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  1. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

      It's called in German,  Bescheinigung über das Daueraufenthaltsrecht für Unionsbürger and cost €8.00, an interview/appointment is required at the Ausländerbehörde.  
  2. TV Solutions – complete solution for UK TV abroad

    Not very transparent is it, an example of pricing for €30 a month,  is it tailored made or do you have packages?   What concerns me is this in your FAQ.   and what happens after the usual 1 year subscription because there's no info on your FAQ page about this, normally for those unsuspecting expats that think they have signed up for a year end up getting hit for another year when the contract automatically rolls over unless cancelled within 3 months of contract end.   Again something that lacks transparency or would you like to go back and up date your website to reflect this like you have tried (miserably may I say) with your pricing strategy.
  3. There is no issue renting cars in any country with a UK licence, a non UK address and a credit card registered to your non UK address, however your situation is different so I would advise to check direct with the rental company you intend to use first. They might just ask for some form of documentation to prove your current address but I certainly would not give your UK address as place of residence as that is supplying false information and could cause you a few problems.   @galloping clogs, I'm interested to know why you assume a UK citizen residing in Germany would have a German ID card?  
  4. Obituary thread of notable folk: Lord Snowdon

    Princes Margaret's former husband Lord Snowdon dies age 86
  5.   Are you sure? around 12 hours for circa 500km trip, I find that quite unbelievable given I normally allow 4 hours just to cross the border at Venlo from Berlin and thats nearly a 100km longer.
  6.   Firstly, it depends on what you mean by Holland are you driving through France and Belgium first or are you arriving in Hook of Holland or Amsterdam?   Secondly, there's a good chance your navigation system if you're driving from France will guide you up through Breda which for me personally is a pretty arduous route and I find the route via Turnhout, Eindhoven and leaving Venlo onto Duisburg far better.   Once you know your route the next question would be time of day, that aside you're also asking about sightseeing which rather makes it difficult to give you a time, it can be done in less than 7 hours if you're driving at speeds of well in excess of 100mph where permitted in Germany or upto 10 hours or more depending on stop overs and traffic.   As for sightseeing this again will depend on your route, but a couple of places worthy of a stop over are Xanten Archaeologie Park in Xanten, there's the Tiger and Turtle Magic Mountain Duisburg, Landschaftspark Duisburg is great if you have time and a head for heights, there's the Centro shopping Center at Oberhausen and around it are various attractions like the Gasometer which hosts various exhibitions. If you're into football some of Germany's top clubs are in this corner like Dortmund who has the largest football club in Germany, Signal Iduna Park. This is all more or less  witihin an hour of crossing the German border but there's even more sights as you go up through Germany. Now if you want more suggestions go google, there's ton's of stuff to do and see for all the family.   Tip, try and bring some Euro coins with you in case you need to make a stop on the German Autobahn, nine times out of 10 you'll need to pay for the toilets.  
  7. Ask if a notarized copy would be accepted. If it also needs to be translated it might be cheaper to use a company like this who will also Notarize it rather than go direct to a Notary.    
  8. Getting used to driving on the right

      By the outer right lane you mean lane 1, with the middle lane as 2 and the outer left lane as 3 and from what you're saying you continue in lane 1 only to have the car in lane 2 pull back across and then bump.   It doesn't matter what your speed is you should never in the circumstances you describe regardless of Rechtfsahrgebot overtake in lane 1, this is strictly forbidden and you would be liable. Just because the car hogs lane 2 he/she risks a fine and a point in Flensburg.   This is the classic of 2 wrongs don't make a right and if this is how you drive @yourkeau then you are a danger to other road users and yourself included.
  9. Customer rights for unfair contract

    @El Jeffo nobody answered my question as to whether this advert was paid or not. @SpiderPig as you know is pretty knowledgeable on this type of service and a contributor to the TT community. Surely if members are bringing into question/flagging the legality of such an advert then TT should show some responsibility and put such adverts on hold until such time it can be proven legal.   Perhaps if it was a paid advert then the money aspect is most probably more important to TT than the interests of its readers, that would for me bring into question the ethics of TT.
  10. TV Solutions – complete solution for UK TV abroad

    is this a paid advert?
  11. Is Berlin Cyclist Friendly?

    @AnswerToLife42 perhaps before you go shouting your mouth off and jumping to your own conclusions it might help to know some facts first.   Just because it is called a Radweg does not mean it is only for cyclists. parts of it run through Naturschutzgebiet and Landschaftsschutzgebiet which mean pedestrians have Vorrang regardless, which a lot of cyclists tend to either ignore or are to stupid to even know,  @AnswerToLife42 I'd put you in the later category going by your comments.   The part I was referring to runs right past the entrance to mine and my neighbours house where the entrance is hidden, along with that it's also at the bottom of a slight hill which means they travel even faster.  Our intention was not to injure anyone so the obstacle was covered in red and white tape and could be seen a mile away, even the Ordnungsamt laughed when they see it and even agreed with us but the matter had to be taken up direct with the Bezirk. Therefore my neighbours and us are in discussions to try and limit the dangers of anyone getting injured, cyclists included.    As for getting knocked down my mother in laws dog was run over by a cyclist 7 years ago just 500 metres from our house, fortunately he wasn't badly injured and lived to see another day but guess what, the cyclist carried on going and left my MIL with a vets bill so you could say that my experiences with cyclists are a little on the negative side.
  12. Is Berlin Cyclist Friendly?

      No chance, the innocent are more likely to receive a ticket which nearly was the case last year after receiving a visit from the Ordnungsamt. Cyclists complained that I had stuck a large obstacle half in the path so they had to slow down, poor them, long story short I had to move it or face getting a ticket.   As for the Op's question is Berlin Cyclist Friendly, well the only way to describe it in my opinion;        
  13. Parental authorization for travel with a minor

      I cannot comment for other countries authorities but German authorities can be extremely difficult when producing copies of legal documents, they might not accept the copied document as they will tell you it must be Notarised so be warned if you want a fast and uninterrupted transit through customs.  
  14. Sterling Coin Exchange

    Coins, regardless of currency cannot be exchanged outside of the country they were issued.   Here's a tip, everytime I go somewhere like Turkey I always take lots of €5.00 and €10.00 notes with me. I use them to exchange the coins given to the cleaners and waiters at the hotel as they cannot use them, might sound a lot of hassel but trust me, I always get served first at the bar and our room is always kept pristine and you couldn't ask for a better service.   As for the op, either sell them to a friend or someone going to the UK or give them to charity.
  15. Sterling Coin Exchange