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  1. Microwave Oven

  2. Changing my IsarCardAbo when changing employer

    This change requires the user (you) to contact DB. There is that 0181 number.
  3. Microwave Oven

    15€ obo.   For pick-up in Grosshadern. 
  4. Straightpoop, thanks for the detailed reply. Upfront, it looks rather straightforward. In the very first paragraph of the page you referred, it states   But I will read it further (and a few times) so that I really get it right, hoping to grasp it fully may be greedy. At least, it gives me an action item to find out more as to what the Indian law says. For now, I am just grateful that this site you quoted lets me switch to English. I am certain, there is no way I would even come close to understanding the original German version. Thank you very much.  
  5. My wife and I have German passports. We were married in India long ago, we are from India. We never needed to register our marriage here.   If I make my will here in Germany, does it matter that our marriage took place in India?