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  1. Why are you unhappy today?

    Seemed fitting that the opposite also be represented here on TT. Especially since I happen to be happy and unhappy today all at the same time.   Me, I am unhappy today because I cannot sleep. I am not one to suffer from insomnia, but lately, I really have trouble sleeping and when I do sleep it isn't exactly restful. Helpful hints appreciated.   What's up with you?   PS: Psychobabel would require more than I am allowed to post. Thanks for the help, but let's keep this on the lighter side shall we?
  2. Reputation points transparency

    Yes, you can pick more than one answer.   My "forum feature request" is to see who is rating you and how often. Up or down, it doesn't matter. I just think some transparency is needed. I think it would keep things a bit more honest and actually make this feature worthwhile in the long run.   Don't like the idea, then vote accordingly. Simples oder?