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  1. Anyone living in Germany but working remotely?

    I was in a similar situation before my company opened a German subsidiary. There were several of us though, so the company hired a company (Steuerberatungsgesellschaft) to take care of payroll and tax returns. You might find it easier for the first year to do the same or unnecessary if you are fluent in German. The first year I paid tax in a lump sum, after that I paid quarterly.
  2. Nutrition wise it's similar to beef, running a little lower on calories and saturated fat dependent on the cut of beef. It's not a health food, it's more about the environmental factor. It's difficult to evaluate if you've only had a sample, it's terrible if cooked further than medium and you need the rest of the burger for the experience. The version at Honest Burger uses a big mac-like sauce and this together with the bun and toppings make it really difficult to tell it's not beef if you were not told in advance. You'd most likely put the discernible difference down to varying quality of fast food meat.
  3. One of our group can't make it this Saturday so as to not waste the ticket, we're offering it at a huge discount.   It's a seated ticket original value €92.40. You can have it for €30 but I think it's too late to post it now so you'd have to collect from us at the venue. Please message for more info.