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  1. TV via the Internet as an alternative to satellite

    @MadAxeMurderer I thought you rent your apartments? Surely that should be down to the tennant to source their TV and internet provider.   Anyway, so what do you need to do?   In order to receive DVB T2 you will require any of the following with a compatible internal or external antenna and this will only give you the very basic free terrestrial channels to start. DVB T2 Set top box costing upwards of €30.00 if you do not have a compatible TV. or DVB T2 compatible TV which have only been around for the past 18 months to 2 years. In order to receive the premium channels you will need to; Register the DVB T2 set top box and pay monthly €5.75/€69.00 yearly subscription or DVB T2 compatible TV you will need a C+ Module card €79.99, you will receive the premium channels 3 months gratis and there after pay monthly €5.75 or €69.00 yearly subscription. More Details are here but bear in mind you will need to do this for every TV or every room with a TV. There are other options with Kabel Deutschland and Deutsche Telekom but none of them are cheap and would require some form of subscription.   I cannot comment on Kabel Deutschland but with Telekom you would have to upgrade your router, then you would have to rent a set top box. The only problem with this setup is that given how technologically advanced Telekom is, these boxes are not Wifi compatible and must be hardwired. So if your router is not in the same room as your TV then you will need to somehow connect it. Easiest solution would be to run a cable through the flat/house but this is an ugly option, alternatively purchase a powerline box like the Fritz powerline 1240e (approx €120.00 for a pair) which will enable you to receive an internet connection over the plug socket. You can do this for all your rooms, the initial costs are expensive but you only pay one subscription. Apart from the initial internet and TV package from Telekom which I think is about €45.00 per month you must rent a main Entertaiment box for €4.95 per month along with additional boxes for each room at €3.95.   Obviously there's always Satellite but I have no idea what that costs. We have DT and all I know is that having bought the Powerlines and renting the extra boxes German TV cost us an arm and a leg this year.   Hope that helps.      
  2. @HerrRing as mentioned by easytodraw look for Seeburger as they do exist. You won't find them normally with Crisps and salted nuts but they should be in the baking isle or near to the fruit and veg with the dried food stuff.
  3.   What licence do you have?   Is it the old pink paper licence pre 1998 or is it the photocard licence.   If it is the old pink paper licence then you are under no obligation to change it until 2033 or your 70th birthday which ever comes first.   If it is the latter, photocard and as you say you have held it for many many years then it might actually be out of date. As a German resident you can only exchange it for a German one. If it is out of date then don't panic this is not unusual and will/should be a straight forward process.   If you're concerned about Brexit then the decision is yours but I would imagine there will be no drastic changes if at all any in the short term.   @Malt-Teaser to be fair to the op none of the threads on driving licences really help, as the topic title is 'should I keep my UK driving licence', not 'how to','where to' or 'what if (Brexit)'.    
  4. Supermarket Price Fixing Cartel

    @phranco it really isn't that hard, here's how and I chose 'Preis und Preisvergleich von Aldi, Lidl & Co'.
  5. Supermarket Price Fixing Cartel

    @Stephen1 Can I just say one thing, if what you say is true which I doubt for one minute unless you just want to compare supermarket carrier bags which believe it or not are fixed, then why do we have all these so called discounters? We could just shop at one large supermarket instead of leaving this massive carbon footprint visiting several discounters. This is what a lot of German's do.     In your very first post you claim some supermarkets are involved in this so called fixing and even make their changes on the same day. The information I found was quite different from your story, to me it looks more like a classic scenario of when one increases their prices the others slowly follow suit. That I suspect might have something to do with stock controls but thats a guess.   Mozarrella 45% fett Aldi Sud - Cucina €0.65 - 125g Bio is €0.89  Price was increased from  €0.55 - 05 October 17 Aldi Nord - Casa Morando  €0.65 - 125g Price was increased from  €0.55 - 07 October 17 Rewe - Ja Brand €0.65 - 125g Price was increased from  €0.55 - 15 October 17 Lidl - Lovilio €0.65 - 220g Price was increased from  €0.55 - 04 November 17 Edeka - Gut & Gunstig €0.59 - 125g Penny - San Fabio €0.55 - 220g  Netto - Ein Herz für Erzeuger €0.55 - 220g    One notable difference in price was the weight, Lidl, Penny and Netto sell 220g Mozarrella with only Lidl selling at €0.65 and the other 2 were below. Rewe, Lidl and Penny all use a well known supplier while Edeka and Penny prices were not up to date.                            
  6. Supermarket Price Fixing Cartel

