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  1. Irish nationalism

    OK, so myself and the TTer who shall remain anonymous, ok it was Sin, were having a sherbet or two in Ned Kellys tonight and we met a charming couple from Cork.   All was well until i was asked by the wench what i thought of the Irish and i replied that all of the Britons, ( As in British Isles ), were basically the same people due to interbreeding etc   I said that our humour, view on life and general way we deport ourselves was the same.   Seems i was wrong, i was hit by a diatribe that basically said that England was an occupying country, potatoes got mentioned and that despite dilution by bastard English, that the country was still totally different.   I disagree totally with this, sure the Irish ARE different and have different views and ways but we are all basically the same aren't we?   Educate me.
  2. OK so it looks like all the rumours have now come home to roost and Airbus have begun cancelling quarterly contracts.     Looks like there might be another tin hats leaving do on the cards.     Related topic: Rolls Royce suspends work on Airbus