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  1. I just saw you wrote private health insurance.  I assume then that's all she could get here.  Would be interesting to know the cost, it may be the deal breaker!
  2. Thanks very much Rhody for the reply!  Ok, so it is not impossible.  The funds would likely be sufficient as she is selling her property in Oz which is worth quite a bit now.  Do you know how it works with health insurance though?  Would she have to go on Gesetzliche Krankenkasse, and would it be an exorbitant price given her age (72)?  She won't be earning any income here so I am not sure how health insurance works in that situation.
  3. Topics merged by admin   Hi all, my mother is selling up her house in Australia and wants to join us here in Berlin.  She has an Australian citizenship (like me), and I am married to a German citizen and have my Residency permit through him.  I have been here over 10 years now.  We have one daughter who is also a German citizen, born in Berlin.  I tried to find detailed information about whether she could live with us here from the Ausländerbehörde Berlin website and the only option I see is that she applies to do a "Familiennachzug zu deutschen Familienangehörigen" which means she'd move to be with her Granddaughter who she is related to.  Our daughter is only 2 years old, I am not sure if this type of residency permit would work.  My mother has enough money to buy a house here and there is also a Pension swap between Australia and Germany so she would potentially still be able to get her Aussie pension.   Does anyone have any experience with this?   Thanks in advance for your help!   Best PetaJ