifting property to my son in Germany as Ireland would count these gifts towards his lifetime allowance and as I have property in Ireland I want to pass to him, that would be a very bad idea. The order will have to be Irish property first, then the German property. I will have to "route" the property through my wife as my son has the 400k threshold from each of us in Germany, every decade. I will gift my son up to the Irish threshold, then the rest to my wife, who will sell the assets in Ireland and bring the proceeds to Germany for onward gifting to my son once I have departed this earth. That's the plan anyway.
  5. DHL Rip Off for postage to the UK

    Same with Royal Mail. I sold some items to a chap in Essex recently and he had to pay the 27.90 postage and got hit for 60 quid VAT on his end. The same guy then bought a further smaller item off me. As I was planning on a visit to Dublin  with a day trip up north I offered to hand carry it and post ot Royal Mail from Northern Ireland. Cost him 2.85 and obviously no VAT but the tracked 48 hour service was only available online for that price. If I had taken it to a post office it would have been almost 10 pounds. The Post Office and Royal Mail are two different companies. I guess it's somehow similar in Germany, although DHL belongs to Deutsche Post. By the way, the parcel that costs 27.90 to the UK (annoyingly including NI, even though NI is still inside the EU single market for goods!) still only costs 16 to Ireland. That's another Brexit benefit :-(
  6. BREXIT positives and negatives

    Lol. Even the joke is untrue as Russia is still experiencing growth, while the UK is slipping into, or already in recession. The UK's economy is shrinking. Well done Brexiteers. Well done.
  7. BREXIT positives and negatives

    Yeah, Brexit it shit:
  8. The War in Ukraine

    Talk of Poland quickly supplying 60 more PT-91 tanks which are Polish built upgraded (with western bits n pieces) based on the T-72, but the upgrades fix many of the T-72's weaknesses. They are quite modern, having been built in the early to mid 90s. They have upgrades like a better, more powerful engine, much better armour, night vision sights, French firing system from SAGEM. They can even detect if they are locked in by a laser targeting system and deploy counter measures. They offer much improved survivability for the crew should they be hit. These are ina ddition to the 14 Leopard 2's Poland has committed to supplying. If Ukraine gets just 10% of all the Leopard 2's in Europe it's like 200 tanks. These can make a huge difference in a war like this. These tanks were literally built to fight this exact war. The Ukrainians have shown the ability to use the weapons they have received very effectively. I suspect the same will be true of western main battle tanks. This won't be easy but for the Russian crews these much more formidable western tanks will be a serious blow to morale.
  9. Bacon Bacon Bacon!

    White pudding is basically black pudding without the blood AFAIK. They are spiced a little differently too, so have a different perhaps a slightly milder taste than black pudding. It has the consistency of black pudding though. It's not like Weißwurst and is not boiled, it's fried in slices just like black pudding. It's more like the "thick white sausage" that you remember I think. Definitely worth ordering one if you are getting bacon anyway. It's inexpensive stuff.
  10. Bacon Bacon Bacon!

    English style bacon is just a particular cut. The pigs are obviously no different. The UK market is big enough that Royal Crown are happy to cut the bacon to the supermarket's specification. It's not that Danish people eat that cut as well. I don't think they do. At one time however you could buy Englischer Art bacon from Tulip in Real. I haven't seen this product in ages though and Real is history too. As JG says, you can order it from Ireland and it will arrive very cold in about 24 hours via UPS overnight delivery. I think this is currently the most cost effective way to get that sort of bacon in Germany. You can also try some white pudding which is a very Irish thing ;-) A lot of people that don't like black pudding like white pudding. I like both lol.
  11. BREXIT positives and negatives

