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  1. I actually had some fun during a recent trip to UK.   I had a salesperson wanting to know my email address as I paid at the cashier. I gave them - they actually typed it in too :-) :-)   Sometimes its just easier to shut them up by fake complying rather than getting into a discussion about why its none of their business.
  2. There ARE polite and friendly Germans out there - promise. Walk into any "Lush" store, for example :-)   Admittedly, I think the staff are force-fed Prozac, but never mind.   I never understood why The Golden Girls was ever a TV hit in Germany. Everything Sophia EVER says would be "na, logisch" for a German :-)   It's a reason why the noughties UK TV hit "Grumpy old women / men" would never work in Germany. Again, na logisch...
  3. Cost of eyeglasses in Germany

    Just a word of advice for those taking advantage of the krankenkasse now paying for lenses for prescriptions stronger than +/- 6.    Like all prescriptions in Germany, the Augenarzt eye test prescription is only valid for a few weeks. If you rock up to the opticians with an out-of-date prescription, they will of course still use the prescription measurements to make up your glasses, but they WILL NOT subtract the krankenkasse discount.    This therefore doesn't leave you with a lot of time to shop around in stores or online for a good price quote.   Bottom line: Book your Augenarzt eyetest appointment in a month with no public holidays, and where you aren't outside of the country for a few days.! That will give you an optimal time window of validity on your prescription.   PS With brexit weakening the pound, you might be better off getting glasses in the UK. Zeiss lenses are waaay cheaper in the UK at the moment.
  4. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

    Why would they need to see your tax records anyway? I mean if you provide them with the last 3 payslips, it's already clear.
  5. No way out of it. But for conscientious objectors, you can always get on their nerves, by:   Looking up the email addresses of management (and also bombarding them with letters somebody has to sign for) to DEMAND they make available the entire 2-year back catalogue of programming.    If I were a lad of leisure, I would have so much fun with that. I would also de- + re-register every week just for added spice :-)
  6. Another brexitshambles :
  7. Breaking: A No Deal checklist now exists for Brits in France. I'm guessing a Germany one will follow at some point.
  8.   Good point. If you have a citizenship application pending at brexit, and "if" any kind of residence doc is offered by Germany even in a no deal scenario, I reckon you should still IN ANY CASE get the "lower / less" residence card and top it up with the citizenship when you get it. Citizenship can still be rejected.   However, I wonder if that acts as a catalyst for Beamter at the Einbuergerungsburo looking less favourably on brits applying for citizenship when they see in their system the applicant already owns / recently applied for whatever brexit residency card *might* become available.
  9. I found the chat - all the answers are here:
  10.   The chat complaint was the waiting times IN GERMANY were too long. The Auswaertiges Amt itself responded to that question saying they will improve waiting times in German London embassy. So either they are totally thick, or they implied it is possible.
  11. To OP: Is this info coming from the Auswaertiges Amt?   They held a public chat on facebook a few months ago with Peter Ptassek, and he (or rather his reps fielding chat questions) said a Beibehahltung is still possible after Brexit to retain dual nationality.   Mind you, they also said you could apparently lodge your citizenship application at the German embassy in London to avoid waiting times in the Laender...    Actually, I'm going to call their London office tomorrow and get on their nerves saying "well, peter ptassek said so..."
  12. Serviced apartments in Cologne?

    No. The only thing you will find are aparthotels that are basically big hotel rooms set up to be apartments, but charged at hotel prices.
  13. Update: Somebody mentioned via the britsingermany group that some stadts are already writing to brits who qualify, and urging them to consider citizenship.    
  14. ^ I wouldn't put it past the tories to want to change that. They already put up the price of relinquishing british citizenship. And are charging EUR 75 for EU citizens in UK to re-confirm a status they already have. Tories will find any ways and means neccessary to grab money to pay for brexit.
  15. Oh, I just thought of another one. Renew your brit passport with the max. amount of pages to allow for the potential of lots of entry/exit stamps as you travel in/out of UK back to Germany.