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  1. What would you pay for these?

      They might have CE Certification as individual parts but are you a qualified Electrician to put them altogether as one unit and say they meet all the necessary standards?     
  2. What would you pay for these?

      Agreed, but here's your problem as I understand it, if you were recycling/restoring an old lamp then this would be classed as second hand equipment and the CE mark does not need to be applied.   What you are doing is upcycling, you are taking something that was not a lamp and turning it into a lamp which is effectively a new product. Therefore it will need to comply with the Low Voltage Directive and be CE Marked.   Have a look here to see if this helps.    
  3. What would you pay for these?

    SP   Are you even allowed to sell these lights?   I thought electrical products had to meet various standards like intended use, who should not use them, what to do in the event of malfunction before they can be on the open market.  
  4. How to watch BBC and other English TV channels

      FFS, exactly what era do you live in?  oh I forgot you live in Pankow, never mind we'll save that for another thread, get yourself an Amazon Firestick and a smart dns connection and you'll get BBC, ITV and All4 etc.
  5. Car Accident with Fahrerflucht

      Changed that for you.
  6. Coronavirus

      I read recently that due to the lack of reducing social contact there has been a significant increase in HPV during lockdowns. 
  7. Another driving licence one

  8. Another driving licence one

  9.   Easier said than done, with the country going into a 'light lockdown' as of Monday for a month there will be absolutely zero chance of @Brexitania exchanging a licence before year end, well at least not in Berlin.   Another conundrum for @Brexitania to consider, with a no deal scenarion looking more likely there's a good chance that UK citizens will need to resit the driving test here in Germany in order to exchange their UK licence for a German one. This is the norm for Third Country Nationals where there's no reciprocal agreements.    Ouch!     
  10.   Source UK Government
  11. Dog attack

      Reminds me of when I was looking for a copy of the Koran. Asked at my local muslim store and they told me they had all sold out but he had it on his hard drive. I asked him if he would burn me a copy and that's where it all kicked off.   Never been back since
  12. House renting situation in Berlin

      I think you haven't been here long enough to even understand the comment that @engelchen posted, but rather than understand, you want to turn it on its head and make it out as racism?   If my memory serves me right,  aren't you the lunatic from Switzerland that keeps trolling Toytown? 
  13. Shame on you, Lufthansa

      It doesn't matter how big or small the dealership is they have done nothing wrong.   Get over yourself, move on and get out and enjoy the weekend weather.😎