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    A meal without wine is like a day without sunshine
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  • Interests The wisdom of Alan Greenspan, bed and breakfasts (preferably in it), epicurean pursuits, as a think tank expert I do my best thinking in topless bars, I am sympathetic to the plight of the distraught and depressed, braking for ghosts on motorways, bacon butties with brown or good sex - whichever is available, Calvin & Hobbes on the loo and The Whole Lesbian Sex Book in bed, hiding behind the settee from the daleks, bedtime reading, annoying my Deidsschleara, always fancy a brew and a fry-up for brekkers, spotted dick and custard for afters, avoiding aggro and anoraks of all sorts, catholic music taste i.e. I am Kloot, Gonzales (Solo Piano), Jay Jay Johanson...oh, and before I forget, Johnson's Baby Oil Rules OK!
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