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  1. Is it me or are have you got your dates ass about face?   Apologies if this sounds stupid but you was on sick leave before you started your job (April 2016) and was asked to leave at the end of May 2016 before you even started in August 2016.      
  2. Buying portable roof rack

    Here's my advice;   1) there is no way you can buy a roof rack as it is almost impossible to say at this stage what your rental car will be.   2) I very much doubt the rental company will allow you to put a roof rack on their car due to possible damage.   3) if you were to put a roof rack on a hire car then any damage caused to the roof would not be covered by the CDW (collision damage waiver) insurance.   4) if you take out fully comprehensive insurance or take out a 3rd party policy to protect you, you would need to make sure that the use of a roof rack is included in the hire agreement. If not then any damage caused would null and void these policies and you would be personally liable.   Now this only leaves you with 2 options;   1) speak direct with the rental company and see if they have vehicles available with roof racks. 2) rent a van.   Finally, regardless of which vehicle I strongly advise paying the extra for fully comprehensive insurance. I'm not sure due to where you reside, if a private policy would be available but all rental companies, albeit a little more expensive, offer these policies.  
  3. Too much policing here, get a life

    @john g.   You haven't got to go back to the 60's, take the current Chancellor of the Exchequer for example Philip Hammond, he is neither a qualified accountant or an economist, so what qualifies him to hold such a job?   Answer; He's an Essex boy, albeit not blonde but dumb enough to take such a position and smart enough to bullshit the rest of us into believing what he's doing is the best for the economy.
  4. Inherited apartments in Berlin - keep or sell?

    Lisa, if these flats have been rented for the last 15 years if not longer then the tennants could be paying as little as €150.00-€180.00 month for 30+sqm, this is what I think the op means which really is nothing given todays prices of €350 upwards depending on location.
  5. Parking Ticket Advice Needed

    @freeufc Do you know how much the fine is? I can gaurantee you It's nothing like the UK's fine of £80.00, just pay up it's far simpler.  
  6. WinSim, Mobilcom Debitel, Simply vs. O2

    There will be no difference, in fact Winsim and Simply also use the E Plus network when/if there's no O2 coverage so you could say it has better coverage than O2.    
  7. Taxes and licenses for owning a dog

      You do realise this post is from 6 years ago?    As for the dog food I couldn't find anything called Special gold so assuming you're referring to German dog foods then could you of meant Select Gold?  
  8. Why are there no English recipe Cookbooks?

      Changed that for you!   I have to disagree with English cooking though. It's no wonder the German's think English food is so bad, most of them have only every sampled it on one their schüleraustausch programs and lets face it, even the English couldn't stand school dinners so it's hardly no surprise that the German's think the same.
  9. installing cabinet leg

      Sorry couldn't resist, a little something for you.    
  10. installing cabinet leg

    If I was you follow what @2B_orNot2B mentions about the types of screws but first find out what wood the cabinet is made from.   Consider also that the cabinet may need to be moved from time to time, if it is made from chipboard and depending on weight, chances are you could rip the legs off especially if the cabinet is on a carpet. In addition, if it is chipboard then I definitely wouldn't drill any holes as chipboard is so soft it just isn't necessary, at best if you have one to hand use a Bradawl to mark the holes in the veneer.   Note: If you do drill you might find you cannot tighten the screws as there isn't enough wood for the screws to bind/grip to. Do not use an electric screwdriver/drill either, they are far to powerful and before you know it the screws either spinning or gone through the wood.   If the cabinet is made from real wood then I would use 'pronged T Nuts' to secure the legs, these are far stronger than just screws and come in all sizes.
  11. What do you expect, firstly you're leaving it a bit too late and secondly this is the peak season with most schools in Germany closed during this period along with other countries.   Camping would be your only alternative if you're on a budget or think about coming after the schools reopen in September and October, the second half of October will be the Autumn break for 2 weeks.   What other local info do you need, Theatre times, bus timetable, is it safe at night? It's a bit of an opened ended question. Try the search function first as most have already been answered but some may also be a little out dated so you might need to ask.    
  12. Quiet place to cycle in Berlin?

    You have nothing to be sorry about and you get my full respect for being honest.   As for being a noob, how do you think we all started out? You're not alone.
  13. Quiet place to cycle in Berlin?

      Wise doesn't make you knowledgeable, many Germans' don't even know the rules about cycling and they don't even know what half the road signs mean either.   I'd suggest researching Verkehrsschilder to make sure you really are the wise one, you might gain some knowledge from it.
  14. @Gambatte   just bear in mind the validity of your licence currently only applies to Deutschland if you have exchanged a non EU licence for an EU licence. If you move to another EU country you would need to check with the authorities if your Licence would be valid. This is also in the link I provided above.