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  1. 4 minutes ago, Proton Anna said:

    For him, signing something for me means having to bow to the unfairness and injustice that he "lost" him son


    Yeah but fortunately what it means to him is just an irrelevance. He needs to act in the best interest of his son, and to be seen to be acting in the best interest of his son by the authorities.

    At the moment the appearance from your posting here is that he is acting like a spoiled child and trying to deliberately block you from supporting his son.

    That is clearly not in the boys best interest and will be frowned on by the authorities.

    Stay strong, and good luck tomorrow.





  2. 18 hours ago, Proton Anna said:

    do I need to do an Antrag every time I need a darn signature?

    Until you get custody yes, but remember every time he makes you jump through this hoop your argument for custody gets stronger and his gets weaker.

    This is a marathon not a sprint, you are going to have to fight on for a while, but when he is being this much of a dick, you surely will win.

    Good luck.



  3. 9 hours ago, Proton Anna said:

    my ex

    This is the important bit. He owes this debt not you.


    Get an official record of the fact that he has left. (I believe from your other posts there are court papers etc).

    Then forget about it.

    If the bailiff shows up chasing after the debt, show them the relevant paperwork and have them go away.


    He is your ex, it's not your problem.



  4. 21 minutes ago, Wulfrun said:

    Like The Who, not so much Johnny Cash...



    Oh come on, the Johnny Cash cover of Hurt is one of the greatest cover versions of anything ever, and the video changes it so totally from the NiN version, that together I just love them.

    Of course this version is also staggeringly beautiful and not to be missed.





  5. @JG52 Just watched the first episode of Vigil and it's excellent. Thanks for that.


    Great to see Rose Leslie again as well. Loved her stuff since Game of Thrones and the good-fight.


    Watching her in this and enjoying it too...




  6. I personally wouldn't risk it.

    The published rules are that she needs a passport valid for 3 months after the intended departure date.

    In order to get to Germany from Spain she will need to travel through at least one other country too and I'm sure most of them have similar requirements.

    With the various state of covid restrictions etc I suspect the chances of being checked at a border or when stopped in-country somewhere to be higher than normal, and if she meets an official with a bee in their bonnet about Brexit then the outcomes are not guaranteed to be favourable.



  7. 54 minutes ago, optimista said:

    Who knits these figures ? Wonder what size needles they use. Anybody gonna disagree ?


    Agree Optimista. Smells fishy to me.

    I can't find anyone else doing a fact check on this particular tweet, but if I do my own checking then it doesn't look right to me.


    If I look at the website relating to eu contributions they don't have an exact check on this particular claim but they do have a graph showing net contributions.


    Looking at that graph the source is:-

    House of Commons Library 'The UK's contribution to the EU budget' June 2019 (PDF File).


    In that file is a table on page 11 showing amongst other things the net-contributions per year. If I take that table and sum those figures I get a net contribution over 47 years of £225,366 million (call it 225 Billion for comparison).


    I'm not 100% sure we can reasonably assume that this information is 'unbiased' but it is probably the best we can get and could in theory be cross checked against EU figures. I assume since full-fact used the graph, they found nothing wrong with it.


    The claimed 'economic cost' of brexit is not something I bothered to research because it is clearly less than the 225 Billion total contribution.


    That said, I still think Brexit was insanity and the flavour of Brexit being perused by the UK gov probably the worst possible version of it.