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  1. My point about jumping hoops relates to getting the bank to change your smstan to a NEW telephone number now that the old number was reported stolen. So not the act of getting a new sim, but the act of reconnecting your bank account to a completely different telephone number incl smstan.   Which in my case involved going in person to MY branch, filling out a paper form that they faxed to the zentrale with my new number. A few days later I called them and asked when they would bother themselves enough to change my smstan to my new number, and they told me it would take a few more days. So around 2 weeks without e-banking...For somebody to basically press a button. Within bank hours Mon-Thu, or Fri - half days...   In contrast to banks, Visa verified allows you to switch to a different sms TAN telephone number (and back again) within seconds of you self-triggering that request. I regularly used to do that when travelling between countries and using different sims + numbers. Admittedly, now with cheap EU-wide roaming agreements, I don't need to do that so much. But I don't see any reason why you can't have your own SMStan phone number changed according to your preference instantaneously.
  2. The thing that gets me - is that with the rise of the smartphone, phones have become just as desireable to thieves (if not more so), than bits of paper stuffed in your bag or wallet.   Given the hoops I had to jump through to replace my smstan when I last lost a mobile phone, I'd rather they reinstated the paper tans. Not going to happen though...
  3. If you have your payslips for 2016 and 2017, you should be able to compare them from the time when your earnings went up, and check if in parallel your + your employer contributions went up.   Even if in the worst case you do have to pay the difference yourself, its possible that it is only a portion of the difference - so getting your hands on those payslips is important.   You should also identify WHEN exactly your earnings went up. Start of 2017, end of 2017 etc...   And again - in a worst case scenario - if you do have a difference to pay and it is more comfortable for you, ask to pay 2017 back in monthly installments. They don't ask you to pay your current health insurance upfront for the whole year 2018, so they shouldn't particularly mind if you don't backpay all in one go. Its not as if you can travel back in time to 2017 and rack up additional doctor/dentist/hospital medical treatments and billings for them.
  4. Yet... Brexit brits in Germany will probably end up having less rights and assistance.    Sure, fleeing from a xenophobic self-harming country with Theresa and BoJo at the helm is not exactly the same as fleeing for your life from a dangerous country. But still...
  5. I often see team player mentioned on CVs, and 7/10 times, they tend to be the ones that rub people up the wrong way.   There's a great episode of Will & Grace where they are property-flippers, and they each get poached by a competitor couple:   DEIRDRE: Then I'll make it simple. Say yes. Be on my team. I want you on my team.   GRACE: Stop saying "team." [SIGHS] 
  6. Agree on the self-starter aspect. For example, working full-time while studying for a side-qualification makes quite a good impression.   Not all individual activities are individual - so I'd disagree with that. You could be part of a knitting circle. Console gamers clubs also exist. In fact pretty much every solitary activity has a social / team aspect these days.   The last thing most recruiters will want, is a team full of samey people. Ever watched The Apprentice? Shouty, screamy people all vying for the same status of recognition is a recipe for disaster. It is usually about DIVERSITY rather than uniformity.    Again, you want to know more about a person? You invite them to an interview / skype to match what is "on paper" with what is "in person".
  7. This link contains the EU-wide templates, although I think the layout could be improved a little   Your address etc. isn't the most important thing about you. So, the page space devoted to that should be minimal and unobtrusive.    What IS important, is skills, experience, qualifications etc...    If possible, try to explain some of your work experience in terms of what results you achieved e.g. increased efficiency by x%. Just giving a job description for each employer takes up a lot of space while not saying much.   If you get as far as interview stage, you can pretty much guarantee the interviewer(s) will be further exploring parts of your CV. Typically, they may explore time gaps or ask you to give examples, or ask you to tell them more about what role you played in a task. So, it might be a good idea to add notes - just for you to read - in a different colour for certain parts of your CV "Example = xyz, result = xyz, impact on team/company = xyz." That way you'll be prepared and should help avoid your mind going blank at interview.   There's lots of talk about whether a photo is required. My view is - if you want to see what I look like, then you can invite me to an interview/skype call.  Of course, there are companies out there that require a photo - I've just never applied for such a company, but one day, I might have to.   The purpose of a CV is to land you an interview. Once you get employed by a company, you in any case usually have to fill out a "company application form / employee data form" DESPITE already supplying your CV.   Even if you did supply a photo for your CV, chances are it will not be compatible with company ID cards, and so you'll need to retake a photo of yourself for the ID card.   And finally - please bear in mind a CV is now like gold dust for online fraudsters. You CV contains EVERYTHING online fraudsters need, to start stealing your identity, ordering bank cards in your name etc...   If you are uploading your CV to careers boards, be fully aware you are still uploading it to the PUBLIC internet. The groups may be closed access, but it is still the public internet.
  8. Hi guys. On one of my apartment windows, the locking mechanism which allows the handle to switch from "auf kipp" slightly ajar to wide open is faulty.    After a lot of shoving I managed to get the window closed again, but the seal is not 100% closed, so at nights I hear street noise or cars whizzing by, even though the gap is probably just 1-2 mm.   Normally I'd call the landlord, but since I feel this might be due to my man-handling, I'd rather try and find a repair person who can look at ONLY repairing the locking mechanism, rather than trying to replace a whole window. There's nothing wrong with the glass or frame - just the metal mechanism inside, connected with the handle.   I've a feeling its a quick fix where something needs to be bent back into position to allow the window to close to a 100% seal.    The rubber seals are not damaged , so I definitely think this is due to wear and tear use of the handle and shoving the window shut.   Bottom line - what is the german technical name for repair people/companies that can help with auf kipp window locking mechanisms?   Or can anyone suggest german terms I should be searching for on youtube in case there are any repairs/troubleshooting tips I can try myself to fix the auf kipp window mechanism?
  9. New, improved electricity meters

