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  1. Thanks to everyone who have responded so far. Below are my replies.   @jubinjohn Thanks for your reply. I considered jobseeker visa option but I cannot leave my current job and stay in Germany. One of my concerns is whether my past contributions will be considered or not. In the worst case, let's assume they are not considered and that would mean I need to contribute again for 60 months to be eligible for Neiderlassungserlaubnis. But what happens to the current amount? Am I allowed to withdraw my share considering it is more than 2 years already? I would definitely like that they are taken into consideration as it shortens the time-frame significantly. Do you have any idea what I can do now or which documents I can submit that the past contributions are considered?   @someonesdaughter Thanks for your point-wise breakdown. My answers in the order of your questions. a. Yes, I made a mistake, the first Germany should actually read Singapore.   b. I am considering to move back to Germany for good. I would like to settle down in a place where getting permanent residency is not up to chance like Singapore or USA. Instead of emigrating to a completely new country and start all over again with new rules and language, my first preference would like to move to Germany, as most of my uni friends are still there. At the moment, I am not able to make up my mind because its not clear to me whether I will start from scratch or not.   c. Yes, imo also the first one makes more sense but convincing my employer will be a task in itself. My employer may not be very cooperative on this move if they don't see value in moving me back to HQ. I believe, If I have something more concrete that works for the company coupled with a fact like "the DRV has advised that if I move to DE this year, I can still get my residency" etc.   d.On paper, my secondment contract ended in 2016. My residence permit expired in Oct 2013. Since then I have been traveling to Germany at least 2 times a year for work-related activities - trainings, meetings, conferences etc, on Schengen Visa. I hold a 3 year multiple entry Schengen visa at the moment that allows me to stay in Germany for 90 days. Yes, in 2012, I had applied to Aliens department for a letter stating I wlll be moving abroad for work and they allowed me. I still have that letter but I am not sure if it valid anymore because it allowed me to stay abroad for 1 year only. Will it make sense, if I speak to my employer and ask them to re-hire me in Germany as if they are "calling me back" instead of "new hire"? I am not sure whether they will do so as it may go against some laws in Germany since my German contract was already cancelled in 2017.    e. I am coming to Germany for a month to visit our teams in HQ and participate in product related trainings. I can enter Germany on my current Schengen Visa. I would like to have more clarity under which circumstances can the earlier periods be recognized and what I can do from my side to maximize the chances to make it happen?   f. A bit of a stretch but do you know any immigration lawyers on TT that I can reach out to incase the need arises?   @thegreatdivide - Thanks for your reply. I am looking at different job sites in Germany at the moment and trying to arrange interviews/visits during my stay.   @BradinBayern - Thanks for your reply. I am from India and currently working in the field of telecommunications. I haveworked in a variety of roles - pre-sales and project management and even product development and seeking jobs in related roles. If the company is willing to sponsor my permit, I will try probably have to come back to Singapore or India to get it.   I look forward to hear your further thoughts on the answers above.  
  2. Hi Friends,   I am in a quandary and would appreciate help from you all who have been in a similar situation or live in Germany long enough to guide me.   Before I start highlighting my dilemma, I would like to mention that I have gone through following posts but none of them apply to my case directly and hence this new post.  I am an Indian citizen currently living in Singapore. This is my 7th year living here. I moved to Singapore in Feb 2012 when my employer decided to open a regional office here. My move to Singapore was originally planned for 2 years - mutually agreed between me and my employer which was then extended to 2 more years. At the time of the movement, I had already lived close to 7 years in Germany (Sept 2005- Feb 2012), first as a masters student at TUM where I graduated from in 2007 and worked part time then as a full time employee with a permanent contract with the employer starting in June 2008.  At the end of 2016, my employer gave me a choice to move back to Germany or continue to stay in Singapore. That time I had decided to stay in Singapore and as a result I was no longer a German employee but a local employee in the Singapore entity. However in the last couple of years, some dramatic changes have made in the company and business operations.   I am in a dilemma whether to continue living in Germany and considering to move (back) to Germany. I am seeking help to understand if I move back to Germany by end of this year or earlier (2019), how easy would it for me get permanent residency in Germany?    Will it make sense to move back with my current employer (although that may entail moving to a not desired position) or move back by seeking a new job in Germany? I must add I had a couple of interviews with companies in Berlin but they did not move forward with my application as they are not willing to sponsor the visa. I speak German quite fluently and completed my B1 examination a couple of years ago. Another thing is when I moved to Singapore I was single but now I am married and my spouse doesn,t speak German but currently doing A1 at Goethe Institute.   I am visiting Germany next month and will be staying for a month. Is there any possibility that the immigration officers at Auslanderamt or Einwohneramt can help in this matter? Or shall I make an appointment with Finanzamt to get a latest statement of my Rente contributions to show my uninterrupted stay in Germany? I tried to seek help from the German Embassy here but they were not really helpful.   I appreciate any insights if you have been in a similar situation or any guidance on what should be my next steps in this matter. In the long run, I would like to return to Germany and settle there.