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  1. Very good article, MM, thanks for posting! Gen posted a link on FB too. From some people's comments, seems they actually like not being able to hear their fellow diners. Generation divide?    Gen, thanks for the many and various links. Did we actually, y'know, talk about, like, translation at all? Oh, and what was behind that door opposite?   We also talked a lot about allotments (see what I did there?), including the Three Sisters method. I didn't know that sunflowers are not a good choice as a Fourth Sister because they're allelopathic, but bee balm is fine apparently, and you can make tea from it.   There was talk of laptop bags that looked businesslike rather than luggage-like; the one I used was a Samsonite, this one. Looks neat, fits laptop, lots of useful pockets, very comfortable.   Orthorexia is the eating disorder which was mentioned. And to counter it, eat lots of zacusca, it's full of vegetables AND delicious.   And a pronunciation comparison of "ayte"/"et" morphed into a "neither"/"neether" discussion. Results: US and Canada: definitely "ayte" at all times, GB: "et" is old, "ayte" is newer; as in so many cases *cough* *shoehorn* *cough*, the country is divided on this one. "Neither"/"neether": that link makes the same distinction between older and newer pronunciation and wags a finger at "American influence". I knew it would be that pesky Donald Trump all along *shoehorn grows to giant size and explodes*)   
  2. We try and make it once a month but don't have a set day or time, so rely on democratic unity to make things work. Seems to work so far ( (c) David Cameron, 2016) ...
  3. Hi there Forrester, welcome! And of course we'd be very happy to see you at a meetup - we have a spare space tonight if you'd like to join us at short notice. Otherwise just keep an eye out for announcements and sign up on the thread. Hope to see you soon, or even very soon.   Troubie, sorry not to be seeing you tonight and hope you can make it next time!    
  4. I don't hear any howls of horror about Cafe Mozart (yet!), so have booked for 19:30 under Moffat. 
  5. Hm...   1) crusoe 25th 2) Troubie 25th 3) Gen 25th 4) rappy 25th 5) MunichMom - any date except the 25th...   Seems the 25th is the day. Sorry, MunichMom, but I know our paths will cross another day and another way - and when they do I want to hear all about those changes...   Now, venues. As we're probably not rolling in cash after Christmas, how about Cafe Mozart at Sendlinger Tor?  I confess I haven't been there, but I know a couple of TT talky-type groups meet there, or used to, so I'm guessing/hoping it's not massively loud. Happy to take other ideas on board too, though.    
  6. Thanks for the information, Choc! I won't be able to make it but expect a full report from you two as spies...   So Happy New Year to all of you out there, and hope you all made it hale and hearty into 2019. Wishing you a sparkly and sensational year!  Looking forward to seeing you again - we had fun at Kabul in December, which btw is superb for conversations where everyone can hear everyone. A rarity!  So let's talk dates. Week 4? (Mon 21st to Fri 25th Jan). All date suggestions welcome...
  7. I've been contacted by someone looking for a translator from English to German for an autobiography of around 20,000 words to be self-published. She says the language is relatively straightforward. Quotes should reflect the fact that she is financing the project herself. The book should be finished this month some time so the translation would likely be needed in January or February.   PM me for direct contact details. And please, no time-wasters - you should either be a native speaker or enquiring on behalf of one, and preferably have some experience of translating large-scale projects.
  8. So we're booked for Kabul at 33 Dachauer Strasse at 7.30 under Moffat. Troubie, Chopan is on my list for the New Year so thanks for the idea!   
  9. Thanks for the suggestion, Troubie - the more options the better at this time of year!  
  10. Lovely!   1) Patonki 2) Crusoe 3) Troubie 4) Karin 5) Lygeia 6) rappy   Right, going to book tomorrow. Nobody cancel! Thinking Lemar (Afghan, Schwabing; city centre branch is closed); or indeed Kabul again; but feel free to suggest somewhere else if you like.
  11. I would like/need to book this sharpish, so a semi-last call for signups please! Otherwise we may have to drag Troubie clear across town to our end of the hood. Oh no! North and west Münchner, save her from this terrible fate!    1) Patonki 2) Crusoe 3) Troubie 4) Karin
  12. Thanks for the tip, fraufruit!    Troubie, we do our best! Hope nothing unexpected gets in the way this time.
  13. Footnote to our discussions on Tuesday: we mentioned Israeli restaurants and mourned the passing of Schmock, but currently in Munich is Einstein (in the Jewish Museum), Nana (tiny and busy, Haidhausen) and Eclipse (Heßstrasse).
  14. Hello, you! Let's give Tuesday 18th a try. Please sign up asap so that we can get a reservation in before the Christmas rush - ideally we should reserve by the middle of next week...    1) Patonki  2) crusoe     
  15. Lygeia, hope your flu goes soon, and Zefy, sorry not to see you. Gen, get well soon!    Despite our group being halved in short order, we can report that Jaipur Palace (formerly Cafe Freiheit, so we toasted its memory in Aperol Sprizz) is comfortable and friendly, with tasty food in good-size portions and poppadum sauces that are well above the usual traffic-light standard.    Discussions: rappy, check out this article on early retirement and a link from Andrea about a Wagenburg project in Munich. The Uyghur restaurant Andrea was talking about was Taklamakan. We were all impressed at MunichMom's elevation of coupon collecting to a fine art!    Now then, what about a pre-Christmas meetup? How about Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 11th, 12th or 13th December, Tuesday 18th or Thursday 20th? Any takers? Alternatively (or as well!), as rappy suggested, a Friday late afternoon meetup at, say, Rindermarkt to round the week off with a bellyful of Glühwein...