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  1. Gardening advice wanted

    Is this thread no more used? In coma or... ?  
  2. Commode and coffee table for sale

  3. May be disassembled for transport. Buyer has to transport it. In Grosshadern. See pic attached. 30€ Also a coffee table, rather large, disassembled. The top panel is 103x63 cm the the glass is 90x52 cm. 47 cm high with the glass in the middle. No pic of the assembled coffee table. 15€. Please send me PM.    
  4. Commode and coffee table for sale

    Coffee table collected.
  5. Coronavirus

    May be medicines. But other things such as disinfectant spray, masks, related stuff may be imported and in short supply. Some of these things are sure to come from China where supply chains are disrupted.    
  6. Coronavirus

    I have to travel by public transport to Zürich shortly. The Apotheke owner says they have no more masks left. Is it possible to get them anywhere at all? 
  7. Coronavirus

      Wild animals? Nothing, no preventive measure, disinfectant, vaccine, medicine, mask could ever save humanity from this sort of unspeakable (unable to describe this) practice. I saw a video of a market, where Chinese shoppers walked around open carcasses of crocodiles, pythons, mongoose, snakes, bears, birds I have never seen (must be bats, baby eagles) with shopping bags. Not a single face showed any sign of disgust or a creepy feeling, which I felt just watching the video. It was a regular shopping day, as we look for spinach or others for chicken or fish. I have more to say but unable to. 
  8. I read somewhere that if one has the equivalent of cash, stocks and  bonds (not including real estate and debt) 200x the average annual salary in the city you live, you are rich. How to find out what is "average" annual salary? In Munich, e.g.