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  1. Coronavirus

      Hi @LeonG,   Thank you for your reply. Yes, I've seen similar articles like that, from different sources, all stating that vaccination is free of charge for everyone. So, not sure what I'm missing... Here is what they are billing me for:   Diagnosen: Impfberatung (226.9), Schut zimpfung (226.9) Für die in unserer Praxis durchgeführte Behandlung stellen wir lhnen nach der Gebührenordnung für Ärzte folgende Leistungen in Rechnung:   Datum           Ziffer     Leistung / Begründung          Anzahl    Faktor    Betrag TT.MM.JJ      1           Beratung auch telefonisch          1         2,3        10,72 €                       375       Schutzimpfung                           1         2,3        10,72 €                        -            Corona-Hygiene-Pauschale       1                      6,41 €   TT.MM.JJ      1           Beratung auch telefonisch          1         2,3        10,72 €                       375       Schutzimpfung                           1         2,3        10,72 €                        -            Corona-Hygiene-Pauschale       1                      6,41 € ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                                                 davon ärztliche Leistungen: 42,88 €                                                                davon Sach-/Materialkosten: 12,82 €                                                                                      Gesamtbetrag: 55,70 €
  2. Coronavirus

    Hi there,   I got my covid vaccines at a doctor's office (Arztpraxis) and I am privately insured. Yesterday I got a bill from this doctor's office for both vaccines. Is that how it is working? I'm asking because I've read several articles informing that the vaccination is free of charge for all German residents (publicly & privately insured) and that the central government will directly cover the costs of the vaccines.   Thanks in advance for any clarification you can provide!  Best regards.  
  3. Hi there,   I'd like to ask for your kind advice on the following topic:   I need to get reading glasses for my work (desk job, computers on a daily basis), so I asked my employer if they would offer me any financial assistance, and they said they will provide me with a certain amount X under G37 regulation in Germany. I have no clue what this mean. I'm wondering, are there any restrictions on how I can use this amount X? For example, I've heard that exams, glasses and frames are not all treated equally for refund or insurance purposes. Can anyone shed some light / tips on this G37 regulation?   In addition, any tips on how to start with the eyeglasses? Like where to go and where not to go to? I've never wore reading glasses before, so I'm a bit lost about how/where to start here in Germany...   Thanks and regards!
  4. @jeba many thanks indeed for the tip, I will check it out!      @snowingagain Thanks for your reply. Actually I'm currently still working here. I'm asking these questions in advance due to future plans - About my insurance: I switched to private insurance a few years ago. AFAIK, it is possible to return to the public one only under certain conditions. This is actually one of the questions I need to ask the Krankenkassen here in Germany, to understand what options there are...   @john_b of course I'm doing that as well (yes, in German). I'm not a native German, so, I'm not that familiar with German law and TT is always very useful in this case! - And actually I still don't know the answer to 1. with 100% certainty, that is why I asked... I've never worked in Germany as a non-EU resident.
  5. Hi there,   As a German national permanently living outside the EU (overseas), if I come to Germany / the EU to take a short-term (3-6 month) freelance job locally: 1. I suppose yes, but I'd like to understand it: is it mandatory to have a health insurance in this case? 2. Do private health-insurance providers in Germany / the EU cover this scenario? i.e. would they be willing to offer me a short-term policy? (probably not) 3. If not to 2. I suppose the only option would be an international health insurance? How can I confirm that this international health insurance is indeed recognized / valid in Germany / the EU?   Many thanks in advance for any feedback that you guys can provide on this! Best regards!
  6. @balticus I see. Good to know, thanks indeed for your reply!
  7. @balticus OK, thanks for your reply. Follow-up question, in case you are familiar with the topic: as an EU national (but non-resident), are there any clear administrative/financial advantages in doing freelancing through an EU-based company rather than doing it directly as a private person?
  8. Freelance for Germany from abroad

    Hi there,   I have some related questions and I thought I'd ask them here, instead of starting a new thread.   I'm a German national (naturalized) and I've always worked here as an employee... If I move outside the EU (overseas), I know that, under certain terms & conditions, I am allowed to do freelance work either remotely or on-site in Germany or the EU:   1. Are there any limitations regarding how long I can do so within a calendar year? For instance, can I take a 6-month contract? / Can I take 2 non-consecutive 3-month contracts?   2. I have read something about not more than 80% of your total income as a freelancer to be allowed to come from only one client (Scheinselbständigkeit?), but honestly this was so confusing. Is this really the case? Does this mean I could not do just one short-term contract with just one client within a year? Does this apply even if you reside outside Europe? Could someone maybe shed some light on this topic?   3. Are there any considerable advantages/disadvantages in registering an EU-based company and do all the administrative/financial freelancing paperwork on the company's name compared to simply doing everything directly as a private person?   Thanks in advance for any feedback you guys could provide on this!   Best regards. 
  9. Hi there, sorry for my late reply!   @vivanco Understood, thanks for the clarification and further insight, good information to know.   @balticus Wow, that sounds interesting, thanks for that tip, I'll definitely look into it! Just curious, do you know if that is limited to EU states? Or are EFTA states also included? (mainly interested in Switzerland).   Thanks and regards!
  10. Hi @vivanco,   Thank you so much for your reply!   A couple of doubts/questions:   By "country you stay" do you mean the country in Europe in which I work or the country abroad in which I permanently live?   Many thanks indeed!  
  11. Hi there,   I am a German national (naturalized) thinking about leaving Europe. So, I'm wondering: 1. if I move permanently outside Europe, later on I'm free to take any freelance job offer while abroad to come work in Germany temporarily (3+ months) on a project basis, correct? 2. If yes to 1., does this also apply to any other European countries in which, as a German national, I do not need any work visa / permit? 3. How is it with taxes? Do I simply pay them the regular way on the European country I'm staying in for as long as I work there? Is that it? Or does it get any more complicated? - It is never too simple with taxes, is it? :-) 4. Are there any restrictions with respect to how often I can come work temporarily in Germany / Europe this way? For example, can I do two non-consecutive 3-month contracts with a calendar year? 5. I guess it would also be possible to do freelancing remotely (from outside Europe). How is it with taxes in this case? Is this allowed from a taxes perspective?   Many thanks in advance for any feedback you guys can provide on this!   Best regards and stay healthy!