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  1. Telekom or MNet?

      But now they have the rights to lay the fiber optic cable all the way to the door. M-Net may still have to depend on DT for other infrastructure such as cell towers, but that may not directly affect the end customer. In any case, I have signed up to switch to M-Net now. I was quite happy with their service before. Now I just have to wait to when DT will let go of my existing contract with them.
  2. Telekom or MNet?

      I agree with the above. I was with M-Net for a whole decade before i switched. Only the year before I switched was the service quality a little less than I expected. They will now do all that I need for switching back to M-Net.  
  3. Telekom or MNet?

    I switched. Now that M-Net has laid a fiberglass cable right to the door, I get better speed for the same monthly rent, no other costs, low price guaranteed for 2 years no matter how long it takes to cancel the Telekom contract (max a year, may be sooner). Now that I watch Smart TV more often, it helps to have a better speed for the same price.  
  4. Telekom or MNet?

      I am sure M-Net is the supplier. I will confirm this when I see the service person who is going to visit our building soon.
  5. Telekom or MNet?

      I know what you mean, but I can't now give the speed I had measured of MNet then. Since they kept advertising that they had GlassFiber I asked for switching to GF, but they were never sure of a date. Meanwhile the performance was also rather slow (no, no numbers).   
  6. Renting long term apartment advice

    When the flat description includes EBK, it means there is a cooking range (stove and oven), a refrigerator. More may be included. This option seems common. Rest of the furniture is up to you. Unfurnished apartment is always cheaper than furnished, other things remaining equal. When bringing in appliances from the US, beware that here they run on 220V - 240V. At times you can find ways to use even US small appliances such as iron, dunno about larger ones.  
  7. Telekom or MNet?

    I was a loyal MNet customer until a year ago, when I started to have problems with the slow internet. Their employees were not that helpful when I asked several times (over many months) if they could at least give me an approximate date for that much advertised GlassFiber connection. So I switched to Telekom. Now I see a note in our building that MNet is offering GlassFiber connection and they will help with the Umstellung. Telekom performance is not fantastic, but better than what MNet used to provide. I don't yet know what it might cost to switch. At times their salesmen in MediaMarkt outlets offer free option to switch, but only if you decide instantly. Is it worth switching back to MNet?    
  8. EU court considers jail time for German politicians over dirty air  
  9. TV channels reset all of a sudden

    I tinkered some more with the set-up. I went to the option "Installation" and somewhere along the line, had to choose between manual search of satellite channels and auto. In the automatic version, I had to select an option of what I think is the satellite, among the options were one Austrian, one Swiss and one was Spanish I thought. When I had earlier chosen Unity Media or such, I lost BBC. I tried again with KabelDeutschland and this time I found BBC. And I have to wade through the list of 200 channels, many repeats of ZDF, Sat1, Pro7 (one HD and one not) including some in Vietnamese, Turkish, Arabic and who cares what else. Worst thing I found is an Indian channel, may be Zee One HD showing ONLY Hindi shows ALL DUBBED INTO GERMAN. Most stomach-churning. Those serials are bad enough in the original, and someone thought of unleashing this torture on German-speaking gullible souls. I am just shocked that there is an audience for this crap large enough to run a whole channel.  In any case, I had to spend much time deleting repeating channels (many scrambled but I found several that I am used, not scrambled, thankful for that) but at least now I know I can watch the same bad news on BBC, too. Misery in another, more familiar, accent is just so sweet, ain't it?  Meanwhile, PYUR responded to my email explaining what they did, I didn't bother to go through the details.
  10. Available on 8.July. Price negotiable.
  11. TV channels reset all of a sudden

    From an online group, I realized that I am not the only victim of PYUR suddenly changing the settings. Some people on that group are asking for help in resetting their receivers so that they can still watch their favorite channels. I am still struggling to find BBC. PYUR's website shows BBC as a free channel (Is that what FTA means?) I pay nothing extra for the cable connection. I think it is included in the monthly maintenance charges. (Will confirm this today). Is it possible for me alone to switch to a "good" service provider? I have my land line and internet connection from good ol' Deutsche Telekom. 
  12. I have a Sony 55XD9305. The entire apartment complex gets cable service from Kabel1 (and the only number listed in the lobby is their Berlin number, with automated instructions to switch to digital transmission, which is NOT the issue). Yesterday morning, on its own, I stopped getting ANY channels, not even German channels. All I saw was "scramble channel" or "weak signal". This had happened at times but only when there was a heavy rain. Can heat cause this condition, too? I tried going into settings and trying to see if I could reset the channels. When I went to "find channels" automatically, I chose what looked like the name of a satellite or such. It searched and showed 200 channels, but BBC is still missing. I didn't accept the changes, I thought good ol' friends here could help me better. Bitte! 
  13. Available immediately.  €70,00    Send me PM.
  14. Assistance when buying an apartment in Munich

    There are tax consultants (Steuerberater) who offer this service. But their fee is often paid by the banks from which they recommend you to take a loan. It is possible that they recommend the bank that offers them the best commission. The tax consultant is not obliged to share with you which bank pays her how much.