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  1. Dog attack

      Reminds me of when I was looking for a copy of the Koran. Asked at my local muslim store and they told me they had all sold out but he had it on his hard drive. I asked him if he would burn me a copy and that's where it all kicked off.   Never been back since
  2. House renting situation in Berlin

      I think you haven't been here long enough to even understand the comment that @engelchen posted, but rather than understand, you want to turn it on its head and make it out as racism?   If my memory serves me right,  aren't you the lunatic from Switzerland that keeps trolling Toytown? 
  3. Shame on you, Lufthansa

      It doesn't matter how big or small the dealership is they have done nothing wrong.   Get over yourself, move on and get out and enjoy the weekend weather.😎      
  4. Shame on you, Lufthansa

      I don't understand your problem, the car dealer can set any price he likes. The Mwst will make no difference to the dealer at all, he is just a glorified Tax collector on behalf of the government, he can neither win or lose regardless of the Mwst being 16% or 19%,  he makes his money on the net sale of the car. If someone is willing to pay his asking price then there is nothing wrong with that, or is there?      
  5. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation

      Tesla In Taiwan Crashes Directly Into Overturned Truck, Ignores Pedestrian, With Autopilot On  
  6. The war for apartments in Berlin

    Look, you posted on this thread and tried to offer some advice regarding renting vs buying.   You made a comparison and got that wrong by €200,000.  You go on to say that everyone has a history, maybe this, maybe that, maybe, maybe, maybe but no solid links or claims to what you are saying. You don't even know if banks have a formula to decide the amount of finance to give to somebody.   Then you post to say that it is quite possible to get zero percent finance let alone just a 10% downpayment.   I question your comments and the best you can do is to try and make it out that you have shared all you know and make it personal against me regarding the current lockdown etc.   Given what you have shared I don't think I am alone in coming to the conclusion in saying that you are not exactly the best qualified and come across as knowing very little and close to fuck all about the subject.   Now may I suggest you go and do some more research before trying to make it personal towards me as you could not be any further from the truth if you tried.
  7. The war for apartments in Berlin

      Why did you even bother commenting?    I think you misunderstand the whole concept of how this forum is meant to work.   If you have the experience and/or knowledge then why not share that instead of posting such trivia.
  8. Vodafone exasperation, getting out of a contract

      Never ever happened to me.
  9. Do you like living in Germany?

  10. How to access BBC iPlayer from Germany

    Getflix are running a 70% off subscriptions promo for anyone interested. Below are the details copied from an email I received.    
  11. Legal advice, crashed into the car on bicycle.

    And then some time down the line comes the bill for the lawyer.    Sounds like in addition to your €600 you could be facing charges north of €3,500.
  12. any car mechanic opened now?

      If you have an essential job or need to go shopping, visit the apotheke or do something essential then drive a little slower and allow a longer distance between you and the car in front.   If you haven't got anything essential to do then stay at home, simple, you might save a life.
  13. any car mechanic opened now?

      @Krieg it was a question, I was clearly questioning the fact that changing winter for summer is not exactly an essential thing to do given the current situation.
  14. any car mechanic opened now?

      Are you for real, why would anyone want to risk having such close contact with someone they don't even know from Adam.   Just wait till the current situation improves and change your Winter tyres then, it is not an offence to drive on Winter tyres.    
  15. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation