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  1. Customer experiences with Postbank

    I am fed up with the poor service from Postbank. Is there a procedure for grievance redressal? Might it help to complain to anything called a consumer rights forum? Where? How?
  2. Panda and you. Thanks to both of you.
  3. This is very informative. I used to wonder if some doctors kept me waiting just because I was with public insurance. I used to think they make less from my visit, than from those who had private insurance. It seems now like there is a lot more to it than just private and public insurance. Thank you very much for this info.
  4. Ok, I see what you mean. He is popular and often has all the slots full, yet I do get an appointment as and when I need it. He gives as much time as I need it. My main complaint is, we live only 5 minutes away from the clinic and on the rare occasion that my wife has an emergency, he refers us to Klinikum Grosshadern. I heard that he makes almost NO house calls. Thanks for your responsible reply, though. It is nice of you to clarify.
  5.   No, I still go to him but if he is paid the same for every appointment, I wonder why he was irritated. I will ask him the next time I need treatment. Now I am really miffed..
  6. My doctor was visibly irritated when I made an appointment just to ask questions. Perhaps it has to do with being paid by my health insurer for the doctor's time only when I was treated for some ailment. Hypothetical questions may not earn him much. But if you were to ask him questions when you do visit for treatment may be ok.  
  7. Weight bench and Nordic track still available. 25€ each. 40€ together.  Weights and bar bell, dumbles sold.
  8. Chocolates from Edeka in small metal boxes

    Yes, that is just the kind I am looking for. Thank you very much. Saves me much time.
  9. These are ideal gift items. Small, easy to carry, not so expensive (starting from 4-5€), attractively packed in metal boxes of a variety of shapes and sizes. Especially when one has to buy many. I usually reach the airport a little early so that I can choose just the right chocolates for the people they are intended for. Edeka branch at the airport has all the chocolates I ever need. But this time, I would ideally like to buy these in the city itself, just in case there are delays at the airport. I called up Edeka Flughafen just now, the manager does not know where else in the city I can get such variety. If not Edeka, are there other shops where I can find a similar choice?
  10. Alex bench, barbell, dumbles, weights for sale. Collect them all in Grosshadern. All together for 40€ obo. Take the Nordic track also, total 50€. Will upload the pictures as soon as I can compress them. So far they are still too large to post here. Or I can send them to you personally, please contact me.
  11. The War in Ukraine  I always had the gut feeling that behind the headlines lurks some other story. It is actually not that hard to see. In addition to Nord Stream pipeline, there is more. The issue of Nord Stream pipeline is not actually the best kept secret. It has been in the news since pre-Trump days.
  12. Plastic or Aluminium Roller Blinds?

    Mr L was too expensive, so I got another contact from a friend. Mr Conteh came over yesterday, gave me the estimate for fixing the shutter. I also showed him the shutter on the other room which gets stuck at the top. He replaced the belts on both, and the repaired the shutter on the garden side. The whole shutter did not need replacement. He simply removed one single blade and attached the next blade to the top. Fixed one part on the side of the spindle. For one fourth of the price that others had quoted. He was professional - punctual, efficient and professional. He is from West Africa, learned the trade here in Germany. Speaks good English and German. I didn't need more. Just as important: the help of this forum. I don't have new words to thank you folks. 
  13. The roller blinds of a bed room door need to be replaced. The mechanic who came to inspect says his company works ONLY with aluminum since plastic ones (like the ones that fell apart) don't last. The Aluminum ones cost around 350€, he said. Not including his service charges, of course. But the plastic ones that came with the house lasted all these years, why can't I have the new one also plastic? Did any one have to replace roller blinds face this choice? And can anyone give a contact to a mechanic? I live in Grosshadern Munich. Thanks in advance.