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  1. Really enjoyed dinner w/ya'll at the Brauhaus.. the food and service is excellent!   Girls who I gave the Palo Santo holy wood too..  This is for you if you haven't already read up:
  2. The Singularity is near

    sadly we are groomed to think /believe (advertising..push-push-pushing) we need these "life -defining devices" esp the younger generation.  Sadly, I have lived all these many years without a Smart heater.. Smart TV (or any TV lol) and a Smart Watch.. How have I possibly been able to survive?    EDUCATION is the key to awareness...good to very skeptical.. I think it's the opposite being gullible and that's what these pushers play on..  Amazing still to me, how so many people sleep with their Handy under their pillow or next to their bed with the mobile data & location enabled with no earthly clue what they're doing..   why not just put your head inside the microwave and turn it on (high)??? Just wait until 5G is running the show... that's even worse!!! Read up on that new antennae technology that's gonna beam much higher frequencies right into your house (and head) ..a direct line that's right. :-( scary sheite.
  3. The Singularity is near

    the time of singularity is only when it's forced upon us.. it's only the inevitable because scientists are working hard to be the 1st to claim it... fueled by the fame and money out of being special.. famous.. smart.  It's not like we can't live without these controlling/spying "Smart" IoT devices.. just if we're doof enough to believe we need them.. the demand will continue to rise and to flood our world listening and watching when we're picking our nose or chanting all alone (but are you really alone?)      A quirky American scientist I've been following is Dr. Ben Goertzel and his work and while I don't advocate it, I'm more interested to see what he's up to..  In 2007, he and Hugo de Garis were in an interesting doku. called "Singularity or Bust"..  Scary stuff really   ~seufzer˜
  4. If the meeting ends up being 23.01.. I may still come :-)