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  1. Here's the thing. I cannot decide whether to live in Berlin or Munich, I need some white flour to bake bread, and my visa has slightly expired.   I have spent 1.3 seconds looking for the answers but have the intellect of a flip-flop so have decided to start my own thread.   Can anyone help me please before I looose my mind.
  2. Why do people still smoke?

    Jumping quickly on my high horse - but I just don't get why people in this day and age still smoke???   I know life is a terminal disease, but smoking just seems so dumb that I now look down on anyone I see smoking. I think people that smoke are just one notch lower in the intellectual stakes. Was queuing just now in the supermarket behind a woman buying 40 Marlboro and my instant thought was "moron".   It's a dodgy argument as I am a few kilos overweight (so could be argued that is a self-inflicted danger) and drink a bit occasionally (also a self-inflicted danger), I ride a motorbike etc, but I consider these as extensions of natural human actions.   I am just being forced to ponder existence a bit this week as I have 2 people I know well in the UK in hospital (one won't see Friday), and life is a dodgy game at the best of times without sucking on cancer sticks.   So stop now people!
  3. Interesting spam e-mails received

    I liked that recent one that started "One chin is enough - lose the others" but this is my current favourite from a nice chap called Pampel Stefan.     Is Pampel registered on this forum perhaps?
  4. You are gonna think I am nuts, but I am actually a bit shocked and surprised.   I just read an article last night in The Sunday Times and it discussed the usual German/English issues. However it said there was a recent survey to find Germany's favourite European neighbours, and France came top.   However - England was between the Serbians and Croations at around #29.   When I read a book called "The Xenophobes Guide to Germany" it said they had a fair bit of affection for us etc.   Anyway so then I asked my German wife and she said "Oh yeah of course, most Germans hate the English".   Then this morning I came into work and asked my colleague Lars and he said "Oh yeah of course, most Germans hate the English".   So I have been wandering around in my own little dreamworld thinking the Germans are kinda fond of us in their own way. But I am wrong. They are just being polite and hate us really.   (p.s. my German wife says she actually prefers the English to the Germans - and trust me - she is NOT being polite).