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  1. I decided to come to my usually reliable source of info for random German issues...   After my fiance are thoroughly frustrated with Vodafone customer service after almost a month, perhaps someone here has some helpful advice. We have three laptops (U.S.). We ordered wifi from Vodafone and received their Easybox 602 router. Connected everything as instructed and laptop #1 was successfully connected...great. However, when laptop #2 is also connected, laptop #1 is 'disconnects.' - So, the goal is having all 'three' laptops connected at the same time.   I have done some Googling and found that it "could" be the wrong router...or that all three laptops are using the same IP address...or to switch a few settings, etc, etc, but nothing seems to work. After about oh, seven attempts at Vodafone's customer service each with a different set of instructions we have gotten nowhere. The last rep said our box was defective and they would send out a new one. - Of course the new one had the exact same problem. Finally, they promised to send someone to the house and after waiting half the day, we finally get a human on the phone only to tell us they never had us scheduled!? UGH!!   So, for all you IT experts out there, any constructive advice to get this problems resolved. I know it's not that difficult of a thing...I'll pay!!   Thanks   (At least getting the rant out helped a bit)