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  1. Anyone here keep chickens?

    I am angling to be allowed some chickens at home. Does anyone here already have chickens? I only want a couple of silkies but her indoors keep saying they will smell etc. Also some discussions online about chickens in the cold of winter. Seems that if you keep the drafts away they should be fine without heating (although silkies are not the hardiest).  
  2. Here's the thing. I cannot decide whether to live in Berlin or Munich, I need some white flour to bake bread, and my visa has slightly expired.   I have spent 1.3 seconds looking for the answers but have the intellect of a flip-flop so have decided to start my own thread.   Can anyone help me please before I looose my mind.
  3. Interesting spam e-mails received

    I liked that recent one that started "One chin is enough - lose the others" but this is my current favourite from a nice chap called Pampel Stefan.     Is Pampel registered on this forum perhaps?