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  1.   You sound very musical, what about a set of drums?
  2.   Perhaps he should just move so everyone can get on with their lives, the children can continue leading a normal childhood and do what children do. They shouldn't have to worry about some uncompromising neighbour who failed to research his apartment properly. 
  3. German right of way laws

    Lorry (1) has to give way to car (2) this is called rechts vor links Bike (3) has to wait. It does not matter, bike, car or lorry the street rules (Strassenverkehr) applies to all vehicles unless otherwise indicated.      
  4.   Well then show it some dignity, burying a cat in a metal box that won't degrade for 500 years and then cementing over is hardly what I call dignifying.    Had you not upset your neighbours over the bushes and tree and the noise you keep making at all hours of the day then I'm sure you could of got away with burying it in the garden.   As they say, you made your bed so go lie in it,  you're your own worst enemy and that's been demonstrated in several posts, as one forum member said:  'You always see yourself in the right anyway, no matter what answer you get'.
  5.   Had you in the first place considered the nature of your post and the content then we would not be having this conversation, so like it or not you are part to blame.   Apart form the fact you're starting to sound delusional, I'd suggest you get over yourself and stop acting like a bloody drama queen.        
  6.   So I will ask you again, has the cat died or are you planning it's demise?
  7.   In Germany we put Rubbish bins out not black bin bags..
  8.   My thoughts entirely, you only have to read between the lines and it sounds more like a plot for a new mafia film.   Let's look at the facts;   1: Would there be any restriction on burying a deceased pet on one's own land at all and/or under a cellar floor, so within the foundations of our house?  Carrying black bags' from said property may look suspicious, that I can confirm.   2: The pet would be in a sealed coffin. Unfortunately due to difficult and unusual circumstances we have no other option available. There are plenty of options unless of course you want to conceal something, dead body being the obvious.   3: The plan in the future would be to redo the cellar floor (I assume cement), as currently the floor is stones/grit with bricks on top. Typical mafia style burial, cement the floor over and no one would ever find it.   4: The room in question is not heated and the coffin would be more than 40 centimetres from the surface. This shows their inexperience in this situation, it's always best to bury a body when it's warm as it will decompose far quicker.   5: Should we simply keep quiet about it?  Too fucking late for that, you just published it on an open forum.   6: Garden would have been an option, but then neighbours may see and report it. Arousing suspicion especially from neighbours will always be a problem, whilst you have the floor dug up you could get rid of them as well, just a thought.   7: We own the lower flat which covers nearly all of the ground floor of the building, including a private cellar (neighbours have no access and door to it is within our flat) under which burial is possible owing to the type of floor. Thinking ahead is always good, perfect location to get rid of said evidence and your neighbours if they become really nosey.   8. A coffin made from the material we are using would not decay for more than 500 years. We will not let you get away with this, right here, right now, is where we draw the line, a box that will outlast any bunker that Hitler built, how dare you.   9. We don't feel that at all, quite the opposite. This way we know where she is. Under the cellar means she will not be disturbed, dug up (at least not in our lifetime) or cause any problems with our garden being near to water etc.  Not in your lifetime so you will never have to be bought to justice, how dare you.   10: Unfortunately the circumstances are exceptional and its not an option. It was looked at several times though. Excuse's excuse's, I'm no detective but I see murder written all over this.   11:  Have you considered deep freezing? Yes actually, but after some consideration we were against it, I know that this solution is used in some circumstances and in very hot climates. So if this cat is dead, presumably for 3 days now where are you keeping it? A corpse starts to stink and decompose immediately and rigor mortis will set in making it difficult to fit into anybox.   12. Three pages on and I'm getting the impression this is a send off and wondering whether the cat - dead or alive - even exists? I don't understand why you would think that. I have no reason to post on such a topic if we didn't have this issue. So where is the cat, dead or alive and if it's dead how on earth are you storing it, you're still asking how to get rid of it so one must assume it's already dead.   Synopsis: No where in all the posts from LunaCH which I think stands for Lunatic from Switzerland had he/she mentioned that their cat has died and they are now faced with disposing of the corpse. It all sounds like it's plan on how to conceal a death and get rid of the corpse and the neighbours if they poke their fucking noses in.   I am sorry if anyone has been offended or upset that was not my intention so I apologise in advance.    Unfortunately, the jury is still out on this one?   Shame it's not Friday.      
  9.   I still don't know where you get this information, there is no automatic entitlement, your licence on exchange will only have categories AM, B, BE and L any other categories that you might want to keep, subject to age will require a medical and/or further tests.   Regarding exchanging for a temporary licence I would hold back until such times the German authorities have made it perfectly clear what is required and if there will be a transitional period. 
  10.   An IDP is not a licence of entitlement it is only a translation so no would not help in this situation.
  11. Brexit: The fallout

      Are you fucking serious, it was a majority of this generation that voted for Brexit in the first place.
  12. Getflix and Dazn networking issue

    I had a couple of experiences with smartDNS (getflix) over the weekend but things sorted themselves out after a couple of router resets. I used OpenVPN in the meantime and all worked whilst DNS was down.   What software are you using for OpenVPN, I have a dedicated router and I use a third party app sideloaded to Amazon Firesticks for when I'm away from home.   Edit: Are your issues VPN in general or just DAZN related?
  13. I have to say that firstly I'm really sorry for you but secondly it comes as no surprise given the information you mentioned re the categories when you first made the application. From the outset it sounds as though the person dealing with your application had no idea what they were talking about and were having their strings pulled by somebody else in higher authority. This however doesn't help the fact your initial application from February has been declined which I would agree is discriminatory.   There's nothing I can say or advise but best of luck and do keep us up to date.