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  1. It's not the best approach, but in the face of homelessness, if as far as the landlord is concerned, you never moved out, you could just say there was a mistake at the amt, they automatically deregistered you when a letter went stray and didn't arrive, and now you have to correct it with a re-register.   Amts deregister people automatically all the time (even though they shouldn't) when mail doesn't get delivered / lost in post / name tag falls off bell / whatever.   The landlord could decide to dig further though. But let's face it, Amts right now are impossible to get hold of due to staff shortages / Amt staff temporarily being re-assigned to Ukraine welcome centers / civil servants retiring and nobody wanting to replace them. So good luck to the tenacious landlord who has the patience to spend hours sending emails / making phone calls to Frau / Herr whoever who no longer works there, or only between the hours of 07:00 and 08:00 once a month in a leap year.   HOWEVER... If you have a good relationship with the landlord, and a good fingertip feeling that they wouldn't hold it against you (not likely with a faceless Liegenschaftverwaltung) then ignore all of above and come clean. 
  2. @HH_Sailor it was not a planned quarantine, and I am vaccinated.   Germany called the UK travel ban AFTER arriving in uk.   I have no eggs, bread or milk in the fridge when I get back.   Does anyone know - can you stop off at the supermarket en route to your home to start quarantine?   Technically, you haven't entered your Wohnung yet at that point, and so technically and literally, you haven't yet had the opportunity to leave it and break quarantine.   I think there might be an airport supermarket. I see no difference between that, and buying stuff in the duty free.
  3. Hi guys,    Next year will be on 14 day home quarantine in Germany exactly on the days it is my turn to clear snow according to the winterdienstplan.    Is there any "befreiung" from the Pflicht:   a) if you're in quarantine. b.) if there are covid curfews (no danger if nobody around, right?) c) If a 3rd party winterdienstfirma calls in sick with covid?   My heart tells me COVID trumps everything, but not sure.   Also to what extent does Quarantine mean not leaving your Wohnung? Is it your Wohnung, or Wohnungsgebauede + footpath belonging to it?
  4. Gay-friendly districts in Cologne

    Regarding the gay scene, like pretty much everywhere in the western world, homophobia is on the increase.   Cologne is probably the most renowned gay-friendly city in Germany, and even there attacks are sadly on the increase. Pre-covid, the local lgbt groups complained police weren't doing enough to keep the areas safe during the evenings. Just one example   The chic inner city areas, sadly, are often now pretty much reserved for the high earning A-gays (Friesenviertel, nicer parts Rudolfplatz etc.)   (Actually, most of that housing stock has long since been snapped up by money grabbing Airbnb bastardos). Grrrr.   The areas around Hansaring towards but not too close to the Dom (not far from major banks and insurance offices) are quite nice.   You will be spending top dollar in most of those places, though.   Away from the city, Zollstock is a really nice leafy general area.    Almost all of the areas immediately surrounding the uni-kliniken are quite quaint.   Ebertplatz, Nippes, Kalk and Ehrenfeld are a bit run-down in my view. All safe - just a bit depressing / concrete jungle-ish. This is where apartments regularly become available (I wonder why...)   What I've generally observed in Germany, is that if you look for a flat not too far from (but not directly in view of)   - hospital. - cemetery. - old church building. - old city gates (Tor), ruins or monument.   You will be in a fairly decent area that's reachable and affordable.