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  1. Transfer money from UK to Germany

    Ok after completing our first transaction using Wise (Transferwise), I can say we are very happy. Note. if you transfer a large amount then "diligence" department require a bit of documentation before allowing access to the funds. Eg. 3 months bank statement of the source account, letters that confirm how funds were accrued & purpose, especially if any of it is gifted. But they were quick to respond & get through the process.
  2. Transfer money from UK to Germany

    Thanks again, the only thing I need to do it declare part of it as gifted but this well is below 400k (thanks Panda).  
  3. Transfer money from UK to Germany

    Just wanting to update, as we are looking to move money from the UK to Germany in a large amount to buy a tiny overpriced accommodation in bayern...   Any suggestions..? I saw transferwise but would be open to recommendations.   Thanks in advance! Andy