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  1. Leaving Germany - retaining Daueraufenhalt EG

    Hi @TurMech, Many thanks indeed for your reply, very useful info! Yes, it must be a DA-EU, I'm aware - I also read that it becomes stronger after a 15-year permanent stay, meaning that one could be allowed to stay even longer than 12 months outside the EU upon request. Thanks and regards. 
  2. Leaving Germany - retaining Daueraufenhalt EG

      Hi @TurMech, This is very useful information. May I ask if there is an official source where this is officially stated/clarified? I mean, that you don't really have to become a permanent resident again before the 12 months outside de EU are over, but that you can just go for a short visit, then leave again, and the 12-month clock would reset? Thanks and regards!