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  1. ^ 14th April the local Amts compile a list of everybody who is allowed to vote. They then send out initial voter notifications to the addresses of the voters. If you don't receive a letter by end April, you were probably not on the list/have an old address. You need to act fast. The closing date for self-registering to vote (application form) is May 5th. Soon after May 5th, they send out follow-up letters containing voting slips, and instructions.   NOTE: If you initially anmelded your apartment at the einwohnermeldeamt and put a cross in the box that you DON'T want your details passed on to other organisations (e.g. telephone directory, political parties) this might influence if you are included in the voters list - not sure exactly.
  2. PS They updated the page and removed the "also bis 29 Maerz" remark.
  3. ^ There is no "Austrittsdatum" of 29th March 2019. But, when faced with Herr or Frau so and from an amt, who knows...
  4. Some of the NRW city websites HAVE changed the dates to 12. April though - you could try explaining that to them - especially if you can find a neighbouring city.    
  5. My current reputation on this site

    Wow - thanks. I guess I must have been doing some good somewhere in my posts :-)   Not sure I like being labelled beastly though - reminds me of The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe, when Lucy says something like "Edmund has been rather beastly to me"   666 also has me reaching for holy water or something. How awful to have a good reputation tainted by an evil number ;-)
  6. (if applicable) If there is a deal, I would also ask them to mention ANYTHING about needing to travel and work in other EU countries as part of your job.   If you have accumulated qualifications and training via your employer (or with their blessing if done privately outside of work hours), it might be worth them mentioning that too.   Many EU countries talk about only usually allowing employment of non-eu managers, specialists and "qualified" individuals, so anything from your employer that sheds you in that light might be helpful.   See below link also
  7. ^ The EU have agreed almost PAN-EUROPEAN issuing and acceptance of a blue card. Therefore, collectively, like trade agreements or anything else, the EU most certainly CAN agree on the fine points of immigration status.   If it wants to...
  8. Getting back on topic, Cologne is the latest city in NRW to update their webpage.   Please keep reporting info from your Laender / city.
  9. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

      That's a fair point. Topics don't have to be assigned along with the timeslot though. E.g. Your oral exam starts at 16:00. You must return to the building no later than 15:30, where the randomized oral exam topic will be revealed, and you and your oral exam buddy have 30 mins to prepare before being called in to meet the oral examiners. Happens in lots of language courses with an oral exam component. Pretty sure a variation of that even applies to GCSE etc... 
  10. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

    As far as I know from colleagues taking the B1, and what I've read, you take everything that is NOT an oral exam together in one block - usually in the morning. I get the impression they are lax on who is allowed to supervise the B1 non-oral exam parts. Just somebody who can give clear instructions, play a CD, handle a stopwatch, answer general questions, police the room etc...(no offence to teachers here - I'm simplifying what is probably a very, very tough job)   The oral exam is then usually scheduled in the afternoon (this allows specially accredited B1 oral examiners/markers who commute, a chance to reach the testing centre city in time). From the examiner's perspective, they stay the whole afternoon so everyone gets a turn at an oral exam. From the exam taker's perspective there are usually two possibilities:   1) Either you are offered an afternoon oral exam slot and must stay within the building until your turn.   2) Or, you are offered an afternoon oral exam slot, and you are free to leave the building, but come back at least 30 mins before your alloted time slot.
  11. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

    @mystrg You can travel to any place in the whole of Germany (and I believe, even a few places outside Germany) to take the Citizenship test at an accredited testing centre. Shop around - you could find there is a test space available in a neighbouring city.   You need to react very quickly - normally test centres have a 4-week cut-off date for test enrollment. If you are interested in doing that, enroll for a test today before a new calendar month begins in March. If you're lucky, that way, you will have enrolled today and taken the test before the end of March.
  12. And now NRW / Duesseldorf has released information. Like Berlin and Bonn, the pre-registration can be done online.
  13. You could try swearing obscenities whenever parents + kid are in the stairway. If you get complaints that the child hears it, there's your cue ;-)   If you live in the city, sorry all bets are off. Ambient city / drunken nightlife noise is to be expected. So what's a little child screaming? 
  14. Wow! That's GOT to be a case of German Arbeitsbeschaffungsmassnahmen. So much for Barnier asking EU member states to be generous with already resident Brits...   If they're going to ask for that amount of information, one may as well apply for citizenship and ditch a UK passport. 
  15. Oh, I can't go to my original post and add to it. Oh well, never mind...   Anyway, NRW now - another city, Wuppertal, just fired up their brexit information web page. I'm wondering if more NRW cities activate tomorrow:   And in Bonn you can do an online registration:   And over in Hessen, near Frankfurtänder+und+Integration/Ausländerrechtliche+Informationen+zum+Brexit.html?highlight=brexit