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  1. Complete lockdown predictions - Berlin

    Perhaps for us expats there might be something good to come from the Corona Virus outbreak here in Germany, has anyone else noticed that the German's have finally learnt how to queue properly. 
  2. Complete lockdown predictions - Berlin

    @Brexitania Move out a little from central Berlin to the walks along the rivers and the numbers yesterday were pretty high where we are.  Families with children, inline skaters, cyclists all trying to get their piece of the just over 2 metre wide shared footpath. Trying to pass anyone with the recommended abstand of 1.5m was almost impossible and of course no one ever walks onto the grass to avoid anyone, what is that here? even cyclists won't go around you but that's for another subject.
  3. Cancel holiday over corona virus?

  4. Cancel holiday over corona virus?

      I know it doesn't matter, I was thinking of something else,  just a busy day.
  5. Cancel holiday over corona virus?

    @diego.hh thanks for the update.   Just an observation, your profile says you're from Schleswig Holstein is that true?
  6. Cancel holiday over corona virus?

    @diego.hh   I was also worried about this as we've had our Easter holiday cancelled on Rugen, fortunately for us we have agreed with the landlord to offset the costs we have paid against a future booking.   However before we spoke with him I did find this from the Verbraucherzentrale'     Don't know how good your German is but basically it reads that under German law if your holiday is cancelled due to an entry ban or restricted area then you are entitled to a refund.   Unfortunately though it may involve having to hire a lawyer if the landlord is not going to play ball.   Currently on Rugen holidaymakers are actually being asked to leave as they haven't got the infrastructure to deal with large cases of sick people should the virus take hold on the Island.    
  7. Berlin to get a Tesla Gigafactory

      He wouldn't qualify, he's a self confessed waker…..…...
  8. How to access BBC iPlayer from Germany

      This thread is about how to access the iPlayer and I  wanted to point out that using a SmartDNS, from my own experience has been the best and by far the cheapest solution.    It's pointless trying to get technical or even have a discussion until you've tried a 14 day free trial with Getflix, then comeback and tell us whether it works or not. If it doesn't work then there's most probably a problem with your setup.   Just bear in mind if you have a Samsung TV older than 3 years, you may need to check model numbers on the internet, the BBC iPlayer no longer gets updated and will not work.    As mentioned I use the Amazon firestick for getting the UK channels which is far easier to couch surf than using a Kodi or Xbox One for example, but each to their own.            
  9. How to access BBC iPlayer from Germany

        BavSat specialise in Satellite services from the UK and more and come's highly recommended for those that want more than the main UK terrestrial channels.   Edit: Using any VPN from an Anti Virus company like McAfee or Bitdefender will not give you access to the BBC.   A VPN is not the best option either to receive the Beeb on a regular basis but a SmartDNS provider like Getflix should solve the problem especially when paired with the Amazon Firestick.
  10. Question about driving licenses

      I'll rephrase, nobody is physically contacted, nobody is calling the DVLA to get that information or other driving licence, that information is available through EUCARIS.        
  11. Question about driving licenses

      It's fairly obvious that Geography was not your best subject at school.   In case you are not aware the US has nothing to do with Europe let alone the EU licencing system which is what this subject is all about.   Before you go telling people to go fuck themselves perhaps you should save yourself the time to prevent making yourself look like the prize prick of the day and read the opening post, it might also help to know that not everything on this forum is solely about the US, there are other English speaking nations present.  
  12. Question about driving licenses

    @ryanderloewe   The person you spoke to at the DVLA are misinformed. An EU licence will be valid post Brexit until the expiry date of the photocard, then it will have to be exchanged for a UK licence.   Good luck with trying to exchange your licence before 31st January 20, despite what you may think you may come up against some hurdles due to internal German politics and how each Bundesland deals with licence exchanges re British expats and Brexit.   @tor I know they say you shouldn't shoot the messenger but in your case please feel free to do so, you couldn't be any further from the truth if you tried.   @Smaug Ignore Tor, as an EU citizen and licence holder you can only hold 1 licence.   @dj_jay_smith   The German authorities do not contact the UK to check the validity of a licence, this if need be can be checked using EUCARIS, however upon exchanging a UK licence it will be returned to the UK.   On all EU photocard licences there is a code to tell where the licence originated and if it has been exchanged.    Paper Licences issued prior to 1998 are valid until 2035 or the 70th birthday which ever comes first. Paper licences issued between 1998 and 2015 are no longer valid.      What rush?   Why does your Sat Nav go nuts? 
  13. False positive urine drug test while traffic stop

      So you've now found your driving licence which you claim to of lost 10 days ago?   This is someone who went to Hungary to get his drivers licence while being resident in Germany which is forbidden.   He is not entitled to even drive here and now he's posting about being stopped for amphetamines.   I do not trust anything this person posts, he is totally ignorant and has total disregard for the authorities due to his ignorance.   When it comes to low life pieces of shit like Frankhun then he should be locked up and the key thrown away.   If you want to know more see this thread where he was advised he is driving without a licence   
  14. bringing homemade oil from india

      It's not bullshit, it depends on what the op is using the oil for and my guess from what's been said so far is for cooking.   Olive oil has a very low smoke point in comparison to coconut oil, ghee and mustard oil so it's not suitable for this method of cooking. Once Olive high oil reaches it's smoking point which can be as low as 105°c any health benefits will start to breakdown with the heat.   There's no disputing Olive oils health benefits but it's just not suitable for cooking and frying with, there are far better options like Peanut oil, Grapeseed and Avocado or Mustard Oil if you can stand it's pungent aroma and flavour.
  15. bringing homemade oil from india

      Just wondering but where did the op say he wanted to ship coconut oil?   From whay I've read he only mentioned cooking oil.   Perhaps @puregerman would tell us what this oil actually is? At a guess I would say it's most probably Mustard oil which is used extensively for cooking and as a massage oil.