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  1.  Earplugs work however.. it is NOT right or fair kids aren't taught to respect others... This slack, children are the boss and decision makers, parenting style of late appears kids have zero boundaries and cannot hear "NO" may be germinating a generation of disrespectful wild brats.  In public the last few years, I've heard and seen out of control 2-3-4-5 year olds spewing these high-pitched, scary, annoying screeches.. have you?  I reckon this is their "how I get my way scream because they'll give in" and something tells me it isn't healthy.  A little discipline goes a long way and children don't want to make decisions at that young age.  TAKE CHARGE of your kiddos!! They'll love, respect you more and feel much safer too.
  2.   1. Frollein 2. Ms. Oregon 3. Mr. Oregon 4. CannstattConductor 5. CannstattConductor +1 6. Diki Boy 7. Ja.Bitte 8. Ja.Bitte +1 9. J.R. 10. Alana
  3. G25 driving test

    oh lordy.. Sailplanes??WHO would.. eye yie yie!!  
  4. Sign-up list for the next DUMB, on Friday, 25th January at 7:00 PM   1. Frollein 2. Ja.Bitte 3. Keroleen 4. Katre 5. Mr. Katre 6. BarbCountryGirl 7. BBbuebele 8. Oregon1 9. Oregon2 10. James Romeo (J.R.) 11. Alana
  5. G25 driving test

    I knew it was a med exam and am sure my friend will be thrilled for the thorough info you provided.. thanks both of you and kind regards!!!!
  6. G25 driving test

    Hallo Godsdeputy, I just googled G25 and found this post on TT (which I'm a member of too)  .. wondering if you eventually had your G25 and what you can say about it if anything?   My friend is starting a job w/a German based firm here and this will be required. thanks in advance, Alana