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  1. Traveling to UK from Germany - quarantine rules

    @Auntie Helen Did you have any problems / notice others in the queue having problems with German border guards on return re: residence permit (or lack thereof if still waiting for an appointment) and ensuring the passport is not stamped?
  2. Congratulations to members of British in Europe on their Queens Birthday Honours OBEs for fighting for citizens rights of Britons resident across Europe.
  3. Inquiring minds - in confidence - may consult their local GUM clinic for expert advice.
  4. If you If you already have an STI you may require further sets of vaccines.   I don't think anyone should be questioning the right to privacy of medical information, or have an opinion of forcing an "outing" of unneccessary medical information. Especially when doing so, may put that person at risk of discrimination, abuse or stigma.   I think the belief that there somehow exists an "AIDS test", when only an HIV test exists, goes to show just how much disinformation (and probably stigma) exists on that topic.   Outing of medically unneccessary information into the public domain (shops / cinemas etc) is never a good idea.
  5. There are STI related vaccines or other personal vaccines that I'm sure most people don't want to parade about to all and sundry who don't need to know.
  6. Smartphones are prime pickpocket targets: high value, and very compact. I've lost one and had one pickpocketed since smartphones came on the market.    We don't yet know if there will be a national digital COVID impfpass *in addition to* an EU COVID digital impfpass, or if somehow combi.    If it's a combi one - it most likely will block vaccinated people from obtaining one if they can't prove an EU resident permit status. A proof (Aufenthaltsdokument-GB) which those covered by the Brexit withdrawal agreement may not have yet, since certain cities STILL aren't offering appointments to obtain them, or only started late in March / April and have been perpetually cancelling all first ever (March) sent out appointments ever since. (inzidenz must be stable under 100 for 7 days, otherwise appointments will continue to be perpetually sent out and auto cancelled)
  7. @vivanco When I went for my vaccination, I deliberately left my yellow Imfpass at home.   Why? I don't want all and sundry seeing my complete medical history of non-COVID labels already logged in the pass, in case I need to show it in a shop / restaurant / cinema / airport / train etc.   Besides any of which, it is more cumbersome for the handler you are showing it to, to endlessly flip through already filled other pages JUST to find the COVID entry amongst a sea of other vaccination type labels.   They issued me a fresh yellow Impfpass at the IZ, which ONLY contains the COVID labels.    As I'm likely to be having my yellow COVID Impfpass on my person all the time over the next year, it means if I lose it (and I probably will - I've lost keys, travel tickets, you name it in the past) I don't lose ALL my other Impf details along with it, as they are recurded in my separate "main" Impfpass.   Probably when COVID is behind us, I'll ask a doctor to transfer/merge the 2 yellow Impfpasses together.