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  1. Industrial PhD: Who has the patents

    It can be the opposite. Anything developed on company time belongs to the company, for us. There is no general case, it depends on the institution/company and the agreement maybe even on a project-specific basis.
  2. Dementia care home - German national

    Just one contribution from experience, the language barrier won't stop care home staff from doing their job. It would work even if she knew no English. Especially in a dementia home where any of her demands would probably be based on fiction and be unreasonable anyway. Given that she is likely to not know where she is, it is far better to be near family. You can be reached in case of accident, illnesses requiring hospital admission, and you can help with the English in these cases. I also think that the children aren't responsible for the costs in the UK?
  3. Anyone living in Germany but working remotely?

    I was in a similar situation before my company opened a German subsidiary. There were several of us though, so the company hired a company (Steuerberatungsgesellschaft) to take care of payroll and tax returns. You might find it easier for the first year to do the same or unnecessary if you are fluent in German. The first year I paid tax in a lump sum, after that I paid quarterly.