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  1. Gay-friendly districts in Cologne

    Regarding the gay scene, like pretty much everywhere in the western world, homophobia is on the increase.   Cologne is probably the most renowned gay-friendly city in Germany, and even there attacks are sadly on the increase. Pre-covid, the local lgbt groups complained police weren't doing enough to keep the areas safe during the evenings. Just one example   The chic inner city areas, sadly, are often now pretty much reserved for the high earning A-gays (Friesenviertel, nicer parts Rudolfplatz etc.)   (Actually, most of that housing stock has long since been snapped up by money grabbing Airbnb bastardos). Grrrr.   The areas around Hansaring towards but not too close to the Dom (not far from major banks and insurance offices) are quite nice.   You will be spending top dollar in most of those places, though.   Away from the city, Zollstock is a really nice leafy general area.    Almost all of the areas immediately surrounding the uni-kliniken are quite quaint.   Ebertplatz, Nippes, Kalk and Ehrenfeld are a bit run-down in my view. All safe - just a bit depressing / concrete jungle-ish. This is where apartments regularly become available (I wonder why...)   What I've generally observed in Germany, is that if you look for a flat not too far from (but not directly in view of)   - hospital. - cemetery. - old church building. - old city gates (Tor), ruins or monument.   You will be in a fairly decent area that's reachable and affordable.
  2. Traveling to UK from Germany - quarantine rules

    @Auntie Helen Did you have any problems / notice others in the queue having problems with German border guards on return re: residence permit (or lack thereof if still waiting for an appointment) and ensuring the passport is not stamped?
  3. Congratulations to members of British in Europe on their Queens Birthday Honours OBEs for fighting for citizens rights of Britons resident across Europe.