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  1. Coronavirus

    Yep. It's not even a new concept yet I still read posts in forums from people who claim touching the outside of a mask negates the whole purpose of wearing one.
  2. Coronavirus

    You can only feel very sorry for the children of such dipshits. 
  3. Brexit: The fallout

    Lol! I spare myself the written ejaculate too.
  4. Brexit: The fallout

    I never get tired of that flag in the spokes one. 
  5. And then blame the blue tongue on the vaccine
  6. Plague rats don't care about social contracts. They just scream and stamp their feet like toddlers, demanding to be allowed in to the same settings as those of us who have done our bit for society.
  7. The post in question was removed I believe. I guess that speaks for itself.    
  8. Exactly. Plague rats that choose this are also putting everyone else at risk of catching their virus, and that includes the small percentage of vaccinated people for whom the vaccine won't actually work, as well as those who cannot be vaccinated, including children. Plague rats should be the ones to keep themselves to themselves. The rest of us should enjoy fewer restrictions. 
  9. I guess wasteland refers to what's between your ears.
  10. I'd say at least some of our supposed anti vaxxers are just shit stirrers really and have already been vaccinated. But where's the fun in that when you can spread disinformation eh?!
  11. Yes double vaccinated people can catch Covid. This is the same for all vaccines. Vaccination just won't work for some people. The goal is to reach herd immunity so even those with no or reduced protection never contract the disease. It's not a sinister plot. It's how vaccination has worked and saved hundreds of millions of lives since Jenner discovered it.
  12. Interesting story. It's funny how in Berlin a 30 second chat is deemed proof of satisfactory German. My mid sized Berlin language school C1 cert was rejected by Landkreis Havelland. I had to resit an exam at a Brandenburg VHS so you lucked out there too.   Congratulations on your citizenship :-)
  13. Sickening. Tory bastards at their best.
  14. Yep you received your harmonised licence illegally/fraudulently (maybe there's a better word. I'm not accusing you of anything) as you were obliged to sit the German driving test to get one as you were a German resident at the time. The harmonised EU rules have been clear on that since they were introduced as far as I'm aware.   Provisional licences aren't harmonised and don't even exist in most EU states including here. To the Zulassungsstelle any bits of paper you received before your actual driving licence are irrelevant.    
  15. Coronavirus

    Carlsberg don't do Corona viruses but if they did they'd infect every fucking disinformation spreading cunt on the planet and kill them in a fortnight.