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  1. decision Finanzamt

    But what if the Steuerberater was only 10 km/h too late?
  2. Surely a second job would be taxed at your top rate of tax on your primary job. It wouldn't be tax free. I think you may have completely misunderstood what a minijob is I'm afraid.   Otherwise I could have multiple employments all paying 450  and pay no income tax whatsoever.
  3. BREXIT positives and negatives

    The UK wasn't doing badly in the EU. You made that assertion Keith, so you can go back it up. What is known is that since Brexit the pound has lost significant value and the UK has gone from 5th to 6th largest economy in the world, the "lazy French" having taken 5th place from them.
  4. BREXIT positives and negatives

    lol, I think I landed on it from Twitter!
  5. BREXIT positives and negatives

    Oh and the UK is completely untrustworthy and is destroying its international reputation:
  6. BREXIT positives and negatives

    Yeah I'm a bit puzzled too El Jeffo. Keith is rather making my argument for me.   The UK simply cannot live in a vacuum and pretend that wages can rise to any level and that prosperity will continue. It won't. We live in a globalised world and Britannia can't stop the world and get off.    More side effects. Now bus services are being cut back. Presumably like the construction industry, there are many Category D licence holders that also hold Category C licences and can get more money driving for the supermarkets all of a sudden:   This is going to keep happening. Remember the UK imported its bus drivers from the colonies long before it was part of the EEC. 
  7. BREXIT positives and negatives

    And if wages rise to a a certain level then any jobs that can be done outside the UK will simply move there. The government can't force factories to open or remain open, when there's a cheaper workforce elsewhere and the goods can be imported without taxes (that's what all these FTA's are about!).
  8. BREXIT positives and negatives

    Patience with the UK is running out in Germany and France especially. I read somewhere this morning that they in particular want to start discussing "fallback solutions" to the UK's intransigence over the protocol. An opinion piece this morning from the SZ sums up with:!amp   The British people are unfortunately going to see what a no deal looks like if they think their government can just ignore the NIP. These populist governments always come a cropper sooner or later. I feel genuinely really sorry for every remainer and even those that didn't bother to vote and indeed to a lesser extent the conned leave voters. For anyone still parroting the "Brexit benefits" line I have zero sympathy.    There are still many in the UK who think the likes of Germany and France would sooner steam roll Ireland out of the single market than suspend the TCA. They are gravely mistaken. Ireland is a bulwark, perhaps the bulwark of liberal democracy in the EU. It has one of the most free presses in the world. The people have voted to liberalise society time and time again. It is the poster child of the European Union. It owes its prosperity largely to membership of the EEC and its successors. And the people are enthusiastically European.   The liberal democracies that make up the vast bulk of the EU will not abandon a fellow liberal democracy, especially when the less liberal democracies in the EU pose a threat to the democratic order of the union.   
  9. BREXIT positives and negatives

    Minimum wage levels in the economy were never an EU competence. UK government was at all times free to set minimum pay rates at anything they felt like. The fact that the Tory party of all parties is now claiming that Brexit was a wage crusade (and this is obviously being swallowed by the gullible) is nothing short of laughable. The average Tory MP would rather indentured labour than improve workers' rights.   Anyway, the EU have been genuinely busy trying to agree consensus to changes to the NI protocol to eliminate a raft of the checks currently required, especially for supermarkets and critically for medicines:   The UK are cynically wasting our time as the Tories don't really give a fuck about NI and the problems associated with the protocol. They are terrified of the protocol working and showing up the failure of Brexit in GB when compared to an effective non-Brexit in one small corner of the UK, Northern Ireland. Hence the dismissal of these huge steps by the EU by Frost yesterday, before they had even been officially published. Hence the ECJ oversight being a problem, despite not one single report being made to Manufacturing Northern Ireland by any of its members that they have a problem with the ECJ having any oversight because it makes practically no difference to ordinary people where the highest court of arbitration actually sits.   As we edge closer to a trade war (engineered by the Tories to provide ongoing cover for the problems GB is facing), I am more inclined for the EU to respond with a wholesale suspension of the TCA, rather than targeted tariffs. The NIP is an integral part of the whole withdrawal agreement (indeed it came before the TCA) and if the UK is effectively going to tear it up and ignore its provisions, then the EU should respond in kind and suspend the entire TCA.   This would then be a no-deal Brexit. All trucks entering the EU at places like Calais would need to be checked thoroughly. There would be huge panic buying in GB and shortages would quickly manifest themselves as EU haulage firms would not take loads to the UK only to have their trucks stuck over there. I believe this is more likely than ever because in reality the Tories mostly care about protecting the giant money laundering operation that is the City of London. What happens to ordinary people comes much lower on their list of priorities.  
  10. BREXIT positives and negatives

    I'm hearing of other knock on effects of the hgv shortage in the UK. It seems quite often there's crossover in those driving heavy construction plant and holding hgv licences. Now thanks to the supermarkets paying more for drivers, construction workers with hgv licences are leaving the construction industry.   The guy who told me this also says there's a lot of South Asians appearing on construction sites to fill the gaps where previously predominantly eastern European labour stood. 
  11. BREXIT positives and negatives

    If you starve an economy of labour then all sorts of weird and wonderful shit starts to happen. Let's hope it's not too cold in GB this winter, for example:
  12. BREXIT positives and negatives

    That's not a positive for the British economy though Keith because if you starve an economy of labour it will simply not grow as fast as it otherwise would have and tax receipts (the money used to pay for public services) will also not increase as they otherwise would have. The increased wages have to be paid by the general public as prices have to go up to cover the additional costs. The overall standard of living will actually fall but most people in the UK seem not to have cottoned on to this. Ho hum. If it was possible to simply make everything better by forcing higher wages then every government would impose a minimum wage of 50 quid an hour or something and solve all their problems.    Meanwhile Ireland has a whopping 44 ferry connections to France now. Pre-Brexit it was 12. The latest one is, somewhat ironically to Dunkirk:   The map is quite astonishing. Brexit Britain is simply being completely bypassed by Irish and Northern Irish businesses. The importance of the land bridge has withered. It's a bit quaint thinking back to Patel's naive plan to starve Ireland lol.
  13. eBay Kleinanzeigen is often used to advertise properties to rent. Don't forget to search it too.
  14. BREXIT positives and negatives

    Remember when Hellfarter & his merry men used to scoff at the very idea that Northern Ireland might be key in the whole Brexit saga?   Yeah so it might cause a trade war after all.