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  1.   Just because you have a licence doesn't mean you're a good driver, in fact quite the opposite,  it's only a document/card to prove your eligibility to drive a vehicle.  
  2.   Not only that they also make the most in tips, we drink regularly in various establishments with large groups of people and the norm regardless of the 10% tipping is to round the bill off even if it is only 20 or 50 cents, going 'getrennt' is not only fair for the lightweight drinkers but beneficial to the waiting staff's earnings.
  3.   When you have a dog on a lead (a normal 1.0m lead) and a cyclist comes hurtling past, doesn't slow, stop or make himself aware that he's approaching from behind and runs the dog over, how would you react, this was 500 metres from our house on a shared bicycle path?   The dog lived but we were left with a vets bill because the low life little shit of a cyclist fucked off without a care in the world other than himself.   Now I don't have a problem with cyclists but what I do have a problem with is when they come along a shared path and expect the pedestrian, dog walker whatever to get out of the way when they are the ones that should be slowing down.   This was a conversation recently on TT about whether or not Berlin was Cyclist friendly.
  4.   Ever since then you keep barking (no pun intended)  on about it, for your information flexleine, schleppleine and all forms of Hundeleine come in many different shapes and sizes. Not all are invisible as you led yourself to believe.   It might help to allow your brain to digest what you read before making up your own assumptions based on what you've seen/ex[erienced and not read.    
  5.   No you are not to stop unless you feel you are in potentail danger but you have a legal obligation to slow down to pass safely, a point I was making all along.   In future when using a shared path in a forest please remember that the pedestrian with or without a dog has right of way and you are required to slow down by law to pass safely. If you ignore this simple law then please don't come on hear making out that your good and everyone else with a dog is irresponsible because it's quite the opposite.    
  6.   I'm not saying the dog owner was in the right or wasn't to blame, for all we know the dog could of been irritated by something that made him bolt unexpectedly or the cyclist was going so fast it freaked the dog, for that split second the owner had no chance.  
  7.   So did the dog jump out of nowhere? No, you showed total disregard for the pedestrian and the dog, who I might add were in front of you, and you continued as you were, too fast.   Another guess, would it not of occurred to you that perhaps had you ridden with caution and slowed down, do you think that falling off your bike could of been avoided?   As for the dog shit, yes there are some owners that do not pick up after them and I am certainly not one, however if you are finding your self treading in too many dog turds may I suggest you stop going around in a daze or open your frigging eyes. I agree it's not nice but it can certainly be avoided.  
  8. Daughter's boss watching porn

      They should also add that distributing porn is against work rules and ethics, especially making it available to customers let alone a breach of copyright.
  9. Daughter's boss watching porn

    Can your daughter not take this up direct with HR instead of going straight to her boss?   HR would/should be discreet and at least act as an intermediary to save your daughter the embarrassment.
  10. Snowflake Sleepovers

      That could be as much as 50% fat content depending how you measure it.   Where did you buy that? Aldi or Lidl perhaps?
  11. Yes you can ignore them, even if there were signs what do the signs mean, the dog is not allowed to kack there or you must take it with you. Normally if it's a privatgrundstuck and not fenced there's not a lot they can do and certainly isn't enforceable by means of a fine.   Like a stretch of open path where we walk ours there's signs and we've had a run in with one of the locals, I just asked him when was the last he saw a dog read? when a dog has to go, they have to go so having collected our belongings, swinging the bag around the air I also asked if he had a bin we could deposit it in, his face was a picture.  As long as you are responsible and have bags to hand then don't worry.
  12. Parking wrong direction - Snow

      Assuming this is a manual front wheel drive car it is most probably sliding because you are starting in 1st gear, applying to much gas and lifting off the clutch to quick. Try starting in 2nd or 3rd and ride the clutch and don't apply to much gas.   Alternatively reverse out of the space and down the hill until you can find a safe place to turn around.
  13.   Yes but at a guess you're not a British Citizen and based on your answer it's not very accurate given the checks that a rental company can do on UK residents. The billing address on the credit card is different to where the renter lives so this itself can raise questions as the credit card is used to secure the rental. I have no idea but there's also a good chance that Castra has never even been registered at his step-father's address, this could also cause a problem, hence my answer of contacting them first before making any plans. Safer than to take an answer from someone whose experiences are quite different to the question being asked on an open forum.
  14. TV Solutions – complete solution for UK TV abroad

    But the last paragraph in your link clearly states that until a verdict later in the year the matter isn't legally binding.