      If it you think its anti competitive in Germany then spare a thought for the Irish who most probably eat more beans than the Germans.   There it costs them a whopping €3.29 from Tesco's.  
  7.   No, they're only valid in the Country of issue.
  8.   Don't confuse him, he doesn't need to prove anything, all the details are on the back in column 9,10 and 11 with the later being the expiry date for each driver category.  His photocard may of expired but his entitlement to drive has not.   @NUFCrichard you need to make an appointment at the Führerscheinstelle to exchange your UK licence ( Umtausch in EU Kartenführerschein) for a German one, Check with them what they require in terms of paperwork as some have been known to ask for translations but this shouldn't be needed for an EU licence exchange. No further tests or medicals checks are required. Should cost around €35.00 and you give up your UK licence on receipt of the German one, you have to collect it in person. According to their website there may also be some delays in the processing of applications due to being understaffed so don't expect a quick turnaround.
  9. Which car to take to Germany?

        You are seriously not for real.   I really can't continue with this as it is just not constructive to the thread and I'm not going to continue feeding the troll.    
  10. Which car to take to Germany?

      I don't want to offend you but there are times when someone should just be outright and state the obvious, "Give up, you are becoming repetitive and are completely clueless, don't dig the hole any deeper or you're gonna fall in".   Let me know when you post the pictures on fitting the family into the C Class?
  11. Which car to take to Germany?

      Which brings me to the question, did you actually read my link? You keep quoting the obvious about height but even that, regardless of science, is a bit out dated given that technological advancements towards the introduction of 'Electronic Stability Control' can reduce fatal single car rollovers for example by 80% for SUV's and 77% for passenger cars. Another thing to note, since the intorduction of 'ESC' a few years ago the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Administration) noted that in it's yearly list of vehicles with the lowest death rates, only a few of them were SUVs, but now they make up nearly half of the list.   Looking at the bigger picture which was the whole point of my link is that in general you are no more likely to have an accident in an SUV as you are in a subcompact and/or compact car,  as I previously said, it's not a matter of experience or even knowledge in your case it's a matter of taste.   To be fair to the op @Newtogermanynow the options here in Germany are pretty vast, we know the criteria, family of 4 and a dog but without a budget or preference to new or used, petrol or diesel etc etc the list would be endless, perhaps the op would like to elaborate on  his/her preferences for some better suggestions.  
  12. Which car to take to Germany?

  13. @SpiderPig I don't understand why you just didn't pay anyway whilst you was on the phone, that's what I always do while I'm sitting waiting for the Eurotunnel and my number never shows up as its to soon but goes down against the car crossing anyway.
  14. What on earth do you want to tow?   In simple terms;   With your current category 'B' you are entitled to tow a trailer upto 750kg. With category 'BE' this will allow you to tow a trailer over 750kg and upto 3500kg   See here for a full explanation or here for the English version
  15. Travel to UK with almost expired EU passport

      Because the dear consulate is not controlling UK borders, UK border control do this job so have you considered contacting them. Tel: 0044 843 515 8453 and its not a free call by the way.   I think you should also check with the Irish consulate in London to see how long and how your wife applies for a renewal as when you leave the UK it will be French customs you have to deal with. If it was passport then you can use fastrack at Vistoria for example but this doesn't aply to you.   Also consider what happens if you are stopped in any of the 4 countries you're passing through.   Good luck