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  1. Sign-up list for the next DUMB, on Thursday, 24th October 2019 at 7:00 PM   1. Frollein 2. Mr. Oregon 3. Tincablinca 4. Alana 5. J.R.H. 6.
  2. Hello Sweet TTérs.   BTW, Tialini and Brauhaus Schönbuch are two of my favs!!!  Would it be ok that I bring a good friend (vice J.R.) along? She's Kissy (Kirsten) who I'm treating to dinner/meeting ya'll for her birthday? If yes. then we'd be now:  Friday, 09 August 2019 at 7:00 PM 1. Frollein 2. Trrr 3. Frau Trrr 4. Trrr +1 (?) 4. Alana + 1 5. White Rose of Yorkshire 7. BarbCountryGirl (?)    8. 9. 10. BTW, I sure hope that our favorite Country Girl comes.. Please please say ja..    Sweet Home Alabama
  3. Sign-up list for the next DUMB, in August   1. Frollein (all dates possible) 2. Trrr (09.08. and 23.08. - best is 09.08.) 3. Frau Trrr (09.08. and 23.08. - best is 09.08.) 4. Alana:   Fri. 09.08.. -->> 2nd choice:  08.08 or 15.08 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  4. "Free-range kids".. are you serious.. there's a term for this?? That has got to be the weirdest excuse for --these kind of behaving children---  since the beginning of speech.  It's likely people who believe this have been brainwashed for this new style of parenting/bringing up kids.. why???What happened to reality? .. I feel sorry for the future of  humanity if this is what parents are raising today. I learned to have regard for others 'cause my parents used "No" and if I didn't behave, I was punished... not horrendously but they meant it and they stuck to their word.  I see parents today literally appearing to be afraid to quiet their lil' tykes in public..for fear of hurting the child's feelings (?) or perhaps what others will think.. BUNK.. Call me old school, but I learned to care and respect others and am not a me-me-me-me-me person.    Just today a lady and her around 14mos old daughter were in DM and the baby was S R E E C H I N G  at top of her lungs.for whatever's ear piercing btw... This free range perhaps that she never heard "quiet please and because I said so" is likely not healthy for they may not be learning boundaries (is that the antithesis to 'free-range'?).  I'm rather happy to finally have a term for it, thanks! I was blaming it on the excessive amount of EMR (from the billions of always signal pulsing Handy's & other wi-fi devices) in the atmosphere today and assumed poor little children's ears/brains are being damaged by living in a cocoon of radiation.   Mom  & Dad are the boss and kids can still have their free ranging play time most of the day.. They just need to behave and be nice.. not in charge.. that's all I'm saying.   Have a quiet day and just know.. you're not hurting your child if you say "NO" once in a while..he'll thank you, respect you, look up to you and may not boss you around!! Peace :-)