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  1. False positive urine drug test while traffic stop

      So you've now found your driving licence which you claim to of lost 10 days ago?   This is someone who went to Hungary to get his drivers licence while being resident in Germany which is forbidden.   He is not entitled to even drive here and now he's posting about being stopped for amphetamines.   I do not trust anything this person posts, he is totally ignorant and has total disregard for the authorities due to his ignorance.   When it comes to low life pieces of shit like Frankhun then he should be locked up and the key thrown away.   If you want to know more see this thread where he was advised he is driving without a licence   
  2. bringing homemade oil from india

      It's not bullshit, it depends on what the op is using the oil for and my guess from what's been said so far is for cooking.   Olive oil has a very low smoke point in comparison to coconut oil, ghee and mustard oil so it's not suitable for this method of cooking. Once Olive high oil reaches it's smoking point which can be as low as 105°c any health benefits will start to breakdown with the heat.   There's no disputing Olive oils health benefits but it's just not suitable for cooking and frying with, there are far better options like Peanut oil, Grapeseed and Avocado or Mustard Oil if you can stand it's pungent aroma and flavour.
  3. bringing homemade oil from india

      Just wondering but where did the op say he wanted to ship coconut oil?   From whay I've read he only mentioned cooking oil.   Perhaps @puregerman would tell us what this oil actually is? At a guess I would say it's most probably Mustard oil which is used extensively for cooking and as a massage oil.
  4. Buying a laptop and other goods as a company

      I don't know about being the smartest but if you're lucky and carry on, voting closes in about 3 weeks time so you might be lucky and get awarded the 2019 Biggest Yunt of the Cear award.            
  5. Buying a laptop and other goods as a company

      You on your morning break at the kindergarten?   Don't let the Erzieherin see you using the internet, you must wait till you're at home and get your parents permission.   Please do grow up you're actions are exactly like that of a child. Given your so called level of intelligence you are certainly not mature and perhaps not quite ready for the real world.
  6. Lost driving licence

      I would read the whole thread before posting such drivel and false statements.
  7. Buying a laptop and other goods as a company

      I wasn't going to post this given your attitude and your ungratefulness to @evildudette but anyway here's a link that should answer your questions  
  8. Berlin to get a Tesla Gigafactory

      You clearly have no idea about Berlin or the actual location of this proposed factory.   It's all very well suggesting that people can move/relocate,  which is exactly why I am in Berlin,  but you cannot relocate to somewhere that basically has nowhere to relocate to.   We are talking of a former East German town that has a population of approx. 8,000, a train that runs every hour from Berlin and the nearest shopping centre is most probably Königs Wusterhausen 24km away or Groppiusstadt 30km towards Berlin. I'm not even going to bother listing the amount of hotels, restaurants or nearby attractions in the area it's embarrassing.   Whilst Tesla will be building it's proposed factory BER airport would/should of opened and with this comes the relocation of all or most of the staff from Berlin Tegel , add to this Tesla plans of employing 7-10,000 people there is no way with the current infrastructure that this region would be able to cope in 2 years.   Unless of course you have any more brilliant ideas.        
  9. Berlin to get a Tesla Gigafactory

      Highly skilled jobs need highly skilled people, exactly where will these all come from?   There's already a shortage of  IT specialists, engineers and craftsmen in the construction industry, experts in aerospace, mechatronics, electrical engineering, energy technology and other STEM professions and you're not going to fill these positions from people living in this corner of Brandenburg.    
  10. Lost driving licence

    @snowingagain   Why should anybody be given any special treatment when the licence in the first place was in theory obtained by deception.   if the answer was yes then that would make it an unlevel playing field, this would be totally unfair to those that have no connection to other EU countries so I think it's highly unlikely.
  11. Berlin to get a Tesla Gigafactory

      Why did BMW go elsewhere?   Because BMW were faced with opposition over the proposal of having to cut down large amounts of forestation in order to build the site, for this reason BMW ended up building a site with far less environmental impact in Leipzig.   In order for Tesla to build their site they will have to cut down 70 Hectares of Forest destroying the homes of Tree falcon's, Bats and a rare species of reptile.   Isn't it ironic that in order to build something environmentally friendly you have to destroy the environment first.    and don't start me off on the story that this is going to be a massive boost for the economy because it's quite the opposite.  
  12. Disturbing right-wing activities on the rise?

      Don't talk a load of dollocks, they have no intention of harming children they only want to get their message across and as we know children are easily influenced by what they see, read and hear.
  13. Lost driving licence

    @engelchen   not at all, trying to get the op to understand his mistakes is like banging your head against a brick wall which I'm sure/know you have come across yourself with these arguments. I was trying one last thing but I don't think that will work but I'll see if he replies.   My only concern in this situation is that @FrankHun will ignore all the advice, continue driving until he has an accident and some poor person may end up injured or even dead because he failed to take note of the advice given.   @krapnek Unfortunately the only thing your girlfriend can do is start the driving test all over again in Germany. The licence has no validity outside of her home country.  An expensive learning curve but if language is the problem there are driving schools around that offer English, Turkish and various other language courses.   In the meantime she should not drive....
  14. Disturbing right-wing activities on the rise?

    Isn't this exactly what they want?   You're talking about it and making an issue of it is giving them the attention, good or bad, that they are looking for.    As long as your daughter or other children were not injured in anyway then I would play this down.   Just my tuppence ha'penny.
  15. Lost driving licence

      I've just looked up the legal requirements for obtaining a driving licence in Hungary so Answer this question, when you applied for your Hungarian licence what address did you give?   Answer that question then we can see if all that I said is actually wrong.