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  1. And now NRW / Duesseldorf has released information. Like Berlin and Bonn, the pre-registration can be done online.
  2. You could try swearing obscenities whenever parents + kid are in the stairway. If you get complaints that the child hears it, there's your cue ;-)   If you live in the city, sorry all bets are off. Ambient city / drunken nightlife noise is to be expected. So what's a little child screaming? 
  3. Wow! That's GOT to be a case of German Arbeitsbeschaffungsmassnahmen. So much for Barnier asking EU member states to be generous with already resident Brits...   If they're going to ask for that amount of information, one may as well apply for citizenship and ditch a UK passport. 
  4. Oh, I can't go to my original post and add to it. Oh well, never mind...   Anyway, NRW now - another city, Wuppertal, just fired up their brexit information web page. I'm wondering if more NRW cities activate tomorrow:   And in Bonn you can do an online registration:   And over in Hessen, near Frankfurtänder+und+Integration/Ausländerrechtliche+Informationen+zum+Brexit.html?highlight=brexit
  5. Cologne Brexit Meeting - Wed 13th Feb

    There are also people who are house-bound, or who are agoraphobic, or who have social anxiety, or who have learning difficulties etc...
  6. Brexit: The fallout

    Linking also here, as the regional thread sections are sometimes less visited:
  7. Just fyi for those in Cologne worried about brexit. There is a meeting tomorrow evening (now starts 18:30) organized via British in Germany and the embassy:
  8. Some states and cities in Germany are now activating their brexit plans, updating their web pages, and sending out letters to those affected.   It doesn't make sense to make 1 thread per state. Nor does it make sense to mix this thread with the other brexit topics. So I started this thread to collect info on which states/cities are doing what - most info is pulled via and social media.   Berlin - website updated with info and FAQs.   Munich - website updated with info   Saxony - Landesamt sending out short questionnaire letters to brit residents. Website updated with info:   Feel free to update and I'll add to the list.
  9. Einbürgerung for Brits, yes or no?

    According to the German embassy, even after Brexit you can apply for Beibehaltung to keep your UK citizenship. They made it sound as easy as child's play...   Mind you, that german embassy rep was a complete airhead ditz fielding questions on facebook, who nonchalantly may as well have said "chillax - you don't need to worry your pretty little head about work permits if you lose your job and need to switch employers "Germany is always needing workers".   I kid you not ! 
  10. Duvet

    I second that. Normally the last thing I do before changing over the summer/winter duvet, is to take it to the Waschsalon. I wash the duvets in one xxl machine, and the feather pillows (still in their pillowcases) in the other xxl machine. Great for killling Milben/dust mites, or getting rid of pollen debris during spring.   After drying, then whatever doesn't go immediately back on the bed, gets vacuum packed for next time. God I love those space-spacing vacuum bags. Perfect for duvets and winter jackets.
  11. British Citizens Rights No Deal Brexit

    Correct. Those resident/working in DE who own a krankenkasse card can continue to use it to access medical treatment in all 27 EU member states, no matter what the brexit outcome.   It is the "issuing country" and not the "nationality" of the holder that counts.
  12. Daueraufenthalt for the 1000th time

    ^ You can get a copy of the Anmeldung reprinted at any time from the Amt. If it's like most other stuff where copies/reprints are required, it probably only costs a nominal amount i.e. EUR 5.
  13. Gigacube v Pyur

    This might be interesting regarding Gigacube speeds. I'm slap bang in the city, but surrounded by concrete jungle, and apparently in a weak spot, so reception is bad, though other side of street isn't:
  14. Refusing to pay TV license fees (Rundfunkbeitrag)

    What you can do though - if you're a brit affected by brexit - is keep hold of that Rundfunk paper for the future, in case the Amt tries to mess you around, and say you weren't resident here for x years. Bide your time and pay in small installments.   Then when the time comes, you can either prove to the Amt via Rundfunk insisting you are resident, or attempt to claim back Rundfunk money, or cancel backdated arrears, since Amt would have proven in black and white they are not satisfied you are resident, and therefore not obliged to pay rundfunk.   There's no reason to suggest an Amt *would* mess around brexit brits trying to claim their status - but just sayin...
  15. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

      Since taxation is kind of connected to citizenship applications, I just wanted to cross-refer to above in case some of you might be applying for citizenship during / after brexit transition.