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  • Interests I lived in Tsukuba (~60km NE of Tokyo) for two years and enjoyed the international community very much. Tsukuba consists mostly of research institutes, therefore there are a lot of foreigners around and they are all very internationally minded. Coming back to Germany I felt far more lost and homesick than I had ever felt in Japan, I hope to meet some people here that have a state of mind similar to the other gaijin in Tsukuba ...
  1. What made you laugh today? An unmasked robber stole "a few hundred Euros" from a Sparkasse in Rosenheimer Platz today by holding his hand in a blue plastic bag and pretending to have a gun inside the bag. He was described as being 2m (almost 6'7") tall, bulky and wearing a red Polo shirt and moustache. They are looking for him with approx. 100 cops. Can't be so hard to find, can he?
  2. What made you laugh today?

     A "G" string?
  3. Damage claim by Sixt

    Another thought about deductibles: I also thought we would not need additional insurance when we rented a large RV in the US last summer, being a good driver and all. Then, on a narrow road in Yosemite, the driver of another RV drifted a bit out of a curve and hit my driver's side mirror with his mirror. My mirror came around and smashed the driver's side window and I was sitting in a pool of broken glass. In addition to losing a day of our holidays, we also had to pay for the mirror, window and damage to the door, because the a$$hole fled the scene and being showered with glass, I didn't manage to read his/her license (the letters are ridiculously small in the US, anyway). Next time, 0 deductible...
  4. What made you laugh today?

    Calvin would never use that word (and you can actually see that the image has been tampered with...) Original: