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  1. International shipping item (Paprika)

      Lol? You sound like fun at a party  
  2. Mobile phone bill - to pay or not to pay?

      Good luck with that attitude, it will only multiply at your expense.   They have every right to chase their debt, do yourself a favour and google 'EU cross border debt recovery.'   Just put this down to an expensive lesson learnt and next time read the T&C's regarding cancellation.  
  3. International shipping item (Paprika)

      The shop owner is fully within their rights to sell that product, you have absolutely no right to complain regardless and then you avoid the store, you should really try and stop being so judgemental.   Why didn't you just ask (politely) if they have some more in the stock room as the last 1 or 2 on the shelf are nearing their best before date.   Have you ever heard the saying, Politeness costs nothing but gains everything?  
  4. DHL paket shop xxx closed

        You should know better you prolific poster, please start a new thread the mods won't mind.   TFIF!  
  5. International shipping item (Paprika)

      Hooray, you didn't start a new thread for this question..
  6. Foraging for wild garlic

    Please be aware that Wild Garlic/Ramson (Allium paradoxum/ Allium ursinum)  is very similar in looks to Maiglöckchen/Lily of the Valley  (Convallaria majalis)  which are highly poisonous and also grow at this time of year.   The main distinguishing feature between wild garlic and Lily of the Valley is the obvious smell of garlic that emanates when you rub a leaf between your fingers. If the leaves do not give off this intense garlic-like odor it's not Wild garlic.  Beware, If you have already rubbed some leaves of wild garlic, your fingers  may still smell very strong and so this is option is not always reliable.   It's not until both plants flower that you can straight away tell the difference but before they flower, you can distinguish them from their leaves or roots.   There are no roots from Wild Garlic as they grow from an onion type bulb much like Garlic itself and the Lily of the Valley produces rhizome-like, horizontal roots.   The Wild Garlic leaves are single leaves growing direct from the base of the plant and Lily of the Valley has 2 large  leaves from  a single stem, as in the picture below. The top leaf is Wild Garlic.      
  7. Importing a New Car From the UK

      Really, is there something you know that nobody else does?    
  8.   What I don't understand is why it cannot be said that as a worse case scenario a UK citizen will become a non EU citizen after Brexit and the same rules will apply as per Non EU Citizens in the EU.   This is most probably why @RenegadeFurther is so worried, perhaps I should at some stage tell him there is indeed another option to stay legally in Germany without getting sent back to Blighty after Brexit.
  9. Using VPN to watch HULU or BBC iPlayer

      You cannot assume that just because you had a problem with your setup that everyone else will, it makes no sense. Your problem started when your old E series was no longer being updated so the apps wouldn't work.   Unlike you, ever since Samsung started with the Smarthub and my first Samsung TV back in 2011 I still to this day watch pretty much watch all the UK channels on my Samsung TV's smarthub with the addition of a Firestick on each TV for the Freeview channels in the UK.   Like you I also have an WRT router, an ASUS  but mine has the Open VPN client which is setup up for the UK and the US, unlike you though I still favour SmartDNS and have not encountered any problems, the last problem was my DNS supplier not my setup.  Not all my TV's are connected to the Asus router as 2 of them are to far away so the DNS is setup directly in the network settings likewise with the firestick.   Also, out of curiosity I have tried Chromecast, NowTV boxes, Xbox's and an XBMC box with Kodi and various Tabs computers and laptops and yet I still watch the BBC over the TV's Smarthub.   Now I don't claim to be some techy but I can certainly get my UK channels and my DNS server setup directly on my TV's with the minimum of fuss, dare I say it, unlike you.  
  10. Using VPN to watch HULU or BBC iPlayer

    @yesterday   Why did you even bother answering?     @FridayCat I have used smartDNS for a number of years and it is simple to setup and far more reliable than VPN in my opinion. If you want to go one step further I would highly recommend a Firestick from Amazon if you want more UK channels.   There are a number of companies out there that offer DNS, a lot of TT'ers like myself use Getflix.
  11. Brexit: The fallout

    Revoke Article 50 petition: 700,000 people demand UK remains in EU as Theresa May begs for Brexit delay  
  12. DHL parcel box

  13. DHL parcel box

      You're starting to sound like a Racial Profiler.  
  14. DHL parcel box

      You are being racist or you wouldn't of mentioned it? You are obviously judging this person by the colour of their skin, that's pretty low.   Just forget it and move on.    
  15. Berlin foodies, have your say!

    For Sushi I'm still a great fan of Sachiko just off of Sauvigny Platz, if you can get a place at the bar then it's great to just sit there and pick the dishes at random as they move along past you on little wooden boats on a makeshift sort of river, it's not cheap though but Japanese never is if it's good.   @El Jeffo you forgot to mention your go to Indian, Masala   One suggestion I would make is head over to Markthalle Neun on a Thursday when it's street food day, a lot of the up and coming Chefs promote their ideas there before moving on to open their own restaurants. Quite diverse, busy but a great atmosphere and lots of English speaking people there.   Although I find this a bit repetitive now if you're here in the Summer there's always Preussen Park by Fehrberliner Platz where Thai families come together to cook their own stuff to sell. Ranging from all things curries to Thai noodle dishes along with deserts you just take a stroll through the park and look amongst all the Thai prepping their fare. Just be warned that this is not for the light hearted, when they ask you if you want it hot then they mean hot not what the German's call hot.