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  1. FRITZ!Box DSL modem and router problems

    In our case it's a house. The 1st TAE Dose is 6 inches from the APL. The tech really should have been able to fix it quickly. I am guessing that because the TAE Dose was right beside the APL that he subconsciously eliminated the possibility of incorrect wiring between the two.
  2. FRITZ!Box DSL modem and router problems

    When VDSL became available here we signed up. I knew the route to our DSLAM so knew it was ca. 350m away. When we switched over from ADSL I was horrified to see the fritzbox synching at just 18mbps.    I had a Telekom technician come by and he measured the line quality and said "it's good, it should be much faster" but he couldn't identify the problem and said "an engineer will need to come out". In our case it was a new build house and the line was terminated in our cellar with the APL and 1st (and only as everything is IP based inside the house) TAE Dose directly connected to the APL.    I then googled for some images of the correct wiring from APL to 1st TAE Dose and compared to mine. A couple of wires were incorrectly terminated. I fixed it and literally instantly the modem synched at 90mbps.
  3. Parking tickets received outside Germany

    We got a parking ticket on our German car in Stockholm as well last year. They said we entered the incorrect number plate into the machine. The problem exactly? We entered a - between the B and the rest because they had no space bar. We had an email exchange with them. They accepted we had paid but said we still have to pay the fine. We chuckled and said let's wait for a letter in the post. It never came. 
  4. Krankenversicherung for Schüler over 18

    These "cracks" in the system here can be infuriating. It reminds me of when my son turned 6 and still had 6 months before Einschulung so no Schülerfahrkarte and there are no Monatskarten for 6 year olds in Berlin. Best of luck with your situation OP.
  5. Health insurance costs during early retirement

    Thx a lot for that.
  6. Health insurance costs during early retirement

    Thx engelchen. Do you know if the Bund pays the employee contribution to the GKV?
  7. Health insurance costs during early retirement

    I honestly don't know. It's a hypothetical question for the moment. I was considering a possible job with the Bund which would lead to Verbeamtung fairly quickly but in retirement it's important to me that rental income not be used in calculating KK (I never went private) premiums. So must all Beamten move to private insurance? Is that compulsory?
  8. Health insurance costs during early retirement

    Can Beamten enter the KVdR or is there some equivalent? Let's say a Beamte has some rental income in retirement, is this considered when calculating their KK premiums? A private sector employee who is admitted to the KVdR only pays KK premiums based on their state pension(s) as I understand it. How is this area wrt Beamten?
  9. I wouldn't even ask the kk. I'd just tell the hospital to bill the kk and see what happens.
  10. Health insurance costs during early retirement

    @PandaMunichno i wasn't referring to your post. Sorry for confusion. Soneone else said that tge UK would cover the GKV costs if you have a UK pension but it seems not if you also have a German state pension.
  11. Health insurance costs during early retirement

    Is that stuff about the UK paying the GKV if you have a UK pension correct? Seems too good to be true.
  12. Employer (startup) blatantly using dirty tactics to fire me

    Startups are tricky. I've seen both types and yes, it's almost always towards the end of the financial year when this stuff happens.   The biggest problem is that in Germany you can't sue for an Abfindung per se. You can only sue to keep your job but in most cases in a small start-up you won't want to work there anymore anyway (and often these redundancies are a sign the company is beginning to fail or lose the confidence of its investors) because the environment will be toxic and it's better to get out with something rather than just not get paid when the company likely becomes properly insolvent (and I have friends who've been really caught out by that because you can't claim any ALG if a company is effectively bankrupt but hasn't officially declared it!)   It is common that you sue to keep your job (Kündigungsschutzklage) and then during the process, you agree to the termination for a redundancy payment but that's not the starting position. But these sums are not as large as people think. The Arbeitsgericht sees 2 weeks salary per year of service as reasonable. If you have an offer better than this already there may be nothing worth fighting for.   The theory in Germany is fine and I guess in big concerns it works but in the start-up world it just doesn't. The small time CEOs of these start-ups can get quite vindictive and use the slightest excuse to fire a person without notice if they don't go quietly. They are emotionally attached to their (in their minds) next Facebook. They are sure they will not be one of the 90% of start-ups that fail. The maths says otherwise. 
  13. Pflegeversicherung back payments

    That's true. There should be no penalty for a German resident going to work for NATO or whatever that Germany is a member of. I hope your wife gets sorted. 
  14. Pflegeversicherung back payments

    Ah I see. Yeah if she's enjoyed the cheaper private cover for years then it's fair enough that she can't enter the GKV. Thx engelchen :-)
  15. Pflegeversicherung back payments

    Surely the wife can get "normal" public insurance in her own right if she's working more than a mini job? In fact she is compelled to join the GKV on a salary of 1300 a month if she has a normal private sector type job.