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  1. Brexit: The fallout

    Just got back from Manchester and after talking to a few taxi drivers the brexit issue was pretty clear for them. They voted not because of polish or other EU migrants but the kinda daily mail african/middle East asylum seekers coming to scrounge off the system. I tried to question if the laws, political corruption or anything else played a role but they didn't give a meaningful answer... Ho hum.. 
  2. Brexit: The fallout

    3 Days not weeks...     
  3. Brexit: The fallout

    I agree but... I'd be more worried that this emboldens the Tories, they go no-deal & when problems occur they can blame such a vote for tying their hands. What abyss, oh you mean project fear, it's how the 3rd problem has become a reality, and remember the choice we are hoping for, might, never come to fruition.  
  4. Brexit: The fallout

    Wait MPs just voted against preparing better for a no-deal, which they are looking to force by not voting for the deal...  Jim Henderson may be dead but I know where to find some muppets.
  5. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

    Basically I had a speeding fine & had brought the letter from 2016. Also this application was also for my child, there was a query over something and they suddenly wanted all zeugnis, again I had these with me. But that's what got me worried about how long it would take... 
  6. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

    Wow, the letter just came, less than 6 weeks after handover in munich!! Christmas came early... good luck to those still waiting!!   
  7. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

    I finally handed in the paperwork today and suddenly came to the realisation that without the extension I may have a problem.  The lady was kind enough to put it in the unclear but I have now registered myself and child for citizenship and we are now thinking if we cannot keep both at least in his case we should maybe back him out and get him permanent residence.  My wife will stay british (if only coz she's got no birth certificate, long story) but I would like it having been here for 13 years... Yup it's all my fault and I could get lucky (but unlikely, though I know someone who got it in 2 months). So fingers crossed but any suggestions if they suddenly ask both of us to renounce the Queen & Co. @paulwork " You can always withdraw your application if you change your mind. "  Ok but should I wait until the 29th of March...