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  1. Can an employer change your role within the company?

    @ExPattheDog After Probezeit, the one thing they CANNOT do, is assign you a different role without your permission AND ALSO lower your salary while doing that.   You would have to keep on earning exactly the same salary in your newly assigned (unwanted) role.    "Culture fit" sounds either overly diplomatic, or suspiciously vague.   Corporate culture is broadly the same in the same company whether you move someone from one department to another. I can't see how a "culture" can dramatically change enough simply by switching roles.    If by "culture fit" your boss is trying to be diplomatic and thinks moving you away from contact with certain individuals will help improve things, then:   a) They should say that, and evidence why that is needed instead of other options.   They have failed in their role as manager to "manage" people and find an acceptable solution. All you do by plonking a person in a different unwanted role is evade / avoid things.   For a boss to encourage the employee to resign (rather than firing them) is also very, very silly and pathetic. What are they afraid of? Lemme see... ah yes, that they already know they would lose a court battle at the Arbeitsgericht, and so stupidly demonstrate that lack of legal confidence by urging their employee to resign... 
  2. You can't use that method if you're a non-German national e.g. EU26 citizen.    EU26 citizens (or Germans who don't like the thought of using their IDs) would have to especially order and pay for the digital signature card.
  3. Though the topic is initially about pension, I think the aspect of digital signature to access govenment services is part of a wider discussion. I'm reporting here on what I just found out for pensions, which actually left me gobsmacked!   We've probably all heard about the e-initative to access German government services digitally.   Anyway, I just called the Rentenversicherung as I couldn't make head nor tail of their website on the different ways to access your pension records online.   I was under no illusions that soft and hardware would be involved.   But what I wasn't expecting, was that in order to use the eID function you have to PAY for the card readers to use on your computer to access government information about you. I was expecting it'd be govenment-provided, but nope.   The 2 options are:   1) E-id with GERMAN ONLY ID card *with* e-function specifically activated by a Beamter AND a card reader you have to order, pay for, replace if broken. (eu26 nationals in Germany therefore can't use this method, since they won't need or get issued an e-Aufenthaltstitel as the only other compatible ID card)   2) E-id with BOTH. i) digital signature card (NOT a Krankenkasse card. NOT a bank card. It's a specially printed and pressed card). You have to order, pay for and replace the card. ii) a card reader that you have to order, pay for, and replace if faulty.   They're really sly and don't mention about the costs in any of their literature. It wouldn't surprise me if you're talking about needing to fork out a few hundred Euros JUST to be able to digitally access information the government holds about you / access govt services.   I already pay my pension contributions and various taxes. I would have thought that the costs of implementing e-id are part offset by the cost-savings of going paperless + automation + labour cost savings, with any remainder cost being born by taxpayer/contributor. But nope...
  4. Just bumping this thread up since it's probably one of the last round of events about brexit.
  5. Fritzbox 7590 and BBC iplayer

    Hi guys,    I already have satellite, but I'm trying to access the one channel I don't have - BBC3. I only need to watch bbc3 / iplayer for next few weeks, for 1 show I'm interested in that's not on satellite.    It's only available online. And only with not blocked IP addresses. I have DSL + Fritzbox 7590.   No matter what VPN I use, it always says for BBC Channels I can't access them (outside country).   I have slightly better luck with channel 4 and STV. It's almost like the IP checks on bbc are stronger.   But, even when selecting another VPN IP location in UK, when checking whatismyipaddress, it is still giving me the Germany location despite being currently connected (and paying for) the desired UK VPN location.   Does anyone have any suggestions on what I might be doing wrong, and how to get bbc3 online?
  6. Correct. Can't reopen it to re-edit though.
  7. Fyi I think at the events they will be sharing the latest info from the Bundestag - brits in Germany get talked about @ Bundestag early this Friday. Presume a legal outcome will come from that:
  8. Hi all,    Just for info: Just before brexit hits there are a slew of Q&A info events in cooperation with British embassy / German officials / British in Germany.   So if you've got a question, want to hold the CDU government or British govt to account, highlight and clarify process gaps, or just plain want further info on brexit uebergangsgesetz, or ueberleitungsgesetz, citizenship, resideny or anything brexit-related, this is probably the last organised chance to make your voice heard.   Berlin, 30 September. Düsseldorf, 1 October. Frankfurt, 10 October. Hamburg, 15 October. Munich, 24 October.
  9. Brexit: The fallout

