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  1. Brexit dilemma, what to do?

      Or, believe it or not, you could follow this chaps advice but please ignore the last 5 words of the sentence.   Don't let the scaremongering stress you, it's only there to scare because that's what some people want you to believe, until it's set in stone it's anyone guess what will happen.
  2. Worst jokes ever

    I went to my first German funeral today!   You can always tell a good place, it was packed.
  3.   That must of been a bundle of fun, the Beamter must of got really pissed off having to try and communicate using hand signals, when did you feel the response was cold when the Beamter pointed to the door?   You must learn German RF.
  4. Cologne Brexit Meeting - Wed 13th Feb

      Going by that article it could work in our favour, after a No Deal we will become refugees so there should no problem getting re-housed especially for those living in Neckartaiflingen.
  5. Cologne Brexit Meeting - Wed 13th Feb

      Much like a trade deal, the UK cannot deal directly with Germany as it is part of the EU which brings me too my question.   Why are individual countries, like Germany, having to decide on the fate of its UK residents, the UK is leaving the EU not Germany so surely this should of been a decision made by the EU, regardless of a no deal.
  6. What are you cooking today?

      You're a feisty one aren't you?   It was not a trick question.
  7. What are you cooking today?

      Funny, do you really shuck peas? I thought you shuck oysters, even though they're in a shell and corn is shucked but peas are normally shelled.
  8. Toytown website improvements/suggestions

    Is it me or has Toytowngermany always been openly allowing advertisers to link to scams?   Take today for example these 4 adverts are all linked to a known scam from the VOX show 'Die Höhle der Löwen'.   The so called claims in the link between the 2 Lions getting into a bidding war didn't even exist, it's fake and it's most probably quite convincing to some that even as little as €250 can make them wealthy.     How low can this website go to make a few euro's at the misery of some that might think this is the real thing.         This might not of been the right sub forum to post but if TT takes notice then it's an improvement.
  9. Ketogenic Diet Anyone?

      But that's not necessarily the answer for someone that has a problem with blood sugar levels, cutting the portion size may not make any difference at all.   What I would like to see is more information relating to Carbohydrates, the low and high Glycemix Index (GI) and Glycemix load (GL) values of foods and a better understanding of simple carbs vs complex carbs in the labelling of food stuff.
  10. Ketogenic Diet Anyone?

      I thought that was why you got a dog was to get out more, perhaps you should of got a bigger one.
  11. What are you cooking today?

      Out of interest where did you get the Lima Beans or Butter Beans as I know them.   I have only ever seen them here in Berlin in the frozen section but I don't need a kilo at a time.
  12. Amazon prime video English language

      Wow, that's clever I wonder if they do that with all the German films that were originally in English.
  13. Air Berlin and now Germania

      Back in 2016 I designed you this T-Shirt     Here's a hat to go with it