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  1. Ok, so i'm clearing out the contents of my abode in the UK so i can sell the bugger and just get on with living here and i have a quandry.   I have collected various prints and paintings over the years and love them to bits and want them here to really feel at home.   There are about 20 of them and they are all framed and range from A4 size up to AO size roughly, ( 297 x 210 up to 1189 x 841 ).   Now, some of them are valuable in a monetary sense but one in particular is irreplaceable, as it's a pastel chalk drawing of my son when he was just 3, and so i'm a little nervous about the whole thing.   Being neither an artist nor someone who has experience of shipping breakables, i have no clue how best to go about this.   I therefore look to the combined wisdom of the TT massif and beseech thee to pass on any knowledge of best practice in this case.   Is there a particular type of packaging i have to ask for? ( Bubble wrap, hard casing etc )   Are there companies who have been used by someone here who specialise in this?   I can google and have done but personal experience counts.   Thanks y'all.