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  1. Irish nationalism

    OK, so myself and the TTer who shall remain anonymous, ok it was Sin, were having a sherbet or two in Ned Kellys tonight and we met a charming couple from Cork.   All was well until i was asked by the wench what i thought of the Irish and i replied that all of the Britons, ( As in British Isles ), were basically the same people due to interbreeding etc   I said that our humour, view on life and general way we deport ourselves was the same.   Seems i was wrong, i was hit by a diatribe that basically said that England was an occupying country, potatoes got mentioned and that despite dilution by bastard English, that the country was still totally different.   I disagree totally with this, sure the Irish ARE different and have different views and ways but we are all basically the same aren't we?   Educate me.