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  1. First World Problems

      That's plain stupid, if you use wine or any other alcohol product then the alcohol evaporates in the cooking process as it reduces.
  2. Defendant Covers Face

        Talk about making a mountain out of a molehill, let's be honest those that care to remember will, those that participated in the illegal Neo march and attacks on immigrants most definitely will. The rest of us, really in 9.5 years time unless you're a crime writer/ blogger nobody else is going to give a shit?   Far worse atrocities would of happened that I can guarantee, Brexit for one when it does.
  3. Defendant Covers Face

      As if you will remember what anyone looks like or even remember anyone that was sent to prison 9.5 years ago.  You're bordering on dilusional.
  4. First World Problems

        Can you define all?    I really miss good Chinese food can I come?   I know your friends a dry alcoholic so I can bring my own Tsing Tao beer if that's okay and I'd love to meet @lisa13   We could call it a 'First world party' nothing like a good old get together and a piss up.
  5. Mobile roaming charges on the Channel ferry

      The only reason you are in this situation is because,   A) you didn't know that ferries are not part of EU roaming but thank you on behalf of TT because myself included was not aware of the ferries Wifi policies either. and B) your son forgot and/or didn't know that his phone with mobile data on and mobile roaming enabled would automatically connect to the ships satellite system and incur additional charges.   The only question that needs to be answered though is why your son didn't receive any SMS alerts or, I say this because my son does exactly this in order to preserve his phone's space and knows exactly what they are, did he delete them.   An expensive lesson to be learnt and if your son is anything like mine then certainly won't be the last one.
  6. Vegan coming for dinner

  7. treatment of dogs in boarding kennels

      For someone you claim has no idea I wasn't a million miles from the truth.   Post what you want I'm not going to bother replying, I hate to see grown men cry.  
  8. Atm charge

      You never lost £20.00 for no reason, you pressed yes and agreed to their charges you just never read the small or smaller print.   But your right, in the UK or any other country outside of the Euro, if you're offered the option to pay in Euro's always select no and pay in the local currency.
  9. Laws on leaving a dog indoors while one is away

       There's plenty of clubs in Berlin but you wouldn't normally come across idiots like this at any of them.   The problem is they're locals who use the Hundeauslaufgebiet as a personal place to exercise their dogs so they themselves don't have to go to any great lengths to have to walk them.    Edit: @Rushrush assuming this was Berlin as your profile states you are in Berlin.
  10. treatment of dogs in boarding kennels

      What ever your beliefs, it's pretty obvious you don't have a dog and have absolutely no idea, may I suggest you never even think about getting one. It would most definitely not fit into your daily routine and family life especially if there was an emergency, besides we have enough dogs in rescue centers in Germany and certainly don't need another.
  11. treatment of dogs in boarding kennels

      you think I'm unfair.  
  12. treatment of dogs in boarding kennels

      I know this is a tough time for you and I wouldn't normally comment but as a dog owner sorry, why should anyone have to take your dogs fit or sick, excuses or not they are your responsibility.   I wouldn't dream of letting a friend let alone a stranger or kennel look after ours, we always find a work around and we accept that, if it means travelling alone and either me or my wife staying home to look after them then so be it.   I have to agree with @SpiderPig, dog or child I would never dump my dogs on anyone emergency or not and your own experiences demonstrate the exact reasons why.   Please don't take it personally but the only one making excuses is yourself, why couldn't you or your husband travel to the UK on your own?   Rant over.  
  13. treatment of dogs in boarding kennels

      I strongly advise against using Ferries for transporting pets, they must either stay in the car or be put in a kennel on the car deck. You are not allowed to visit them while the ferry is at sea so if there's a delay or problems at the ports your dogs could end up on their own for a number of hours.   I always use the channel as it's a short crossing, 35 minutes, and your dogs stay with you the whole time.
  14. Questions you have been afraid to ask... in case you look stupid

      But that was not in your question.    Google Kanalsanierung/ rohrsanierung in NRW that will do the job.