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  1. Unleashed Dogs Out in Public

      How long have you been here? Have you considered learning German? My suggestion in future if you can't/don't learn the language is to cross the road in future until you can confront the woman in her native tongue, alternatively  try going to your Ordnungsamt where somebody might speak a little English and log your complaint there.    
  2. landlord refuses an untermieter

  3. smartphone + tarife

      Yes but it can be a bit of a minefield with tarifs, the link I gave you is most probably the best in my opinion. They also allow you to upgrade to cheaper tariffs whereas some providers only allow this for new customers. For example I had a 3gb tarif for my son which was originally €24.99, I noticed they had a special offer for €15.99 and with an additional 1gb, I upgraded and now pay the lesser price.   To answer your question on mobile phones, just type into google the phone you want for example and choose someone like for a list  of the best prices.
  4. smartphone + tarife

    If you sign up to a contract for a mobile phone it would normally be for 24 months and automatically renews for a further 2 years 12 months unless you cancel within 3 months of contract end. If you want to cancel early you would have to pay the outstanding balance until contract end, you will always keep the phone.   My advice would be if you can afford to purchase a phone outright then do so and then look at getting a monthly contract with someone like  
  5. TV Solutions – complete solution for UK TV abroad

      As was my posts and yours Krieg when this was originally posted.   Just goes to show how low TT will go to pull in the revenue whilst viewer numbers/membership are dwindling away.
  6. So what is the big demonstration on Ku'damm about?
  7. Digital changeover

      Which had you read the post it's Unity Media so I don't suppose it's even an option.   As is standard since, I think 2009 or perhaps a little later, it is a requirement for any new builds or refurbishments to have a cable TV supply to the flats' and this should be listed in the Nebenkosten, it's what I think they call a basic requirement to be able to receive the very basic of shit German tv, hence the reason we all regardless, have to pay the Grundfunkbeitrag.   As for the way things are now if you want to receive the private HD channels like, N24, NTV, VOX, Pro 7, RTL, SAT 1, Kabel Eins etc and a load of other dubbed channels then you have to pay anything from €3.00 to €5.00 euros per month on top of what you already pay.   Now if you don't have a cable connection into your abode then, subject to how new your TV's are (circa 2015 and upwards), you will have to purchase a separate DVB T2 box for every TV.   If you do have as you mention a Deutsche Telekom connection then you can upgrade to the Magenta zu hause which in the long term is most probably the cheapest. But there's a catch, normally there's only one inlet via cable into a flat and with an Alt Bau Wohnung this poses a problem and comes with additional costs.   Unfortunately as of June this year there is no easy or cheap solution if you want to receive all German channels, SD or HD you will have to pay unless you have a new build that was built with this in mind.   Personally, I think the German's pay the most for receiving the worst possible TV channels and programes in the whole of Europe and they advertise it as Freeview, need I say more.   Something people should learn in Germany, nothing is ever for free.    Now I've got that off my chest I'm off for another beer.
  8. "Really good" Indian restaurants in Berlin

      Nope but then again it hasn't been opened that long.   A quick look over the menu raises a few questions though, Dal Tadka with red kidney beans, Chicken Jalfrezi (mittel scharf), with Cauliflower, Lamb Sabzi, Sabzi is a Persian dish so that confused me and finally, I had to laugh, Vindaloo with gebackenen kartoffeln in kokos curry sauce.   Good luck let us know how it goes and don't forget to ask for your Jalfrezi scharf.😉
  9. Transport (Hand Trolley?)

    Any or most large Baumarkt store have these available to rent here's Obi for example.
  10. Grow lights/Bulbs

      If you look af change the language to English and search 'cfl grow light'' they have loads and in stock.
  11. Buying portable roof rack

      Very informative, but of absolutely zero use to the op unless of course you could also come up with some miraculous way of fitting a Kayak in a roofbox.   Look forward to your input on that one and I doubt it's an inflatable Kayak either.   If you can answer that one then you might want to let the op know where he/she can find a rental car that has roof bars or allows a roof rack in the first place as part of the hire agreement.
  12. Is it me or are have you got your dates ass about face?   Apologies if this sounds stupid but you was on sick leave before you started your job (April 2016) and was asked to leave at the end of May 2016 before you even started in August 2016.      
  13. Buying portable roof rack

    Here's my advice;   1) there is no way you can buy a roof rack as it is almost impossible to say at this stage what your rental car will be.   2) I very much doubt the rental company will allow you to put a roof rack on their car due to possible damage.   3) if you were to put a roof rack on a hire car then any damage caused to the roof would not be covered by the CDW (collision damage waiver) insurance.   4) if you take out fully comprehensive insurance or take out a 3rd party policy to protect you, you would need to make sure that the use of a roof rack is included in the hire agreement. If not then any damage caused would null and void these policies and you would be personally liable.   Now this only leaves you with 2 options;   1) speak direct with the rental company and see if they have vehicles available with roof racks. 2) rent a van.   Finally, regardless of which vehicle I strongly advise paying the extra for fully comprehensive insurance. I'm not sure due to where you reside, if a private policy would be available but all rental companies, albeit a little more expensive, offer these policies.  
  14. Too much policing here, get a life

    @john g.   You haven't got to go back to the 60's, take the current Chancellor of the Exchequer for example Philip Hammond, he is neither a qualified accountant or an economist, so what qualifies him to hold such a job?   Answer; He's an Essex boy, albeit not blonde but dumb enough to take such a position and smart enough to bullshit the rest of us into believing what he's doing is the best for the economy.