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  1. What is wrong with Essen?

    Off topic, but the whole of Frankfurt train station is a no go area nowadays in my books. You cannot stay still for more than 2 minutes without you being approached by gangs of pickpockets masquerading as beggars. You can tell them a mile off. Usually a mother with 2-3 "nimble" kids in tow, pretending to be begging while the kids grab and rifle bags/pockets behind you.    Frankfurt hbf is shocking. Absolutely shocking. I remember it used to be quite nice - not any more. Its supposed to be a major interchange point yet you can't see a single policeman/woman on the whole concourse level.    The gangs will do "the rounds" of the food court, then escape via the burger king entrance that leads to the dodgy area outside in front of the hbf. They'll then wait a bit, mother (I'm guessing not really mother) tells the kids to split up and go do the circuit again, then she'll come back through the doors in the opposite direction and that's how they come at people from different angles to grab bags etc...   If I can see what they are doing, with no police training or anything, I really do wonder what is the point of security cameras everywhere...
  2. Why didn't he just avoid the whole debacle by saying HUMANkind?
  3. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

    For a single never married person, I've only ever heard of people needing to provide a birth cert for oneself. If you really needed to provide birth certs of your individual parents, the amt has nothing to compare the docs against (unless you provide your individual parent passports as ID as well)   Unless of course you are claiming some kind of citizenship through german ancestry. That would make sense.   But you'd have to check with Amt.
  4. The demise of sporting eye candy

    (I mis-clicked my vote) First of all, what function do such models perform? How do they enhance the probability of a sporting win? Aren't the sportsmen/women enough of a highlight for the fans? Or are they so unlikeable, they need other people to prop up their careers?   And secondly. You rarely see men draping themselves over cars provocatively. A shirtless guy? Big woop! I would like to see at least some ball cleavage. Its only fair. Otherwise, its not a level playing field.    The whole thing should be banned. The affected models, however, should be offered alternative employment incl. training.
  5. Refusing to pay TV license fees (Rundfunkbeitrag)

    ^ That figures though - I saw something in the news a few days ago that they are apparently pleading poverty, citing poor revenues and are starting an aggressive campaign to collect as much as possible this year.    PS @yourkeau I'm no expert, but I definitely saw news articles since 2016 where things have changed. I remember a very high profile court case where astonishingly the government sided with rundfunk peeps that entitlement to cash payment is not allowed, while being mandated in so many other legal areas as a consumer right.   Being facetious, I suppose you could argue "Bargeldlos" could be interpreted as a voucher or some kind of preloaded card that you send to them. I don't think anyone has toyed with them (yet) on the interpretation of Bargeldlos to kick the case back to the courts and drag things out a bit longer until hopefully one day the european courts step in.
  6. Refusing to pay TV license fees (Rundfunkbeitrag)

    ***Brainwave*** (or maybe sillywave)...   The Rundfunk peeps don't accept payment by cash right? (Although you can walk into any bank you like and show your ID, then for a large fee, make a one-time payment to rundfunk peeps via the bank as cash, and they - not you - transfer it electronically)   But the Bailiffs obviously do take cash, because they are specifically there to seize items of value.   So why don't people wishing to be mini-rebels just let it get to Bailiff stage, wait for them to turn up (or personally visit their office before they get a chance), pay them in cash in full, then say "thanks for the cash payment facility, see you next time, tschuss!"
  7. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

    Just to add to above, Peter Ptassek tweets:   2/2 More info on Thursday when the report will be presented @Europarl_EN Major issues of the report: lifelong right to return, professional qualifications, frontier worker, dual citizenship
  8.   You are renting apartments out for EUR 300? OMG - I've died and gone to renter heaven! Sign me up. Sign me up! :-)   I regularly see 30m2 city apartments going for 650 + bills! (so 750-800 warm)...
  9. British Expat wanted for TV

  10.   PS And since you will be effectively doing the lawyer's own job in seeking avenues to help, after she has been prodded from inaction towards action, I would be sorely tempted to ask for a reduction in legal fees! 
  11. Songs that make you cry

    Sia - Breathe (used in the finale to Six Feet Under that I binge watched after a death in the family)
  12. He isn't the landlord at your new place though, right? He's just the (non-present) renter, like you, so the problem can't be with getting him to sign the landlord part, right?   What about workarounds? Surely the lawyer must know a workaround. Can't you rent a separate place for a month or so, register there (at least in some shape or form in the interim)?    The amts are obliged to register you, not WITHHOLD registration from you, as that would be a conflict of interest.    And if they are... You can get some money back. Send your proof of withholding registration to the rundfunk peeps and say you aren't obgliged to pay a further cent as officially you aren't currently recognized domiciled at a german abode :-)
  13. Thanks guys for the replies. Kern does indeed have offices near me, and, they are one of the few websites I have seen that bother wrapping the doc upload page in secure https.    To me, offering https is so basic. I really am speechless that Germany bangs on so much about Datenschutz and yet legally bound translators give it so little thought when it comes to their own  websites and docs that prospective clients are uploading to it.
  14. Hi there,   I've only ever used "walk-in" companies for translating documents aeons ago.    This time around, I don't just need a document translated, but I need it beglaubigt / certified translated english-german. Preferably in NRW.   Anyway, after a scour of the internet, I found out that most of the companies / persons offering this are online only.   Either their physical addresses are Regus-style rent-per-day office spaces, or their contact telephone numbers listed in their web pages go straight to voicemail (no ring tones - ever).   Shockingly, a sample of 8 or so translators I checked didn't even secure their document upload facility with basic https / padlock.   Now since I'm a little wary of sending off personal documents over the public internet or via email, I just wanted to check, is this normal?   I'd rather use a walk-in office, but the likes of Berlitz etc... no longer do translations, and I doubt they did them beglaubigt anyway.   Does anyone have any tips / thoughts on how to find reputable, secure beglaubigte uebersetzung translators that won't pass your details on to numerous e.g. rich Princes in Nigeria?    I'm a little sceptical of this whole online approach. No https??? Well, I never... What next? Dial up modems?
  15. Aldi talk prepaid deactivated

    Is it that your whole account has been deactivated, or rather just that the xl pack/tariff has been deactivated?    From another internet connection, login to your online account and see what it says.