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  1. Here's the thing. I cannot decide whether to live in Berlin or Munich, I need some white flour to bake bread, and my visa has slightly expired.   I have spent 1.3 seconds looking for the answers but have the intellect of a flip-flop so have decided to start my own thread.   Can anyone help me please before I looose my mind.
  2. Interesting spam e-mails received

    I liked that recent one that started "One chin is enough - lose the others" but this is my current favourite from a nice chap called Pampel Stefan.     Is Pampel registered on this forum perhaps?
  3. Favourite internet radio stations

    I try listening to BBC Radio1 over the internet but sound quality is rubbish I doing something wrong? Do I need to adjust settings or something? Sounds like a €3 Chinese portable radio.   Edit - just tuned into Bayern 3 over the internet and getting wonderful sound quality with plenty of bass etc - so clearly my PC is forcing me to integrate better with the locals! I bet when I go home SKY will have died on the TV...