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  1. Ryanair cancel 40-50 flights per day

    Isn't this whole scenario somewhat coincidental given that next Monday the fate of Airberlin will be announced which has been highly contested by Michael O'Leary.   I can't help but think there's another motive or some other underlying reason for this move given how much this will cost them in compensation claims and the hit to their share price.   Ryanair has always benefited from negative advertising so where will this take them now?
  2. Car insurance kilometer

    There are so many other factors other than Petrol that insurers will take into account. Type of car, age of car, size of engine, place of residence, over night parking, named drivers, no claims bonus etc etc. As there is no one blanket policy meeting your criteria this makes it very difficult to specifically answer your question.   I would suggest checking the fine print on your policy or contacting your insurer on Monday.
  3. How to access BBC iPlayer from Germany

    Just been chatting to Getflix support and their engineers are also working on a problem with the iplayer. It doesn't work on either VPN or SmartDNS at the moment.
  4. TV via the Internet as an alternative to satellite

    Currently watching BBC News live on TV over DNS no probs. Don't normally use the VPN to watch UK Channels as DNS is far easier, checked it on laptop and no problems with either.   I'd say it's an isolated incident with Unotelly so it might be worth contacting their support if they have one.
  5. TV via the Internet as an alternative to satellite

    @RockThrust   If you're still having problems with Unotelly then save yourself some time and money and get a lifetime membership with Getflix for $35.00 with an option to a further 10% off. I've been with them a couple of years now and never have problems and I know a lot of TT'ers have also switched over to using them.   See here
  6. The Amazon Echo Dot and Privacy, a review

      You might unwillingly already have one especially if you have a Samsung smart tv. The tv in our bedroom, we assume,  use to listen to everything. Throughout the night the tv use to switch itself on, no picture, and we could here for a short time conversations in English then it would turn itself off. After turning off the automatic update and cancelled voice control it stopped doing it.   I wouldn't be surprised if Amazon has Alexa doing a similar thing.    
  7. Driving from Germany to London- ferry tickets needed

      Check in time recommended by Eurotunnel is 30 minutes prior to departure time regardless. The plus point with the Eurotunnel against Ferries is that if you do get delayed with customs you can just go straight through, even if you have missed your slot, you can get the next train which normally run every 20 minutes. Unlike Dunkirk the ferry is every 2 hours with Calais slightly better but quite often at busy times it can be a gamble.   We used to use ferries up until we had a couple of bad experiences, the first was traveling with a dog from Dover to Calais, there was a strike at the french ports which meant there were long delays in docking, dog was stuck in the car and totally distraught after 4 hours waiting, we were not allowed to goto the car deck whilst the ferry was at sea. Second, traveling from Calais on an evening crossing at around 18.30, this time no dog but I was with my son who was only 3 at the time. Due to heavy winds we had to keep circling until the ferry was allowed to dock which finally happened shortly after midnight. Having not been informed of the conditions at Dover until the last minute we were just expecting a normal 90 minute crossing, my son normally took his favourite teddy bear everywhere with him but as it was only 90 minutes he was too excited and didn't bother. Well big mistake, try telling a 3 year old that you can't get the teddy cause we're stuck at sea and we're not allowed on the car deck, the most miserable journey ever.   As I previously said you can't beat the ferries on price so if it's value over convenience that people want then be my guest and use the ferries, I will never use the ferries again regardless of cost.    Edit: Yes I have also experienced delays with Eurotunnel but I've never been stuck on the train, it's either been in the waiting area or at the terminal itself which when travelling with either child or pet it's not such a big inconvenience as being stuck at sea.
  8. Driving from Germany to London- ferry tickets needed

      I've been late and I've been early on many occasions and subject to availability I've always got either the original train booked or the next available without any additional charges.
  9. kitchen installation before redecorating possible?

    If you was to purchase the kitchen as per your link from Otto then you would need an einbaubackofen like this and an inducktion kochfeld (hob) like this. If you were to buy the Herd set you posted above then they would have to remain together as one unit, you cannot put the oven in the cupboard to the left then the herd on the far right of the worktop, it just would not work hence the reason it's called a set. In addition, to keep the oven and herd together you would have to lose the drawers on the right which would cause another problem. A standard oven normally needs a cupboard with a 60cm width, the cupboard included with the units is 80cm wide so it would be to big and would look stupid.   Another aspect you need to consider if you are buying 2 separate units, the induction kochfeld will need it's own power source, this is normally dreh strom or three phase in english which should in theory already be present in most kitchens. The oven itself will also require its own source along with the dishwasher so I would advise you to contact an Electrician before you even think about fitting a kitchen.   If you want to check if your pressure cooker is induction compatible test it with a magnet, if the magnet sticks to the bottom it's compatible. A side note, please read up about using a pressure cooker on an induction hob, they are not the same as gas or ceramic and heat up much quicker, therefore you might need to start it off on a much lower temperature than you would normally do.
  10. Driving from Germany to London- ferry tickets needed

      Bookings with Eurostar and P&O are per vehicle booking, Eurostar allow upto 5 passengers per vehicle and P&O 9 so regardless, 1,5 or 9 with P&O for example, the price will remain the same.   As for van or motorhome that's not really the discussion as they would obviously be more expensive.   @SpiderPig the cheapest fares on Eurotunnel start around €76.00 but will depend on time of travel, on average I normally pay between €80-€90 each way and sometimes around €120 if it's last minute. The ferries are still the cheapest option but for personal reasons I just don't use them.
  11. Driving from Germany to London- ferry tickets needed

    @FunnyLookingForeigner   You're quite right the tunnel is the best but this may not be an option for the op as he did specify 'affordable', at a little under €200 return for the last week in September it might not be an option.   @Uncle Nick Flexiplus return is normally around €600 and there's no way a standard fair would be €700 regardless of time of year. I still drive regularly to the UK from Berlin and the most I've ever paid was around €300 for a return and I've done this trip many time in December as well over the years.   @SpiderPig take a look, for one day crossings in September, I picked a random date the 7th, I know it's a bit small so you might need to zoom in.    
  12. Driving from Germany to London- ferry tickets needed

      No they're not, you can still get returns for under £50 with eurotunnel and P&O their lowest is £22.50 each way for same day sailings.   @Teterow What do you mean by affordable? Is a €100 return crossing too much?
  13. The Egg Scandal... Ei.. Only in Europe!

    With no egg-spense spared we never buy from cheap supermarkets as they are not all their cracked up to be. We make the eggs-tra trip to the market and buy our eggs there which are so fresh they're egg-cellent for poaching. With all the eggs-citement and the walk around the market, which normally leaves us eggs-hausted, I cannot eggs-press enough, always buy local, an egg in the morning is hard to beat.   If you want to learn more about eggs then I suggest looking in the hen-cyclopedia.😄😃      
  14. Unleashed Dogs Out in Public

      How long have you been here? Have you considered learning German? My suggestion in future if you can't/don't learn the language is to cross the road in future until you can confront the woman in her native tongue, alternatively  try going to your Ordnungsamt where somebody might speak a little English and log your complaint there.