    Posting here additionally, in case anyone missed it:
  10. PS: Not sure if anyone knows this, but recently a no-deal brexit law started to get proposed:
  11. Hi all,    fyi - Tomorrow there will be an online brexit Q&A direct with the British Embassy Germany (which is "meant" to represent Brits abroad...)   On Facebook at 13:00-14:00 tomorrow.   Start thinking up those questions :-)
  12. O2 new prepaid sim card

    ^ The residency status shouldn't apply, as tourists won't have proof of residency on them anyway. I am actually intrigued though, and will try to find out what data sets are required as minimum for that SIM card law. My gut feeling is that by taking and retaining a copy of the physical ID, they are collecting more data sets than they actually need.   Sure you could object to that in-store, and say you will "show" your ID, and they have the opportunity to note down in their computer field 1, field 2, field 3, but that's all. I highly doubt you would get your prepaid SIM card though. 
  13. O2 new prepaid sim card

    Update: Vorlegen = only show / present ID.   This is not the same as showing your ID *AND* allowing the staff to then photocopy it, and store it, on servers of their choice, even after you have ceased to be a customer, and long after you have died.   (Just been watching a documentary about your digital identity and footprint after you have died. Digital IDs of the deceased will eventually outnumber everyone living on the planet.)
  14. Urlaubsbescheinigung from former employer

    I've never been asked to present an urlaubsbescheinigung of the former employer when switching to a completely new employer. Neither have any of my friends.   However, I HAVE especially asked for this when switching internally between company subsidiaries. I thought I "might" have needed to use it for a battle in case of HR mixups, but that never happened, and the ducument basically festered in the back of my cupboards, gathering dust.   I've seen "urlaubskartei" and "urlaubsbescheinigung" purely only used WITHIN a company and connected to disputes.   Personally, I don't see what business it is of a completely new employer. But that's a different matter.    Ultimately, if you were in MINUS vacation days (taken too many) in your old company; your final salary will be ajusted and - either your pay docked - or occasionally - kulanz is given and they don't dock your pay (or dock only a fraction of what they could have docked)   If you were in PLUS vacation days in your old company (taken too few) your final salary will be adjusted and you'll either be paid out for remaining vacation days, or occasionally the employee out of their own volition will tag the unused vacation days to the end of their last working month.    In ALL situations, taxes are paid by the outgoing/incoming employee/employer anyway.    Betriebsferien though. Now THAT'S interesting. If a new employer thinks they need to carry over vacation days from a previous employer, one would assume that includes not yet taken Betriebsferien. Or Weihnachsgeld (not so common on new contracts).
  15. O2 new prepaid sim card

    My gut feeling is taking a photo using his mobile phone is not acceptable. A (smart)phone is a high value small item that can go missing / get stolen - with YOUR DETAILS on it. Taking a photocopy/scan is however likely if you go for billing option that ISN'T prepaid. I haven't attempted to get another prepaid sim in DE for a while now, but from what I remember at the time, they either just looked at your ID and didn't do anything, or typed into their computer the text info on your ID (i.e. no copies / photos)   However, since then, under the premise of terrorism prevention, DE introduced a new law that made it tougher to obtain even prepaid SIM cards without forking over even more personal details and documents to be copied - and, potentially, making said data more valuable and attractive for terrorists and hackers to intercept.    As far as I know, only Germany is going to these great lengths for prepaid SIMS. Many other EU countries either take a more relaxed approach, or none at all.