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  1. What is needed inside the car when going to Netherlands?

    Do any of you think you actually answered the questioned that the op asked?   No, and I'll tell you why   @fraufruit you first of all thought the answer was so easy you posted a link to a completely different country. Klasse!   @lisa13 full marks for your observation! but no further input!   @fraufruit you corrected yourself by posting the same link again. 'Noch ein Schluck bitte?'.   @snowingagain oh you are the clever one, but that didn't answer the op's question.   @LukeSkywalker excellent input but pardon my french, 'it has fuck all to do with the question asked'.   @El Jeffo sometime's you read far far far between the lines. is it your age or your imagination or is it your age taking hold of your imagination. Not everybody goes to Holland to buy Wacky Backy, or is it the 'Visiting Holland' books you read?   @yourkeau you should know better, as the toytownwikiknowallquotebeentheredoneitstatisticqueenofTT., please read the question first, not the answers.   @optimista the op never said he/she was going to Amsterdam.   @TobiasJohansson (THIS IS THE OP)   If you want to rent a car please check with the rental company if you are allowed to take the car outside of Germany. If it is permissible then there is nothing you need to do as every rental car is equipped with all the necessary requirements.   Please observe the driving requirements in all EU countries as these can differ from country to country but in general the same rules apply but may come with higher consequences/fine.                            
  2. Never Such Innocence

  3. Touching buttocks of women

  4. Elevator, lift, subsidy

    My grandmother had a stair lift and she use to swear by it.  
  5. Touching buttocks of women

    This post isn't dissimilar to your first with the exception that in your first post you admitted guilt and supplied a false name and address.          Sorry if you're offended but these kind of questions set off alarm bells in my head and tells me there's something not quite right.
  6. @dampstew if you could find the person who started all that Natur stuff may I recommend you send them a tiny gift, albeit organic.   See here because today they offer organic, wet horse poop.    
  7.   Lucky you, I wouldn't go bragging about it to your mates though.
  8.   Look on the bright side,  the passersby should thank their lucky stars that cows don't smoke, one flick of a Zippo and all that Methane gas in the air, god only knows what would happen.  
  9.   Whilst on the subject of shit, here's one I use not because it's Bio but because I don't want to go down to the local farm and fill my car with black bags of horse shit.   and yes, horse shit is now in a Bio form too and for the op, @dampstew look at that name, how can you not take it seriously, 'Naturen', Besser geht's nicht, oder?    How's that for a load of old shit and that's only a 7kg bag, I normally buy 25kg.        
  10. Updated law for cyclists

      Thanks for pointing that out, I added the source so perhaps you might like to inform them in your spare time.
  11. Updated law for cyclists

      You should add a disclaimer under some of your posts.   Regardless of adding removable lights or not, Mountain bikes in general are not street legal, in order for MTB's to be street legal they must have the following; source     The only exemption, as far as I know, are racing bikes but there are other conditions.  
  12. New Router recommendations - support for SmartDNS

      Sorry but that's not true, I have several options for VPN's and SmartDNS and the only problems I've encountered have been from the VPN/DNS service providers not the BBC, as with a few TT'ers I have a lifetime membership with Getflix and I use them 99% of the time for UK tv over smartDNS and seldom encounter any problems.   With regards to recommending a router, had you not mentioned the make and model I would of suggested the Fritzbox 7490 along with a secondary router for VPN and Smartdns. I use a Fritzbox 7490 as the main router and a ASUS RT-66NU dual band router for VPN's and smart DNS, Getflix use the OpenVPN platform so the Asus router is perfect for this and simple to setup likewise with the Fritzbox if you understand the German interface.
  13. Unfortunately and sadly it will never be the same procedure as last year or the year before that and that.   Every year up until 2011 my son would spend Heiligabend with his mum and her side of the family, the usual German Xmas for him, cake at 3, reading of poems, someone would dress up as Santa and knock at the door, open presents, eat Wiener Würstchen and potato salad then come to us at around 8.   The first thing he would ask as he came through the door, 'has Santa been, he was already at us, has he been I want some more presents'.   With that I always replied that Santa was so busy that he would not be able to make it to us until later in the night, but before he visits we must make sure we leave a few things out for him and the Reindeer, he must be hungry after delivering all those Xmas presents.   This he always liked doing, he'd run into the kitchen, grab 2 plates, a bowl and a glass, he learn't this from an early age and then he'd add a couple of carrots to one of the plate's and tell me why, ' that's for Rudolph and a bowl of milk if he's thirsty, then the other plate is for Santa's biscuits in case he's hungry and the glass is for some Whisky to warm him through'.   We would do this every Christmas Eve before he goes to bed and I would always tell him the story about Santa's Elve's busy packing and sending out the presents for Santa to deliver and slowly off to sleep he would go.   Christmas morning was always a picture, he would wake and see the great big sack of presents at the end of his bed, he was delighted but as he got older he became suspicious. Instead of diving into his sack of presents he'd run to the front door and look outside to see if Santa was really there, of cause he was, the glass was empty, there was a few crumbs of biscuit on the plate and Rudolph had drunk his milk and left bits of carrot everywhere, to his surprise he really believed there was indeed a Santa.   Christmas was always fun, for us it was always about enjoying the family time together, playing with the toys or assembling the lego then playing some games around the table after dinner. Along with the fun and games seeing family and friends was always important as some we may only see at Christmas, a most memorable time both for us and my son but unfortunately was was soon to end.   Throughout the build up to Christmas 2011 my son was acting really strange, he showed no signs of interest in compiling a list for Santa or even Christmas. He was very quite in himself and had no energy or motivation considering every year we always enjoyed the buildup and made a list for Santa without hesitation.   Immediately we assumed the worse, this I will never forget, he was sitting in his room just looking at the ceiling and we went in to ask if he was feeling alright thinking that he may be sick. We asked the usual questions as parents do, is he feeling alright, does he have any pain etc etc to which he answered 'no' then as we were leaving the room looking at each other rather puzzled, he shouted out, 'Im nearly 9 and you think I still believe in Father Christmas, bist du bescheuert (are you dumb)?'.   Moral of the Story and it's true, kids grow up so fast it seems at times like this you don't spend enough time together and before you know it they are too old, in our case we still enjoy Christmas, it's just that Santa doesn't come anymore.   Merry Christmas.                
  14.   Source   Perhaps after reading this you might want to repost and thank Lenny Nero for his advice in English, after all, this is an English speaking forum in Germany. If you still don't get it then try my test below.                                                                                                                                                                         
  15. Landlord says I need to heat my house for neighbors?

      Source:   There is no such law as far as the tennant is concerned, it's your choice how you heat the apartment but must be aware that damage, if proven, caused would be your responsibility.