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  1. It's not really that hard to get into the tents on a weekday evening ...

    You dress decently and look for people leaving the tents that look like business people.

    You ask them nicely which company they work for (without the bouncers seeing you

    do this of course), then you tell the bouncers you work for said company and that

    you have a reservation. Easy as that, has always worked for me.



    and should have enforced that they learn German.

    This sounds great and has been demanded a lot, but how do you enforce

    that somebody learns a language ? What do you do if people don't "comply" ?

    Kick them out ? On what legal/moral grounds ?


    Even if it had been possible to teach all the Gastarbeiters German, the

    problem is that the next generation, being raised by wifes brought to Germany

    from rural Anatolia which are not allowed by Islamic traditions to interact with the

    mainstream society, does not learn the language at home.

    Ethnically Turkish children, although born in Germany and many of them

    legally Germans, enter the school system with very little knowledge of German

    and are therefore disadvantaged from the start.


    It is certainly true that Germany has sometimes turned an eye on things in

    the name of tolerance that should not have been accepted (see the "honour

    murders" in Berlin in recent months where members of families killed women

    that had relationships the family did not approve of), but unfortunately there

    is no easy obvious solution to the integration problems in Germany.


  3. > So do people get everything all packed up in 4 plastic/paper bags just to take it home with them?


    Yes, wrapping things seems to be a favourite national pastime ... ;)


    > Or do they have a complicated trash-separation system like in Germany?


    We are beginners over here compared to the Japanese system,



    I was seriously thinking that maybe people dump their trash in the forest because they do not

    understand the trash-separation system ... ;)


  4. I lived in Japan for two years, there is a rather simple reason for there being no rubbish bins:

    They do not need them. Japanese people do not eat out in the street, therefore there are

    no food wrappers to dispose of. In all of Asia it is considered very rude to blow your nose in public,

    therefore no used tissues. Subway tickets get eaten by the barriers when you leave a station ...

    There is really nothing people would want to throw into rubbish bins !


    But as far as garbage on the ground is concerned:

    This is true for city streets and public transport, but forest roads and beaches in rural Japan

    are littered with trash: TVs, tires, fridges, anything. I have even seen the body of a car dumped

    on a beach. The thing with garbage in Japan is that people do not throw it into the street

    when they are being watched ...