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  1. 51 minutes ago, LeonG said:

    I asked them how they can afford to do this and they said something about being a small bank and not spending all their money on advertising.  I know they do a lot of car loans on the side.

    I know exactly how they can afford this because I had one of their special bonus (when using the card to buy petrol etc.) credit cards for a while: They cheat.

    The card that I had was rolling credit but I always paid the full amount by the due day, except for a couple of times when I was a few days late. The interest for these few days would have come out to a few cent, but they always charged me several Euros. Each time I complained they just reimbursed the money, but it kept happening... Very strange IT "error". Probably most people will not look at their statements too closely and so they get away with it.


  2. Hold on, there are two completely independent issues being mixed here:

    1) Is the damage to the floor covered by wear and tear or is there some damage that the landlord does not have to accept? Sounds like the latter to me.

    2) Does your insurance cover the damage that you caused? I believe the answer should be yes, because gross negligence - in my humble opinion - would be to place the sofa on some sharp metal contraption to raise the height or something like this. Just placing an unmodified sofa on the floor should be just negligence. Chances are, though, that the insurance will initially refuse and you have to fight for your right.


  3. On 10/21/2020, 2:29:04, Gambatte said:

    How about the television fee? I don't own a tv, and have never watched tv since moving to Germany in 2013 (almost true, I tried twice in my first month, it was too crappy to bear it and that was that). Yet I must pay for it, unlike church tax.

    I never had kids and my taxes still pay for Kindergartens and schools, and this is good, because this is exactly what taxes are for. The only reason that public television is not financed via the usual tax system is to make it explicit that they are not controlled by the state. But TV is just like opera - whether you use it or not, you pay for it.


  4. On 10/21/2020, 12:49:46, cb6dba said:

    As far as I know, you can step out of the church legally. After that you no longer have to pay church tax.

    I think the point is that most people never actually "step into" the church, their parents have them baptised at an age where they cannot decide for themselves.

    In my opinion it is scandalous that people have to actively "leave" the church, thereby confirming that they were a member before. There should be something like a confirmation (not in the church's sense but in the legal sense) when you turn 18 where you sign that you actually want to be a legal member of the church. Collecting church tax based on baptism should not be legal.


  5. Very sorry to hear this. The exact same thing happened to a friend of mine and she ended up paying for her ex' loan in full.

    Surely not what you want to hear right now, but when you sign as a guarantor for a loan, you really should expect to get stuck with it in the end. Why would her ex even need a guarantor for a loan of 10k?

    The bank can basically choose from whom to collect the money, so they will collect it from your girlfriend, but she could try to get it back from him. If he needs a guarantor to borrow 10k and is currently in a non-EU country, my hopes in that direction would not be too great...


  6. 2 hours ago, El Jeffo said:

    Nope, you're wrong here. Norms and standards aside, whatever it says in the contract is what applies. If the OP made an error, they'll have to live with it until the next change of tenancy.

    Wrong in what, exactly?

    I wrote that usually everything that is umlagefähig is passed on and that I would suggest to the OP to do exactly that.

    If the additional Nebenkosten are not covered in the rental agreement AND the tenant complains about this, he can still modify the bill accordingly.


  7. As the others have pointed out: "umlagefähig" is exactly what you want, so you pass "umlagefähig", Heizkosten and Grundsteuer on to your tenant.

    This is the standard, and as a first approximation, I would not worry too much about what you put into that line in the Mietvertrag. Stuff like Kabelgebühren is peanuts anyway, the only potential significant point is the Hausmeister.

    Worst case, your tenant will dispute the umlagefähige Kosten that are not explicitly mentioned in the Mietvertrag, but if you pass on the bill from the Hausverwaltung (as you are supposed to) I consider this rather unlikely.


  8. Hi Sanky,

    your Hausverwaltung will have divided the cost into "auf eventuelle Mieter umzulegende Kosten" (can be passed on to a tenant) and "nicht auf Mieter umzulegende Kosten" (cannot be passed on to a tenant). There are only very few items in the latter list, e.g. repairs and contributions to the repair fund. Just pass the "auf Mieter umzulegende Kosten" on to your tenant and do not forget to add the Grundsteuer that you will have paid to the state and that you can get back from your tenant.


  9. Spiegel online: "Bedrohliches Manöver vor der südamerikanischen Küste: Ein Patrouillenboot der venezolanischen Marine soll das deutsche Kreuzfahrtschiff "Resolute" beschossen und offenbar gezielt gerammt haben. Das venezolanische Boot sei daraufhin jedoch gesunken, teilte die in Hamburg ansässige Betreibergesellschaft des Kreuzfahrtschiffes, Columbia Cruise Services, mit."

    This somehow reminds me of

    Either the glass was made in China, or the fly was made in Germany.


  10. 250 Euros is not really that much compared to what it might cost you if you mess up your Unterlassungserklärung or if by paying (for what exactly?) you implicitly admit guilt. Either get really knowledgeable yourself or let the lawyer handle it.


  11. Judging from your post, medk, you do not really understand the system, so there is only one thing for you to do:


    You will probably have to provide a "strafbewehrte Unterlassungserklärung", if you don't, they can (and will) take you to court and it will be very expensive. If you just sign theirs, you admit all sorts of things that you probably do not want to admit and it will be very expensive.


  12. To go skiing from Munich without a car, use on of the companies that go to the Austrian resorts by bus, e.g.

    The price (including the lift ticket) is just 5 Euros more than the price of the lift ticket, they must be getting

    better prices on the lift tickets to actually make a profit.

    I have used them rather often, extremely comfortable and convenient. Hochzillertal/Hochfügen and Lenggries

    are really in a different league, and considering that it takes just a long (train->transfer bus) and is more expensive

    to go to Lenggries...



  13. Hi Sanjay,

    I do not have specific knowledge about the Freising real estate market, but 7300 Euro/m^2 sounds pretty steep to me. Also, financing 100% is not really usual in Germany. Typically, you finance 80% and you need to come up with the remaining 20% and all the fees and taxes by yourself. If you do not have enough capital to do this, you will have a hard time getting a bank loan.



  14. "Jahrgang" is not as colloquial as "Baujahr" when referring to the year of birth, but it is not really formal either. (As pointed out, it can also refer e.g. to the "Abitursjahrgang".

    The correct term is "Geburtsjahr". When referring not to the year but the group of people, the formal term is "Kohorte".



    An unmasked robber stole "a few hundred Euros" from a Sparkasse in Rosenheimer Platz today by holding his hand in a blue

    plastic bag and pretending to have a gun inside the bag. He was described as being 2m (almost 6'7") tall, bulky and wearing a red

    Polo shirt and moustache. They are looking for him with approx. 100 cops. Can't be so hard to find, can he?


  16. Another thought about deductibles: I also thought we would not need additional insurance when we rented a large RV in the US last summer, being a good driver and all. Then, on a narrow road in Yosemite, the driver of another RV drifted a bit out of a curve and hit my driver's side mirror with his mirror. My mirror came around and smashed the driver's side window and I was sitting in a pool of broken glass. In addition to losing a day of our holidays, we also had to pay for the mirror, window and damage to the door, because the a$$hole fled the scene and being showered with glass, I didn't manage to read his/her license (the letters are ridiculously small in the US, anyway). Next time, 0 deductible...