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  1. Hydrogen fuel cell cars

    So Topgear on Sunday night was raving about the Honda FCX Clarity. It's a hydrogen fuel cell car that drives an electric motor. They were saying it is the greatest thing since sliced bread and the most exciting car for 100 years. Only emission is water. Power and range about like a normal family car.   And everyone keep saying the only real problem is lack of infrastructure etc.   BUT...and its a HUGE BUT...   Hydrogen might be the most abundant element in the universe, but IT IS NOT A FUEL SOURCE. It's just an alternative storage device. You can't naturally find Hydrogen, you have to make it using power.   So I reckon it's currently just a load of bollox basically 'cos you need loads of electricity to make the hydrogen, and then transport it.     Hydrogen vehicle (Wikipedia)   So it narks me off that Top Gear presented this as some kinda saviour of the planet, but doesn't seem to be anything of the sort to me?
  2. Here's the thing. I cannot decide whether to live in Berlin or Munich, I need some white flour to bake bread, and my visa has slightly expired.   I have spent 1.3 seconds looking for the answers but have the intellect of a flip-flop so have decided to start my own thread.   Can anyone help me please before I looose my mind.
  3. Interesting spam e-mails received

    I liked that recent one that started "One chin is enough - lose the others" but this is my current favourite from a nice chap called Pampel Stefan.     Is Pampel registered on this forum perhaps?