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  1. health insurance - urgent

      @LordByron why does a non-taxation company like the IKK need to know about your tax affairs outside Germany?
  2. Cancel holiday over corona virus?

    I'd like to share a few recent links on this topic:  
  3. Toytown Forum equivalent for Italy

  4. Objection to Company Transfer & Resignation

    @niland Your situation may / may not put you in the category of redundancy if that US company later decides to reorganize / merge office locations / wind down operations, functions etc. The clue I took from your post is "ramp-down". It sounds like the German company is just a holding company for a little while, then they will tear everything up and maybe make redundancies.    You should therefore not resign of your own accord as you will lose any entitlements to a redundancy package, depending how the situation eventually pans out. A redundancy would mean "Betriebsbedingte Kuendigung" and there is nothing to be ashamed in that. Redundancies can be 0.5 or 1 month for every year of service. (no guarantee though)   *if* a redundancy comes your way, even if it was just worth your normal month's salary, you would have more in your bank account because redundancies are taxed less than normal salaries, so more netto from your brutto.   Regardless of your choices, if I were you I'd do some detective work to see what the US company is like. Is it a "chancer" company that has zero experience with EMEA and is looking to turn a quick buck by buying out a company? Since how long was the company buyout decided? Before covid, or as a result of covid? Is it because your DE company was about to go bankrupt (saving jobs). Right now everyone is selling and few companies are buying.   You need to be sure that whichever company is buying you up, will still be existing 12 months from now. If you get a feeling the US company can't pay their bills and payroll in 12 months time, you may want to jump ship anyway.    Is the buying company having a good reputation with its employees? (check glassdoor, kununu etc).    Be especially mindful of the exact wording in any letters they may want you to sign. If they pressurise you to sign the objection letter there and then, this is usually an indication that there is some subtext to the letter that might catch you out.    You said you have a new job lined up. Have you signed (and returned) a contract with them already? Lots of evidence on social media of people who were halfway through interview process being told that due to unforeseen circumstances - corona - job no longer exists. And bear in mind any new job you start puts you back in Probezeit where last in / first out notion of shedding staff in times of crisis, pervades. Do you definitely know that your new employer WON'T immediately place you on Kurzarbeit (or worse) when you get there?  
  5. Job no longer exists due to coronavirus?

    If it's a night club, I'm not sure what job isn't manual. I mean Bartending. DJ'ing. Cloakrooming. Gogo boy dancing... They're all kind of manual ('cept GoGo boy - that'd be groinial ;-)   i can't think of much on the non-manual side - unless you are the bookkeeper or something.   But in any case, you'd need to check your contract to see what it says about tasks.   If it's a firing that you absolutely need, just turn up and do the painting badly or something.   When they complain, say you weren't trained how to do it properly and demand an Ausbildung to have it "gelernt". Or whatever floats your boat.
  6. Recruiter / prospective employer wants date of birth?

    I just thought, if you don't give a rat's ass about the job, you could always toy with them and put your birth date several centuries in the past.   When they ask, just say in your first incarnation that was your date of birth. They can't discriminate against you for having a wacky take on when you were truly "born". :-) 
  7. Recruiter / prospective employer wants date of birth?

    Birth date is a bit unusual to collect in the early stages of recruitment. Usually it's for later when a job offer is (about to be) made.   It is stripped from the "standard" EU format CV.   It might be worth asking them why date of birth is part of the recruitment process to rule you in / out of a job selection.   There are some types of jobs though, where dob is needed (financial jobs, ceo, exec positions etc...) even in the early stages of recruitment because of the pre-screening that might take place.
  8. Letter from creditrefrom for no show up

    @nanay Did you book a specific hotel brand with a room of a specific quality, or was it one of those "mystery bookings" where they don't reveal the name of the hotel until last minute?   What did you mean by "they" tried to offer you a different hotel? The hotel you arrived at, or booking dot com?   If "they" are a chain hotel, and "they" are full, but their other hotel down the road is free, they normally either upgrade you to the better room available in the other hotel at no extra charge.    What they can't do is relocate you to a different hotel (of a lower quality) and charge you THE SAME PRICE as the more luxurious hotel you were originally booked into.    If it were me, I wouldn't have walked out of the hotel lobby until I at least got something in writing that they couldn't give me a room. 
  9. Acceptance of sick note from a foreign doctor during vacation

