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  1. Go into the local photo-dose.

    Give them the exact description you have there, get the photo done.

    They will know exactly what the rules are.


    Alternatively if you prefer a photo-booth, then at least here in Bremen the  the relevant office has a photo-machine in the lobby and I can only assume it will take the right kind of pictures. (be a bit shit if it didn't)



  2. Got my paperwork on Friday last week, it took about 20 minutes to fill in the online form, but that was only cos I needed to look up when the house was built and exactly what the floor area was.

    I could have 'estimated' those values and been done in 5 minutes or so.



  3. I think I want this to win Eurovision more than anything right now.



    Best bits from the lyrics:-

    Opening verse...

    Not sure I told you, but I really like your teeth
    That hairy coat of yours with nothing underneath
    Not sure you have a name, so I will call you Keith
    And before that wolf eats my grandma
    Give that wolf a banana
    Next verse
    See where you’re going, but I don’t know where you’ve been
    Is that saliva or blood drippin’ off your chin?
    If you don’t like the name Keith I’ma call you Jim

    All the lyrics are fantastic though, take a look at them here:-



  4. Question for all you electric car drivers, back when we had a car, it was not uncommon for it to sit outside unused for 2 or 3 months.

    TBH it was an emergency only vehicle and unless we were going to collect or deliver something bulky or to travel on vacation the car just sat outside.

    How long would the charge hold up in such a scenario on an electric car?  Days, weeks, months?


    We have no off-road parking and the road is too far away from an extension lead, so any charging would be done at a remote charge point, meaning if the batteries are flat we would be stuck there.


    If the battery had ever given out on the diesel car, we had an emergency battery charger thing which would have gotten us going, and/or we could get a jump start from a neighbour.

    What would we have done with an electric car?




  5. 36 minutes ago, Rushrush said:
    So issue is that I never updated my bank account details so the refund went to my old bank account, which has been closed for several years.

    They can only refund to the original purchase method. You need to work with your old bank to resolve this not with Eventim.


    EDIT: Oops I just saw this was a re-sale not a refund, still you need to work with your old bank as they have the money now.



  6. 26 minutes ago, TurMech said:

    Even if he was non-EU, he could get back the old citizenship as soon as the new law is in place, couldn't he?

    Not necessarily and it's really getting off topic to speculate. 

    We don't know what the new law will say about Germans who want to take on a second citizenship (which is what would be happening here) and we don't know which hypothetical nationality was given up, and so we have no clue what that countries rules about dual citizenship their might be. For example I know India doesn't allow it.



  7. There is nothing specific in the law which covers this. The problem is that the requirement in Staatsangehörigkeitsgesetz (StAG) § 10  (1).7  is

     über Kenntnisse der Rechts- und Gesellschaftsordnung und der Lebensverhältnisse in Deutschland verfügt

    The official translation gives that as  " possess knowledge of the legal system, society and living conditions in the Federal Republic of Germany;"


    This is then clarified by saying that   As a rule, the requirements of subsection (1) sentence 1 no. 7 are met if the foreigner has passed the naturalisation test.

    So yeah in general the test shouldn't expire, but they might re-write that bit of the rules and/or re-write the test before you come to apply, and then you would need to argue your case with your case worker.

    Most of this law is written to give the caseworkers a lot of leeway about what they are allowed to accept and a little bit about what they "must" accept, but it's very open.


    So do the test and get the certificate if you want to.

    Worst case the knowledge is still helpful and you wasted some cash on a test you didn't need. Best case you save a few weeks waiting for a test result.

    Personally I wouldn't bother but it's up to you. 



  8. Agree with everything murphaph said above, it really will depend on your local office and your case worker.

    You might also consider that some-time during this session of parliament they are allegedly going to re-work the rules to make it easier to naturalise and one of the proposals I saw recently was that the minimum requirement could be dropped to 5 years (or even 3 with special integration), so it might even be quicker than you think.


    I would say don't worry this far out about 'how early' just work on getting all the other requirements sorted like the language skills and the citizenship test knowledge, then watch for changes in the legislation.


    About 3 to 6 months before you are qualified (Or as soon as the law changes if you qualify under the new rules), make an appointment to discuss the requirements, then they will give you the latest accurate details of what you need, which may well have changed from now.


    In the meantime, get your B1 German qualification anyway (it will always be a help), study more German if you can, download the questions and study for the naturalisation test, it's easy to pass and even if they change the requirements it will be good knowledge.



  9. The story is real, there is an investigation into a Tory MP watching porn on his phone inside the commons during a debate.

    The headline is a bit cheeky because mass debate sounds a bit like masturbate.




  10. If he is still chasing you for this then it's going to get annoying fast and it will take more than a couple of hours to deal with.

    Assuming you value your time and energy at more than minimum wage the 'cheap' option is to just give in and pay the idiot.

    The alternative if you have legal insurance is to try getting them to pay for a lawyers letter to shut the guy up,  but it will take longer and be more stress.



  11. As far as I understand it, nothing you decide regarding custody will have any legal status in the event you both pass.

    The decision will be taken by the Jugendamt and they are required to act in the best interest of the child.

    I guess the issues that would need to be considered then would be how close were the kids to the prospective guardians, how much disruption it might cause to their lives/schooling etc, and I don't think anyone can say in advance how it would turn out.

    That said, if you do have prospective family who could step in, I would get something in writing. Make sure they have space to accommodate the kids and the financial wherewithal to do so.

    Make very sure that the kids know them well and feel comfortable with them. 

    Beyond that I'm not sure there is much you can do.



    EDIT: I've just thought that this might not be relevant if your kids have Canadian nationality and no German nationality, but really I don't know.