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  1. skook that's a really good call on connecting the hot water to the dishwasher.
  2. The War in Ukraine

    This is the final tweet in a great insight into the mind of many Russians from a Ukrainian woman with Russian relatives. I'd have told them all to fuck off long ago:
  3. I'm not wasting my time discussing these topics with trolls who don't care either way who bombed the pipelines. They are only here to get a rise out of people. Sick cunts don't care that a war is on and at least 25 civilians have been murdered by Russia this morning. For such sick fuckers I have zero time now. Quote me all you want, I won't be replying to you assholes.
  4. CNN, BBC, ZDF, RTE...but sure they are all lying. It's a global conspiracy don't you know. The Jews are presumably behind it. Russia has been coordinating and financing disinformation projects in western democracies for 20 years now. They haven't (yet) had to mobilise the troll farm workers.
  5. It seems the EU recommends 5 and Germany has long recommended 7. One should definitely push it as high as it can go because each degree lower costs 5% more energy and refrigeration is one of the bigger consumers of electricity in the home. I suspect fresh meat that is packed in a protective atmosphere or vacuum packed is safer at higher temps than meat cut from the bone at your local butcher. There I would definitely be more careful.   Mass catering is completely different because the fridges are opening and closing every couple of minutes. That's also why commercial grade chillers are far less efficient than domestic ones. They have to work hard to maintain temp.
  6. The War in Ukraine

    President Zelenskiy has said:   Meanwhile we have quislings here wanting to withdraw support from Ukraine and let them be eaten by these wolves.
  7. I'm chuckling at stupid cunts sharing memes made in Leningrad thinking they are oh so much cleverer than the rest of the sheeple. Dumb fuckers.
  8. 7 degrees is fine for a fridge. Ours is always set to that.
  9. The War in Ukraine

    Latest Russian atrocity has claimed at least 23 civilian lives in a rocket attack on a convoy of cars: These Russian animals need beating.
  10. But you do land in the Ersatzversorgung first, right? If you are lucky the prices are the same but in our region they are not. The Ersatzversorgung is significantly more expensive. We need to be careful about giving out general information where there are significant regional differences in pricing and policy.   Anyone contemplating cancelling their contract in the hope of paying the Grundversorgung rate should check the following IMO: 1) Will I end up in the Ersatzversorgung first? 2) How much will I pay in the Ersatzversorgung? 3) Do I have a price guarantee that maybe takes me through the winter (the prices for the Ersatzversorgung could rocket as demand increases and supply dwindles), even if it's a bit more than the Grundversorgung (or Ersatzversorgung) for that matter?   I have seen people here on our local Facebook groups making blanket recommendations that people cancel their contracts and go to the Grundversorgung but it's definitely not that straightforward. A price guarantee is worth an awful lot going into this winter.
  11. The War in Ukraine

    Jeba, can you  not see the pattern yet? South Ossetia -> Crimea -> rest of Ukraine -> ? In any case, we have a simple moral duty to assist Ukraine defend itself. You know what morals are, right?   As for the Russian stooge Yanukovych, well let's read a little of what he got up to after being elected and why the people took a disliking to him that was strong enough to topple him:   You condemn the Euromaidan revolution as something bad. It saved Ukraine from being just like Belarus and Russia you utter cretin. The people were entirely right to take democracy back from this man who had clearly usurped it. If only the Russians were as courageous!
  12. The War in Ukraine

    It's fine FF. As long as he doesn't start asking for dick pics it's all good :-)
  13. The War in Ukraine

    Yet you can't stop yourself being obsessed by me. 
  14. The War in Ukraine

    Yeah, utterly obsessed.
  15. It is not perfect but I do think it's the correct way to provide a cap whilst aut the same time encouraging people to save energy. If you know that once you go over x,000kWh a year you are on your own, you will do your best to stay under it. We are in a proxy war and we should be doing our bit to keep our industries running.