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  1. You'd need to join the group to see the posts (see last page of archived posts from this thread).
  2. Boy, you're fast! Thanks for the Swiss spaghetti farmers - I missed that (Keko has nice food but is super-loud). Thanks to everyone for coming, including our newest recruit (? member? victim? draftee? fledgeling? convert?), and MANY thanks to Gen for taking notes at lightning speed without a pen or notebook in sight. (Luddite, moi?)   Dampfnudeln at the Dult: Schiebls Kaffeehaferl, with an interior that hasn't changed since the 1970s. In the row of the Dult that runs parallel to Gebsattelstrasse (big beer garden at the far end, pony rides at the other). Dampfnudeln as large as a small pillow, but light and fluffy. Mei, san die guat.   For the next meetup, maybe the week before Whit (4th to 7th June)? Or after Whit, 11th to 14th.
  3. Aww, sorry about that, Haubigut - I know it's not so easy for you to get into town. Love the idea of an expert guide to Dachau, although the next few weekends are already jammed - but verschoben ist nicht aufgehoben! Thanks for letting us know, anyway, and hope your evening goes well.
  4. Great link, Gen, thanks! Looking forward to seeing you all again - and sysg, hearing more about your streaming project and QA issues. If I manage it I'll be at the Hollersekt bar at the Dult for a crafty one beforehand.
  5. Yes, absolutely - great that you can make it! And we often do talk about the business of translating, as well as all the other stuff...   1. crusoe  2. Gen  3. sysg 4. rappy  5. lygeia  6. Haubigut
  6. Well, since everyone can make every date, we may as well nail this one down to Thursday 2nd. 7.30, at Keko, Mariahilfstrasse 24. Visit to the Dult beforehand optional, but highly recommended.
  7. Lovely    Oh, and sysg, here's an article for you (did I remember you said you were a gamer?) about the finer points of localising audio for games - here, Judgment.
  8. Film subtitle translators bemoan the industry's dismissive attitude to their work Makes sense - as anyone will know who's ever been expected to deliver an overnight translation of an in-depth article, over which the author has spent days or weeks...   Bumping this up again, also to ask whether anyone has any preferences as to date:   1. crusoe May 2,7,8 2. Gen May 2,7,8 3. sysg May 2, 7, 8 4. rappy May 2, 7, 8   If we take Thursday 2nd we could meet at Keko, the Turkish place by the Auer Dult (which runs from Saturday April 27th to Sunday 5th May). 
  9. Can't believe a whole month has gone by - wheredigo?   If any translators – pro, part-time or aspiring – feel like casting off the fetters binding them to their desks and emerging blinking into the real world, you’re welcome to join us at our meetups.   Dates and days are irregular but we try to meet once a month, usually somewhere relaxed with nice food and drink. We have our favourite locations but are always open to new suggestions about where to meet.   Subjects discussed are usually wide-ranging, as befits the enormous scope of stuff we translate; or sometimes we just get drunk and moan about clients. Come one, come all. Roll up, roll up.   This is also open to translators who don't have fetters, agoraphobia or workaholism, by the way. If you exist.   Click the "Follow this" button top right to receive updates via email.   See also discussion archive of previous translators' meetups.