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  1. I personally wouldn't risk it.

    The published rules are that she needs a passport valid for 3 months after the intended departure date.

    In order to get to Germany from Spain she will need to travel through at least one other country too and I'm sure most of them have similar requirements.

    With the various state of covid restrictions etc I suspect the chances of being checked at a border or when stopped in-country somewhere to be higher than normal, and if she meets an official with a bee in their bonnet about Brexit then the outcomes are not guaranteed to be favourable.



  2. 54 minutes ago, optimista said:

    Who knits these figures ? Wonder what size needles they use. Anybody gonna disagree ?


    Agree Optimista. Smells fishy to me.

    I can't find anyone else doing a fact check on this particular tweet, but if I do my own checking then it doesn't look right to me.


    If I look at the website relating to eu contributions they don't have an exact check on this particular claim but they do have a graph showing net contributions.


    Looking at that graph the source is:-

    House of Commons Library 'The UK's contribution to the EU budget' June 2019 (PDF File).


    In that file is a table on page 11 showing amongst other things the net-contributions per year. If I take that table and sum those figures I get a net contribution over 47 years of £225,366 million (call it 225 Billion for comparison).


    I'm not 100% sure we can reasonably assume that this information is 'unbiased' but it is probably the best we can get and could in theory be cross checked against EU figures. I assume since full-fact used the graph, they found nothing wrong with it.


    The claimed 'economic cost' of brexit is not something I bothered to research because it is clearly less than the 225 Billion total contribution.


    That said, I still think Brexit was insanity and the flavour of Brexit being perused by the UK gov probably the worst possible version of it.



  3. Re: Selling out, many resellers run scripts checking amazon for the price on an almost constant basis.

    If one supplier lists only a small number of items in stock and other suppliers think they can resell at a higher price ,  then it's not impossible that the other suppliers just bought all 9 of them.





  4. 52 minutes ago, optimista said:

    You cannot chop too much off.


    Just a warning here, yes you can :-). 

    Don't prune below the graft. In particular when your wife tells you you can't chop too much off, don't chop her standard roses down to a single stem 2 feet above the ground and then proudly tell her you have done.

    She will not like it.


  5. 17 hours ago, MaineCoon said:

    However, I do not want to jeopardise my purchase of his half of the Schrebergarten. It's been a very long, hard haul to get to this point.



    If this is your goal then either keep the debt and the purchase totally separate, or get the Notar to include this stipulation regarding the debt directly into the contract of sale.

    If you fuck about and try to change the terms of the deal then the notar can and will void the whole sale, and you will still be on the hook to pay their fees etc.

    (Source I had a property purchase fall through completely because of a dispute over some minor details which were not in the contract).




  6. 2 hours ago, Keleth said:

    and well trained (apparently)

    How long does police training take?

    There are around 18,000 police agencies in the US, but with no national standards on training, procedures and timescales vary across the country.

    On average, US officers spend around 21 weeks training before they are qualified to go on patrol.


    That is far less than in most other developed countries, according to a report by the Institute for Criminal Justice Training Reform (ICJTR).

    Police training hours

    The report looked at police training requirements in more than 100 countries and found that the US had among the lowest, in terms of average hours required.


  7. I think the onion nailed it linked to the archive org so you get the same version if you look later.


    They have been running the same headline with variations on the same story since 2014, but today, every story on the main page has the headline:-

    ‘No Way To Prevent This,’ Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens


    Different towns different shootings same story all over America.

    Totally tragic.



  8. 11 hours ago, MadAxeMurderer said:

    The most important why being why did they use the old address. I have personal reasons that any letters sent to the old address are undesirable.



    Can you use an EU Data Subject Access request and ask them for all names and addresses associated with you, then get them to remove all reference to the old address because it is now incorrect?



  9. No it's not legally binding on either of you.

    The contract is not completed until they confirm they have received your payment. Any time before that, both parties can walk away.


    For a contract to form there needs to be

    1. an offer
    2. an acceptance of the offer
    3. a consideration
    4. an intent by both parties to form a binding agreement.


    Putting the item on the website is an invitation for you to make an offer.  

    Although the process went as far as them accepting your offer, they never actually took your money so the contract was not complete.


    An analogous situation is where you pick something up in a shop and it has the wrong price on it, when you get to the till they don't have to honour the lower price , but you don't have to pay a higher price if you don't want to. There is simply no contract.

    However if you get through the checkout and you have paid, they can't make you pay the 'extra' or make you give the items back, if they notice the mistake, that is after the contract is concluded.


    NB I am not a lawyer if you want legal advice pay someone.




  10. 2 hours ago, silty1 said:

    Maybe getting hit by lightning is a better comparison? Either way, a lot more likely than dying of monkeypox.



    Pretty much irrelevant TBH, if I could get a safe and tested vaccine against lightning or car accidents then I would take those too.



  11. 1 hour ago, bbogdanmircea said:

    The difference in the Schrifftliche Prufung was almost 110 Points, they wrote that they made an error but I don't know what really happened.


    They probably lost a page or forgot to mark the back :-). Wow thats quite a difference, well done.


  12. Go into the local photo-dose.

    Give them the exact description you have there, get the photo done.

    They will know exactly what the rules are.


    Alternatively if you prefer a photo-booth, then at least here in Bremen the  the relevant office has a photo-machine in the lobby and I can only assume it will take the right kind of pictures. (be a bit shit if it didn't)



  13. Got my paperwork on Friday last week, it took about 20 minutes to fill in the online form, but that was only cos I needed to look up when the house was built and exactly what the floor area was.

    I could have 'estimated' those values and been done in 5 minutes or so.