    Here's an alternative history with PR in place: UKIP establishes itself as a right wing anti-EU party and gets about 10% of the seats in the HoC. It is a loud mouthpiece but not much more than that. It finds itself made a mockery of in debate after debate over the EU. It finds no coalition partners willing to work with it (a la the AfD here). People attracted to their anti-EU politics join them and leave the Conservative party as they have a genuine chance of getting MPs elected. The centre right and centre left politicians work in coalitions with the liberal parties and smaller centrist parties like the Greens (the UK has 1 Green MP, despite Brits being pretty conscious of the environment!) and the nationalist parties. The Conservatives would be in power far less as their ERG membership would have exited to join UKIP long ago. The ERG would basically never have formed under PR, or would have been a tiny fringe group within conservatism because the "outlet" for such politics would exist in a viable UKIP. The fact that millions of UKIP votes never got them a single MP elected was the problem. They didn't give up though, they infiltrated the Tory party instead and this turned out to be far more dangerous and undemocratic because a right-wing cabal of ERG members was able to hold the one nation Tories hostage and get Brexit through.   The current UK government is often referred to as an elected dictatorship. This has some* basis in reality because with just 30% of the popular vote the winner takes all approach of FPTP means the ruling party can have an outright majority and push any legislation through that it likes, despite 2/3 of the electorate voting for somebody else! That's an appalling system.   *The UK is not a dictatorship before anyone thinks I believe that, but the system is so grossly unfair that I consider it undemocratic in some fundamental ways. If you live in a safe seat, your vote is meaningless. That is just wrong and there are PR systems that ensure the opposite is true, that almost every vote counts. That system is actually used in the elections to the Scottish parliament, and to Stormont. 
  12. Breaking News: No Masks on trains

    Cheers tor!
  13. Breaking News: No Masks on trains

    Flying home out of there on Saturday (touch wood). Hopefully they won't strike again so soon but we may well be caught on the return leg next week :-(
  14. BREXIT positives and negatives

    Brexit remains the cult it always was. They rarely end well for those involved. Unfortunately for the British people, that's them. Brexit and especially the uncertainty about what kind of Brexit it was going to be caused a massive reduction in investment in UK industry from pretty much immediately after the vote. There were patches of optimism along the way when some believed that the sort of Brexit GB has now would never come to pass but now we have exactly that and investment remains low and if anything British companies are investing in EU locations to be able t serve EU customers, thus robbing GB of even more employment. All under the advice of various government departments. You couldn't make it up. Things were declining in the run up to Brexit but to think that Brexit hasn't accelerated that decline is incorrect. It has massively accelerated it as all the comparative growth charts show. The UK has performed much worse relative to the other G7 nations, Covid or no Covid. The difference is Brexit.   Rejoining the SM and CU would be like stabilising the patient, moving them from intensive care to a normal ward, but the patient is still unwell. The UK needs to abolish FPTP as a matter of urgency. The issue isn't the unelected Lords, who have actually done more to protect the UK from the elected lower house full of red (now blue) wall yes men, subordinate to a below par government filled with and led by extremely rich people who wanted Brexit to avoid scrutiny of their tax affairs, see Zahawi scandal (by the way this alone should be enough to bring the government down and would have been 30 years ago yet the man is still an MP!). The then Chancellor of the Exchequer is under investigation over underpaying millions of pounds in tax. You couldn't make this up either. The man with ultimate responsibility for tax collecting was himself a tax cheat while in office. That man is still the current chair of the Conservative Party! Zelenskiy runs a cleaner ship in the middle of a war!   The UK needs to rejoin the SM and CU to stabilise the patient but needs to go much further and reform itself politically. A good PR system is an absolute must at this stage, if such lurches to the right (and theoretically to the left) are to be avoided and a politics of consensus be built. Westminster is a joke now. It should have moved with the times and it didn't. It relied far too much on gentlemen behaving gentlemanly. It has far too few checks and balances. There is no written constitution acting as a guide. All these things need fixing to get the patient out of hospital. If Brexit causes these things to happen it will at least have done some (considerable) good!    
  15. BREXIT positives and negatives

    The retained EU law bill is the last chance these nasty right-wing fuckers will get to drive a massive wedge between the UK and EU. They see Brexit dying on its feet and they see poll after poll suggesting the population regrets Brexit. So, it's a last ditched attempt to sabotage any chance of the UK reversing it by diverging as quickly as possible. This is possibly why they are suddenly ok with the NI protocol just to allow them to get GB to diverge quickly and from their perspective irreversibly from the EU. It's now or never because the Tories are not going to be in power after the next election.