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  1. Moving To Germany [Advice needed]

    Awesome advice. Thank you very much. Would anyone here advise the thought of me and my partner attending an immigration solicitor to make sure things go smoothly?   My partner has said she will contact her health insurance provider ASAP to possibly get me added onto her insurance.   Indeed, I am entitled to a permit to live in Germany, but could anyone have the first guess to what type of permit I would qualify for? I will be here for the long run and naturally I just want to ensure my daughter that I'm there and not going anywhere.   Thanks once again everyone.
  2. Moving To Germany [Advice needed]

      She is ten. Full German citizen and I have not applied for her to receive her Dual Nationality citizenship yet. I’ve a suspicion that some of my social security might be transferable to Germany but don’t quote me on that.
  3. Moving To Germany [Advice needed]

    Hi everyone.   It's been ten years since I last came here. But made such an amazing friend while doing so. Ok guys, I'll cut straight to the chase. It's going to be quite a read, but please be patient with me. My name is Daniel and I have a daughter and a partner who live in Germany [Saxony]. After a long hiatus in our relationship and reconciling, we have decided it would be better for us to be a family fully (meaning I relocate from Scotland to Germany). My situation however is very special. I am registered disabled in the UK and unable to work (Mental and physical issues). Also as Brexit looms, I have no idea what will lay ahead for me. My partner has generously offered to financially accommodate us so I can stay at home and recover.   I have taken the liberty of drawing up a 'to do' list, so to speak. Now, to my understanding, I would be eligible for a 'Temporary Residence Permit' as I am a father to a German national. But, could someone kindly give me advice to perhaps putting my list of what I need to do in the correct order or possibly add suggestions that I will need to do?   THINGS TO DO FIRST 1. Go to police and notify them on where I am staying and that I will be here for longer than three months 2. Go to Town Hall and register my address 3. Open up a bank account 4. Check for VISA? - Do I need one after a certain amount of time? Am I eligible? 5. Residence Permit - Ausländerbehörde 6. Get Health Insurance ? 7. Rent Agreement/Einzugsbestätigung 8. Social Sercurity rights? (Get DWP certificate on how long I've claimed benefits for) (Health certificate) 9. Convert drivers license into german   I will be more than happy to elaborate on anything or give more information.   Many Thanks   Danny