    This isn't a legal answer, but a suggestion:   Try going to your German doctor to try your luck if they can retroactively at least write a note to corroborate they received a note from foreign doctor (incl ICD-10 codes?) Before they open their mouth to say something - say it would be unverbindlich and not used for krankenkasse but rather for HR dept / calculation of genuine holiday days. Throw in for good measure that wife wouldn't have sufficient time to erhol if they were unfairly deprived of "Erholungsurlaub" days.   The worst they can do is say no, but if you ask them, maybe they can write some non-binding letter which you can *at least* provide HR to claim back your holiday days spent sick. Wife wasn't exactly unentschuldigt abwesend.    Such a non-binding letter will not be enough for the krankenkasse, but should be enough to prove  *beyond reasonable doubt* that wife should be excused from work on those days.   If HR still don't accept it, there are other means to get back the equivalent of lost days - Sonderurlaub. If you're moving this year, you're allowed a day off work for that. If you have administrative affairs to tend to, you are allowed a day off work for that. Most people never bother to use those entitlements even when they could. Running around to sort out what to do with a foreign-issued sickness cert isn't exactly not admin related. This is all very picky, and I would exercise caution on playing the Sonderurlaub card with an employer you otherwise have good relations with. 
  10. Brexit and Credit

    In addition to above.   Any type of credit application that is automated / online will probably have algorithms applied. Nobody really knows what algorithms are applied to credit decision making, but a field usually asked about is identity and therefore nationality. So...   Given that even general financial markets constantly take a beating due to the highs and lows of brexit uncertainty, it would not be out of the realms of possibility that a Brit in EU / or an EU 27 in UK (and the brexit consequences / risk assessments attached) *might* get flagged as such in whatever secret algorithms are used to make automated credit decisions post-brexit.   I did all my new contracts / financial arrangements / insurance renewals this side of brexit - just to be on the safe side.
  11. Can an employer change your role within the company?

    @ExPattheDog After Probezeit, the one thing they CANNOT do, is assign you a different role without your permission AND ALSO lower your salary while doing that.   You would have to keep on earning exactly the same salary in your newly assigned (unwanted) role.    "Culture fit" sounds either overly diplomatic, or suspiciously vague.   Corporate culture is broadly the same in the same company whether you move someone from one department to another. I can't see how a "culture" can dramatically change enough simply by switching roles.    If by "culture fit" your boss is trying to be diplomatic and thinks moving you away from contact with certain individuals will help improve things, then:   a) They should say that, and evidence why that is needed instead of other options.   They have failed in their role as manager to "manage" people and find an acceptable solution. All you do by plonking a person in a different unwanted role is evade / avoid things.   For a boss to encourage the employee to resign (rather than firing them) is also very, very silly and pathetic. What are they afraid of? Lemme see... ah yes, that they already know they would lose a court battle at the Arbeitsgericht, and so stupidly demonstrate that lack of legal confidence by urging their employee to resign... 
  12. Some states and cities in Germany are now activating their brexit plans, updating their web pages, and sending out letters to those affected.   It doesn't make sense to make 1 thread per state. Nor does it make sense to mix this thread with the other brexit topics. So I started this thread to collect info on which states/cities are doing what - most info is pulled via and social media.   Berlin - website updated with info and FAQs.   Munich - website updated with info   Saxony - Landesamt sending out short questionnaire letters to brit residents. Website updated with info:   Feel free to update and I'll add to the list.
  13. Hi there,    The few times in Germany I have had a refund from a shop and originally paid by debit card ec/maestro/girocard, I always got paid cash back. Maybe they didnt have the correct type of card terminals to refund back onto an ec card, ie only deduct but not give back.   Anyway, I recently got something refunded in the uk and they put the refund amount back onto my maestro/giro card from sparkasse. But its been over a week now, and it hasnt shown up in my online banking transaction history.   I have the uk card refund receipt which I can show my german bank, but I'm just wondering who to approach and what to do if a few days after the easter break the refund amount still hasnt hit my account.   Has anybody had stuff refunded back onto their german card while outside germany? How long did it take?