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  1. school holidays

    Wow lot of feedback and this what was needed for taking right decision.   I think Alpha nature of School principle has triggered me.   Anyway, I am dropping idea of visiting Pakistan with my kids.   There are lot of reasons like   1.     Too much stress, 2.     High probability of Corona infection, 3.     Quarantine time in Pakistan/Germany (10-25 days), 4.     Stress with School management.   So bottom line, fun is missing in this whole visit.    My mother in law will not happy with my decision. Now if my wife wants to go (alone) this is her decision as she has only one brother.    Thanks every one.  
  2. school holidays

    @engelchen and @Space Cowboy  Thanks for your honest feedback.   @El Jeffo Just for Info. I dont want break the law.
  3. school holidays

    @Space Cowboy10th April, last day of school holiday   @engelchen decesion of my mother in law, so cant change :)
  4. school holidays

    I will come back in holidays
  5. school holidays

    Good morning everyone,     I am in a very difficult situation now and need a little advice from everyone.      so first the background of problem.     I have 10 years old son, who is going to primary school. In 2018 we toke 10 days holidays so that we can spend more time with my Father who was suffering with cancer in Pakistan. He died after 6 months. At that time school principal (an Alpha personality) was not very happy, but we took the stand she gave us permission on written assurance from us that we will not take any holidays in Primary school time.     Now there is a wedding of my brother in law and I need 3 days holidays in end of March. As usual school principal is not happy, and she has rejected based on the 2018 document.     solution:   1. Just fly without informing them and on return just pay the fine.   2. Just call kid sick and fly during this time. I don’t like this solution as this does not match my personality and bad example for my kids.    2. Go to court settle there. Pay the court fee rather than paying fine. I am sure in law there will be provision for foreign background families. Here is link for Pflicht zur Teilnahme am Unterricht und an den sonstigen Schulveranstaltungen.     So, I need option on all above solution.   It will very nice if some give cost estimate, if I decide to settle this matter in court.   Thanks in advance.