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  1. OK so we have our new tent and are really hoping to try it out soon I checked the two other camping threads but they were mainly geared to camping in and around Munich. We want to go a bit further out.   We last camped at Königsee...was beautiful and a great site...but we are hoping to go somewhere different.   Any recommendations within 200 kms?
  2. Combating severe dry skin

    Might seem a bit silly topic...but I am just wondering what body cremes/lotions people are using over here to combat really dry skin. Medicated or otherwise...   Back home I used to use products by Vaseline...but can't seem to find the same stuff here. Have also used Neutrogena - Norwegian Formula...which seems to work ok. In my cupboard now I have Dove Body Firm...but it is more about...well...firming your skin rather than medicating it.   I am looking for something to help my poor feet recover from being in a cast and hauling myself around for the past two months. My Deutsch is schlecht so when I go to the shop I just try to look for something with the word 'trochen' on it   Something vitamin E, aloe, etc. would be great. Anyone got the name of a wonder lotion? :)