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  • Interests I lived in Tsukuba (~60km NE of Tokyo) for two years and enjoyed the international community very much. Tsukuba consists mostly of research institutes, therefore there are a lot of foreigners around and they are all very internationally minded. Coming back to Germany I felt far more lost and homesick than I had ever felt in Japan, I hope to meet some people here that have a state of mind similar to the other gaijin in Tsukuba ...
  1. What made you laugh today?
  2. Jahrgang

    "Jahrgang" is not as colloquial as "Baujahr" when referring to the year of birth, but it is not really formal either. (As pointed out, it can also refer e.g. to the "Abitursjahrgang". The correct term is "Geburtsjahr". When referring not to the year but the group of people, the formal term is "Kohorte".
  3. What made you laugh today?

    Ad for senior citizens' car insurance on
  4. What made you laugh today? An unmasked robber stole "a few hundred Euros" from a Sparkasse in Rosenheimer Platz today by holding his hand in a blue plastic bag and pretending to have a gun inside the bag. He was described as being 2m (almost 6'7") tall, bulky and wearing a red Polo shirt and moustache. They are looking for him with approx. 100 cops. Can't be so hard to find, can he?