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  1. Starting a new job during a notice period Seems it is not completely OK but most probably nobody will care. To be on the safe side, ask your old employer to end your contract before you start your new job. They will probably agree because it saves them money.
  2. Calculate nebenkosten for the tenant

    Wrong in what, exactly? I wrote that usually everything that is umlagefähig is passed on and that I would suggest to the OP to do exactly that. If the additional Nebenkosten are not covered in the rental agreement AND the tenant complains about this, he can still modify the bill accordingly.
  3. Calculate nebenkosten for the tenant

    As the others have pointed out: "umlagefähig" is exactly what you want, so you pass "umlagefähig", Heizkosten and Grundsteuer on to your tenant. This is the standard, and as a first approximation, I would not worry too much about what you put into that line in the Mietvertrag. Stuff like Kabelgebühren is peanuts anyway, the only potential significant point is the Hausmeister. Worst case, your tenant will dispute the umlagefähige Kosten that are not explicitly mentioned in the Mietvertrag, but if you pass on the bill from the Hausverwaltung (as you are supposed to) I consider this rather unlikely.
  4. Calculate nebenkosten for the tenant

    Hi Sanky, your Hausverwaltung will have divided the cost into "auf eventuelle Mieter umzulegende Kosten" (can be passed on to a tenant) and "nicht auf Mieter umzulegende Kosten" (cannot be passed on to a tenant). There are only very few items in the latter list, e.g. repairs and contributions to the repair fund. Just pass the "auf Mieter umzulegende Kosten" on to your tenant and do not forget to add the Grundsteuer that you will have paid to the state and that you can get back from your tenant.
  5. What made you laugh today?

    Spiegel online: "Bedrohliches Manöver vor der südamerikanischen Küste: Ein Patrouillenboot der venezolanischen Marine soll das deutsche Kreuzfahrtschiff "Resolute" beschossen und offenbar gezielt gerammt haben. Das venezolanische Boot sei daraufhin jedoch gesunken, teilte die in Hamburg ansässige Betreibergesellschaft des Kreuzfahrtschiffes, Columbia Cruise Services, mit." This somehow reminds me of