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  1. Travel to UK to obtain COVID-19 vaccine faster?

    Coronavirus is a worldwide emergency. Even housed asylum seekers/unregularised immigrants are not denied a vaccination.   The GMS1 form allows for EHIC holders to register with a GP:
  2. Germany is going to take a loooong time to vaccinate its way through the age band population compared to UK.   Not only due to stock / supply / contract issues, but also simply by the fact that Germany has a much older population, and will be slowed down spending considerably more time on age bands 80+, 70+, 60+.   Some Germans in UK may choose to travel to Germany to secure a Pfizer vaccine, such is the mistrust over the Astra Zeneca one.   So... given both UK and EU nationals can carry on using their EHIC cards in eachothers' countries post-Brexit, should brits 40+ and 50+ (health impact is greater 40+, than for under 40s) in Germany travel to UK to get a vaccine earlier, while Germany spends most of this year on 80+, 70+, 60+?   Note: current travel restrictions in Germany and UK will probably relax by the summer.
  3. Brexit, New residence permits

    The problem is, unless they can prove otherwise, all Britons travelling to the EU, will be considered as tourists and have their passports stamped as a marker of when they first entered Schengen on Jan 1st (or later). The clock starts counting 90 days until they leave again.   So if a Brit in Germany returns from non-Schengen to Schengen on Jan 1st, then as soon as 90 days (April 1st) is reached, they will be flagged in the separate un-interfaced border systems as "overstayer" (+ given a good grilling the next time they pass a manned Schengen border point).   And because there are 8+ separate un-interfaced systems, removing/scrubbing that flag once it is on there (assuming you can later offer proof you aren't a tourist) doesn't neccessarily scrub it from all systems.   Potentially, remnants of your "overstay" flag could linger depending on which EU Schengen country you transit(ed) to reach Germany.
  4. Brexit, New residence permits

    There is no "system". There are only fragmented un-interfaced systems - EES, VIS, ETIAS, Eurodac, SIS and ECRIS-TCN, to name but a few.   And none of them recognize a "fictive" document as having any legal standing for immigration that would hold up in a court of law. That's why I pay approx €220 a pop to check all the vague claims of "comfort" made by the DE govt in the last few weeks. FB is only recognised in the Bundesgebiet. 26 other EU countries which may be your first Schengen port of call, or stopover, before travelling onward to your home in DE are NOT part of the Bundesgebiet - in case there was ever any doubt.   If you can name 1 instance of a TCN that successfully re-entered Schengen via a non-German border point WITHOUT HINDRANCE solely by presenting a fictive Fiktionsbescheinigung and ID to then travel onwards to Germany, please substantiate this.
  5. Brexit, New residence permits

      A Fiktionsbescheinigung is useless. You can only use it in Germany. It is not accepted by other EU27 border guards if your return leg back to Schengen area and Germany is via a neighbouring EU country. Why would a French speaking border guard understand what a Fiktionsbescheinigung is?
  6. Brexit, New residence permits

    Fur Brits already in DE before Brexit, who have lived here 5+ years, they are entitled to a declaratory daueraufenthaltserlaubnis with *special text* printed on it, that you fall under article 50 legal protections. Don't let them fob you off. Demand that the text is printed un your card.   You'll need to supply passport, biometric photo, fee, and proof of living in country 5+ yrs. This can be employer statement, electricity bills etc.    If they are asking for more forms than that - payslips, B1 test, life in germany test, tell them Germans in UK only need to provide ID card, proof of 5+ yrs residence and no fee (it was cost-free for them).    Take a print out of the minutes of the bundeatag where they said they wanted it to be unburokratisch as possible. And also quote Dittmann. Also take print outs of the EU law paragraphs on accepted proofs.    Don't put up with them trying to treat you like any other 3rd country national requiring same forms. Article 50 means both eligible EU27 in UK and Brits in EU27 are given special treatments and prutections not accessible to other 3rd country nationals in EU, or non-Brits in UK.
  7. Something to point out:   1) There are *very* few travel connections between UK + Germany. A few German airlines have no plans of flying to certain parts of UK until March 2021. Some stopped flying to UK altogether. The likelihood is, you're not going to find an affordable direct flight from close to your German home to close to your UK destination. *especially during that very small window of opportunity where COVID rules are relaxed Dec 23-27. Either it's a long trek across Germany, or across UK between points A and B.    2) On the return trip UK to Germany, 27th Dec onwards, expect flights, trains etc to be delayed or cancelled altogether due to Brexit, or unprofitable passenger routes are closed and passengers shoved on alternate indirect flights / connections. Probably with lots of hanging around at various interchanges. Shoulder to shoulder with coughing/spluttering passengers all in the same predicament. This assumes the winter is OK, and we don't get snowfall the likes of which grounded Eurostar and Airports a fewChristmases ago. (it's Nov, and it's already freezing / minus c outside.)   In short - unless you're travelling between Germany and UK at christmas for compassionate reasons - don't bother. Expect it to be very stressful and costly.    
  8. This is going to sound weird... somewhere between etiquette and formality, and not wanting to be the one to rock the boat.   Anyway, if you send mail to a business / govt dept you've never been in contact with, and they would be the one doing you a favour / helping you out, would they consider it rude / provoking that you sent the letter as registered mail per einschreiben?   For legal certainty, I would like to send the letter per einschreiben. I just don't want to get their backs up, and I've never needed to send a first contact letter per einschreiben before.   Presumably, though they don't have to sign for the letter, they'll still see the postman's mark on the envelope it was per einschreiben.   Is the mere act of sending registered seen as provocative?   I'm probably overthinking this - maybe it's covid loneliness paranoia :-) 
  9. Only in Germany

      Until maybe Jan 1st, and then the online order import charges UK > Germany may warrant smuggling a few kgs of lined paper contraband in your suitcase ;-)