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  1. I checked this site out to get an antenna recommendation and do a speed check:   Regardless of getting a panorama antenna, the situation at home + antenna doesn't improve. But on a train, in a friends house, in a different city at work, the antenna most definitely makes a huge difference.   So freaking annoying :-s
  2. I did that on my north facing balcony surrounded by buildings around the hof. No improvement. I'd have expected as much.   I tried the other side of the apartment (no balcony) by opening the window full, anchoring the aerial to a string (in case the suction cups failed and it fell off on someones heads below). Signal was only slightly better - I've 3 massive trees outside my window I can touch with a broomstick.   But the trees probably don't really matter, since even at ground level, from on the street outside my front door until walking past of 2 sets of traffic lights to the other side, a normal mobile phone signal is weak until you walk towards the ciity centre.
  3. I remember years ago when I moved in, there was quite decent signal strength. Then a few years ago I read voda were changing / slimming down the masts in their network.   I have a suspicion there used to be a mast closer to me, but they ripped it out, and replaced it with 2 masts (probably 3G or higher) but further away from me in opposite directions to leave me sandwiched in the middle.    Its not just inside the building where signal is bad. My mobile phone shows it doesn't really improve signal strength until I walk across to the other side of the street, and then along a bit.
  4. Either way, you're right. I'm going to give the voda peeps a full explanation, ask one final time for tips, if none, return the gigacube and see if I can barter my way into a 1 month dsl on the premise I'm ready to walk across the road to O2.   Usually sales staff are more than happy to be in my face the moment I enter a shop, so this should be their time to shine (oh wait, we're in Germany...;-)
  5. Wouldn't having a hybrid solution just give further opportunity to still include poor LTE signal quality, rather than ruling out LTE altogether?   Or does hybrid mean its wires in your house where signal is bad, and the wire continues along the street to the first point of entry for LTE (last mile wire, other miles LTE)?
  6. Stream movies, play /download occasional console games, have my freesat box hooked up to the internet so I can have always on internet and start a smart home, lights on/off while I am away.
  7. So, looking deeper into the performance of gigacube at home:   Even WITH an LTE aerial, at my home, the speed only increased marginally by few Mbs (highest I can now reach is 30Mbs.   Practically everywhere else I tried, I gotmuuch better results even without an aerial, and with an aerial it was twice as fast.   I played around with the gigacube settings last night by switching to "only 4G" as soon as I do this, the signal bars decrease to 2/5 bars.   With 3G/2G, I get 3/5 signal bars.   So in summary, it seems if you only have a slither of a 4G signal to begin with, there's nothing meaty for an aerial to grab hold of and amplify even WITH an aerial.   Such a pity. Evreywhere else I tried, I got near- and sometimes better-than-dsl speeds of 100mbs (with aerial).   So, I guess O2 it is.
  8. Final update: I tried with another LTE indoor aerial and I got twice as fast speeds with aerial. 50 Mbs download without aerial. *With* LTE aerial almost 100Mbs.   Taking the gigacube back home now to see if this LTE aerial makes any difference to gigacube speeds at home. If not, I might go to O2 dsl with 1 month notice of termination.
  9. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

    Oh if you can get the company to sponsor some of your expenses, well done !
  10. Update: even on a train speeding through Germany I get better speeds with the Gigacube - 100 Mb download according to my speedchecker - what a huge improvement!   Sheesh, in comparison, you'd think my apartment must be 20 ft underground covered in a thick concrete and lead shell, to have such a weak lte signal - in the freaking city!
  11. Brexit: The fallout

    Just fyi, in case people are interested/worried about brexit, but maybe haven't checked the less visited NRW events/meetups thread:
  12. Just fyi for those in Duesseldorf worried about brexit. There is a meeting on evening of Mon Oct 8th organized via British in Germany and the embassy:
  13.   I feel incredibly fortunate. I'm with a normal Krankenkasse. I've only ever been hospitalized once, years ago, and without asking I got a 2-person room.   I think it was the only bed available on arrival, so I guess they had no choice but to put me there.   At the time I was a German hospital newbie, and fell into the trap of thinking "urgh, I wish I was private, then I could get my own 1-person room" Erm, nope, how wrong I was ;-)   However, for one of the nights I had the room to myself, as the opposite bed patient discharged early morning, and the next one didn't come in until the following day.   On the first day, I was too sick to even notice if there was 1 or 100 people in my room. But as the days wore on, and I got better, that was when I was itching to leave. No matter how nice they make it, it's still not the comfort of your own home where you can sleep soundly.    Much to the objection of the doctors, I self-discharged. But my oh my... Waiting to self-discharge after 17:00 shift changeover - that took aaages as there was nobody around to countersign the forms. They had to bring someone across from another part of the hospital.   I persuaded them that I know my own body, the readings that they are taking are false readings exacerbated by the stress of being in hospital and that I'd recover the remainder, and quicker at home while also freeing up a bed for them. Lo and behold, the next day when I returned as outpatient, my readings had improved dramatically.
  14. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

    That's not fast tracked. It's the general consensus on e.g. the german forums, that the process itself goes relatively quickly (albeit, prohibitively expensively).
  15. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

    Was anything mentioned about the twisted unfairness of it all? British in Germany vs Business vs UK/DE citizenship applications?   E.g. How come big business gets to wait until the very last minute to decide how it will react to brexit. Whereas citizens can't. They must  (realistically) do their citizenship planning in 2016 already, YEARS in advance of brexit. Citizens should be able to take their time just like business.   Although EXTREMELY long-winded and expensive, and probably more mean on the UK side, how come EU in UK get their citizenship applications processed quicker than in DE? With less resources than DE?   Somebody needs to shine a light on that kind of stuff too, even though we are mostly, if not all pro DE and pro EU.