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  1. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

    One thing I am curious about though - is it really the case that the 300+ question pool on the website are the only exact questions they're allowed to ask in the test? I mean, if you learn the 300+ questions off by heart, is that really all there is to it? That simple???   I can't think of any exam I've ever taken where they publish the questions and answers in advance. Surely they must deviate from those 300+ questions in the question pool...   Then again, I can imagine them being very bureaucratic about the formulation of each question text, signed off by their vorgesetzter etc... mustn't upset the Ordnung :-)
  2. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

    I've seen a few of the test registration printouts our colleagues get. They look very simplistic.   Anyway, you just need to turn up with passport and the printout slip they directly gave you when paid the 25- to register at an approved test center (either vhs, euroschulen and a few other institutes - I think)   Pretty sure the vhs/institutes aren't even IT networked to the govt anyway. So the first letter from the BAMF, theoretically, would be AFTER the institute bundles up the completed test papers, sends them somewhere, and the results come back.   If you're testing in the next days/weeks, not sure how quick results are likely to come back - could be kein schwein taking the test at christmas, so less papers to mark (but markers on vacation ???)
  3. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

    The only thing that is sure, is the Brexit day when the art. 50 two years are up. Factors which could affect things positively for dual passport applications:   A. Extension of 2-year negotiation period, which could stretch out EU membership for a bit longer. Bear in mind it took 8 months to agree on 3 topics. Trade talks could go well beyond that.   B. Transition period. A minimum of 2 years transition period has been talked about. It is plausible that dual passport option continues for an overlapping period after the brexit date. Don't count on it though.   C. DE is still hammering out a coalition, so we shouldn't expect any quick legislation changes for 2019 and maybe 2020. Unless there is another general election which leads to AFD having even more seats...        
  4. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

    Well, today's Brexit announcement pretty much puts the nail in the coffin for Brits in EU expecting freedom of movement in 26 other eu nations. Expect another smaller peak in citizenship applications/waiting times...
  5. Ok, admittedly the thread title sounds a bit suspicious, but this is not the case. My previous posts should attest to that.   Long story short. Our building is owned by different landlords. Not my landlord, but the one in question lives in the building with us. Our relationship started off stormy, cooled to luke warm, and is now probably in the best place it could be. But I keep myself at arms length from them, and my bruised ego and gut instinct is to remain wary. Even my landlord comments on their busybody ways...   Anyway, the busybody's other tenant (who I get on well with) now also has a sat dish. Both ours lost signal together, and I said I'd pay half the costs since they were ordering a tech guy anyway, and the tech guy could do both our dishes together. It turns out the tech guy is someone the busybody uses for other jobs.   Cost, I hear you cry. What am I up to??? Something dodgy??? Nope. Genuinely not at all. If it all goes through the nice tenant, I'm fine via bank transfer or cash in hand, either way I couldn't care less.   The problem is, if their busybody landlord decides to poke their nose into things and decide they will offer a "service" of administering things for their tenant, to give themselves a little job to keep them occupied. I'd like to nip that in the bud before it can steer in that direction.   I could end up having to uberweis busybody my part of the costs, and I really don't want to volunteer my bank info to them. I wouldn't put it past them to have "snooping files" in leverarch on every person within a 100m radius, just salivating at the day they can whip out their files and accost whoever has the misfortune to cross their path.   I will freely admit I may be overthinking this to the nth degree. But, I'd still appreciate advice nonetheless. I was thinking of telling the tech guy to split the bill and send my half to me, and then busybody doesn't get a look in. Or does that complicate things?   Silly me, I should have just individually ordered a tech guy for myself, and then I wouldn't have put myself in this predicament... Maybe I just need to have a cocktail and chill :-)
  6. Astra 2F and 2E Now 2G - New satellites arrive

    Thanks for checking. I'm hoping if its weather related, it'll all "blow over" soon :-) 
  7. Astra 2F and 2E Now 2G - New satellites arrive

    Is anybody else receiving no satellite signal just now? Both of us in our building with completely different dishes and directions have just lost signal. No winds or anything to explain a sudden loss...
  8. Just wondering if anyone else has ever noticed this when commuting, or generally:   Sure escalators and lifts break down all the time. But it seems to me, as soon as November comes, nobody repairs much until the new (financial) year.    Has anybody else noticed this pattern?
  9. Brexit: The fallout

    Anybody notice the UK government voted NOT to take over the charter of rights yesterday, during Withdrawal Bill debate?   Unless they "top up" these rights legally somehow with new legislation (unlikely for Tories) it looks like employment rights and I guess also lgbt can be, if needed, changed at the drop of a hat once they have Henry 8th powers...   The Charter of Rights was probably THE amendment vote that would be a government defeat, and it still managed to clear with 10 votes ahead. So it can be pretty much assumed all other amendments from here on in will be rejected by the tories...
  10. RIP Joan Rivers

    The last EVER fashion police airs in just over a week. Hoping for some unseen Joan Rivers footage to send off the show.   Kathy Griffin is also in Germany next Monday - next week is shaping up to be a good one :-)
  11. Kathy Griffin comedy tour - Cologne November

    Yass! Just two more days until Kathy. Pinch me - is this real?
  12. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

    ^ Second that.  There will be lots of people "graduating" to 8 years next year or even in 2019. You can probably get away with submitting your citizenship around 3 months earlier than the exact date.   And even if your application straddles the brexit date, I have "faith" they will also honour those applications on the date they were submitted rather than the day they were finally processed.    As far as I know, registering for either the citizenship test or language test are independent and don't trigger anything else - you can stop right there if you want. If you are unsure, you could simply do the tests now, and if you don't decide to go through with an eventual application, at least you've got a few certs out of it.   Let's not forget, this is a country where the former GEZ doesn't accept you have left the country even if you have. So on that basis...
  13. Is this a data protection issue

    Just from feeling, I would still query the TYPE/Combination of data being shared for a non-business (i.e. residential) Name and number is one thing, but the 3 interlocking data elements name, address and telephone number seems a bit much nowadays. Especially given the lengths the government is going to, to keep e-gov citizen services and egk/similar citizen details encrypted. (Yes, i know that example is health, but still...)   Forgetting all of this, the new 2018 GDPR is just around the corner, so whether the quoted doc still stands in a couple of months is anyone's guess.   Also, the document reads like the focus is on business rather residential e.g. credit reference agencies, which I assume can't be done unless somebody is going through the deliberate action of applying for credit. Why would you apply fur credit with an Amt to register yourself - especially if your first registration address on arrival is a hotel anyway?    Only a lawyer would be able to give a good answer here. I'd like to think, with Germany priding itself on its impeccable data protection principles, that even without opt-outs vulnerable interlocking data isn't readily offered up on a plate to cybercriminals...  
  14. Is this a data protection issue

    There is usually an opt-out form that you can sign when registering. If you don't opt out, they can pass on your details in only a very few restricted situations. Certainly not for your situation with that level of data detail.   Just imagine credit card cyber fraudsters get hold of the info. They now have a "bible" gifted to them to be already 1 foot in the door to call some callcenter pretending to be you and coaxing some couldn't-care-less call centre worker to reveal (or give a clue to) your account number / username etc...)   If you don't get any luck complaining, if I were you, I'd try and find some minor celebrity or someone in the public eye in your town listed in that book, contact/visit them and ask them if they had any idea their address is listed this way. Within moments you can bet there'll be a newsworthy reaction until the breach is stopped.
  15. Kathy Griffin comedy tour - Cologne November

    Just a little under 2 weeks to go - can't wait. I'm so excited. And I just can't hide it.