    Next time I move apartments, I most definitely will be exercising my GDPR right to be forgotten as soon as I've settled any outstanding account.
  10. There has been talk that *maybe* there will be some kind of card for brits in eeu27 that will be valid thru all member states. Its very vague, and it sounds a bit like a souped-up Niederlassungserlaubnis card - Im sure theyll take inspiration from the Germans on this.   Anyway. For those of you non-Brits who DO have a Niederlassungserlaubnis card, in what situations do you present it?    Can you for example present it at eu border points? Or is that only AFTER you have presented your passport?
  11. New, improved electricity meters

    I was wondering the exact same thing. Somebody has to pay for this exercise, parts and billable hours.    I got a letter months ago and it was phrased something like "Eventually, an engineer will visit your building to swap out the meters. This will NOT happen any sooner than 3 months from now. You will get another reminder letter when a definite time window can be given"   There are no cost savings to the consumer. Maybe for the provider if they only send out engineers every 2nd year instead of every year. (if they trust consumers more to give readings in the first year)   I still wasn't sure about whether they have/will have data transmission capabilities and how they transmit - RFID, WiFi etc...   And whether all of this complies with new GDPR. And SPECIFICALLY what data sets about you are 1) stored and 2) transmitted. E.g For your krankenkasse card chip, they send you a letter outlining every data element on there e.g. name, versichertennummer etc... For smart meter, they're very sketchy and won't give specifics of data elements.   I'm not comfortable with MY data being stored for up to 2 years after I moved out of an apartment.   I know that in the UK, you can refuse a smart meter if they turn up. In Germany you get your right to Widerspruch taken away from you. That seems to be happening a lot lately - oops #sorryboutit - you can't Widerspruch because we make the rules with no public consultation. Have a nice life.
  12. Joining the Bundeswehr

    A friend and I were just chatting the other day about citizenship and military service.   We eventually got onto the topic of war. If ever there was a kind of world war 3 scenario (I know, sorry to be a pessimist) Germany would sadly be a prime candidate for occupation. Wealth, infrastructure etc... all for the taking. Just walk up to the front door and take it all.   Shudder... Its like Edina from Abfab says  - the older you get - the scarier life becomes :-s
  13. Delaying anmeldung for a couple of months

    @guyfromoutside  Just to clarify - I didn't mean don't register - that's insane. I meant consider carefully which address of registration to use temporarily - especially any consequences (or not) for your friend. 
  14. Delaying anmeldung for a couple of months

    Be aware that in a week or so the TV licensing people will do a database match of everybody registered with the authorities as living at an address. If you register at a friend's place, you may bring either unwanted attention to them, or license immunity to you if they were already paying.
  15. Beggars knocking on your door

    I was standing directly behind a woman at an ATM the other day. A beggar guy in a wheelchair, dishevelled, made a beeline for her, rolled RIGHT UP up to her as she was using the machine. His wheels were literally touching the ATM and her by the time he got close enough.   This was in a busy Passage with cctv cameras everywhere...    He wouldn't go away and kept pestering the woman. I said something like "let the woman get on with things in peace, or you get nothing" and he rolled off.   I kind of hate myself for being one of "those guys" who gives out on the streets, but the woman was getting stressed, and had it been a big burly guy at the ATM, I don't think the beggar would have even dared try his luck.   I probably would have tossed him a coin, but not when he's behaving like that. If I ever see him again, he won't be getting a charitable donation from me, that's for sure.