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  1. Coronavirus

    I dislike both Trump and Johnson but I wouldn't like to see Johnson die of Covid 19.
  2. Coronavirus

    Varadkar's the right man at the right time for this crisis.
  3. Coronavirus

    The lockdowns are working but how do we begin to come out of lockdown? I guess we need to start testing people more broadly and those who have antibodies get some special pass to allow them to return to work.   Or do we all come in out of lockdown and then have very swift local lockdowns with strict contact tracing?
  4. Coronavirus

    Hopefully the mortalities will decay exponentially once they reduce to the point where the health service is no longer overwhelmed and can treat everyone that needs treatment.
  5. Coronavirus

    I'm not anti-American. I'm anti stupid. I'm anti-Trump. America is vast (I should know, I crossed it by train in my youth and have visited more than half of the states through work or privately) with all manner of people living there. Most Americans recognise that mass prescription of opioids has created a catastrophe of addiction that you don't find in Europe to anywhere near the same extent.   In case you haven't noticed, most Americans on here hate Trump too! You're on the wrong forum trying to beat the 'Murica drum. The people here are for the most part not the sort of people you'll find at a Trump rally. They can see the balls Trump has made of Covid19. His own CDC were telling him if the risks at the same time he was vainly promulgating that the whole thing was a second attempt at impeachment! It's ALWAYS about him in his black and white mind.
  6. Coronavirus

    Somebody is particularly touchy about mentions of Trump's utter incompetence, petulance and dangerous ignorance. Even Johnson realised earlier that he couldn't gaslight a virus.    This poster wants all talk of Trump's handling of this crisis to be quarantined in the Trump thread.   The nightly circus in the WH where Trump denies ALL responsibility for the way things have turned out in the country he is in charge of is a sick joke. Journalists posing serious questions of the President's behaviour are ridiculed. He's a wanker. But he's your wanker.
  7. Coronavirus

    Brexit has not happened in practice as the UK is still in the transition phase. Let's see how things are in January when it ends and the UK is all on its own. Trump has bigger concerns than a trade deal right now.
  8. Coronavirus

    Hands up who's got the BCG vaccination? <raises hand>   Unreviewed study finds countries with mandatory TB vaccination have lower death rates to Covid 19.   Ireland mandated that vaccination until 2015 when it became difficult to obtain. I still remember the day I got it in school as it hurt like hell. I was five years old so it's one of my earliest memories in fact.   Obviously I hope there is some veracity to the claims made.
  9. Coronavirus

    He also said nobody would die in respiratory distress, which is code for sedation I guess. That the man still thinks a human being's hand should be held shows his own humanity.
  10. Coronavirus

    Eminent mental health professionals once again try to warn the American public about the mind of the man in charge:   Scroll down a bit. The video is worth half an hour.
  11. Coronavirus

    I can't verify the authenticity of this but it's shocking if it's real:
  12. Coronavirus

    The UK is in the transition phase. Wait till January before declaring Brexit a huge triumph. I expect it will make the Covid19 recovery significantly more difficult (how are the essential trade negotiations going with the world right now???) but rather than accepting the blame, Brexiteers will now blame an invisible virus for all their ills. Now that's a scapegoat!
  13. Coronavirus

    Trump makes a tasteless joke about the model (of expected deaths!!):     "The professionals were involved in the model, I was never involved in the model, well at least this type of model"
  14. Coronavirus

    It's reached one of the remotest places on earth now:
  15. Coronavirus

    Interestingly it seems Fauci was excluded from the press briefing at the last minute. Too much telling the truth from him.