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  1. Windows backup will need to be setup to backup on a schedule, it doesn't continually mirror. It is normally set to only backup things which have changed since the last backup, so once you've set it up it's pretty much done.


    If you have the Ultimate, Business, or Enterprise edition of Windows Vista then you can also turn on 'Shadow Copy' to protect yourself against accidental deletion, but this still isn't quite what you describe above.







  2. Two critical questions,



    1. Is this for commercial or personal use? and
    2. Which OS are you running?
    If for it's commercial use (including the 'institute' scenario above) the list from DK is still pretty good, although it's possible not all of them can handle Linux and OS-X (I didn't check).


    For personal use here are some more free backup ideas...



    • For a Windows 7 machine you can easily get away with Windows backup to a big USB hard drive, a full image backup works in the case of catastrophic failure and the file backup covers most things you might accidentally delete.
    • For older versions of windows I've also used DriveImage xml ( http://www.runtime.o...veimage-xml.htm) for backups and transfers in the past.
    • For Apple machines time-machine/time-capsule seems to be the way to go.
    • For linux boxes your choices are endless, personally for my linux machines I use rsync to an offsite server and that seems to cover what I need, but for a full blown free backup system take a look at amanda (If you go this route and are scaling out to the network then amanda can also backup your windows and osx machines.




    Copies of email can be left on the mail server as a extra line of protection, and you can always mail yourself anything that you want to keep an extra copy of.


  3. Re: VPNOD. Just signed up myself and it seems to work but I probably won't use it.


    More detail...


    Sign-up from a gmail account didn't work (No response to the request email), so I had to give them a 'real' email address.


    Once I signed in, it gave me an IP address that seems to be in LA and the speed was OK




    Reason I won't use it is that the TOS agreement, in particular a few bits really bother me.


    This one... "That you do not perform or engage in any illegal activities using the offered service that violate the laws of the country you reside in and the state of Kuwait."


    And also this one... "We collect usage information that could potentially be used to identify individuals. We will take a best effort approach to protect this information and will not sell it to any third party."


    Do you know enough about Kuwait law to agree to that, I sure don't, and given that the legal system there is based on Sharia rather than a more western code I don't think I even understand all of the principles.


    So enjoy if you want to, but take care...


  4. Whois for GMT-SHipping website here...





    Relevant dates:              Registered on: 25-Aug-2010

    Registration status:        Registration request being processed.


    Looks like a scam to me. 




  5. "problem obtaining the certificate" could be the clue here. If your wifi is setup to use 802.1X certificates at one end but not the other then it won't work.


    A google search on "802.1x authentication EasyBox 602" tells me that the router supports this mode of operation (but I can't be bothered trying to read the german docuemtation to work out how to turn it off).




  6. Not going to answer about the credit-card/Maestro card stuff, others have done that but regarding Paypal..



    I registered my bank account first. I went back to payment page on this other website (to pay through PP), where I was redirected to this page for registering my card.


    Just done the same-thing myself with pay-pal Germany. So first thing to know is you can change the language to English and then the text gets easier to understand. When I did that it became obvious to me that the site I wanted to use was only willing to take payment from 'Verified' pay pal accounts.

    If you visit with an unverified account it takes you to the credit-card registration section. Presumably because thats the quickest way in some countries to get a verified account.

    Once I had verified the account then trying to pay didn't take me to the credit card enrollment section anymore. However it still refused to allow me to make a payment until I transfered some money into my Paypal account from my bank via an überweisung.

    After that I could use paypal.


    Much easier to use a real credit card if you can get one though :)


  7. Interesting article in todays Guardian about first aid myths which may explain why the Heimlich is not taught routinely..



    If that doesn't clear the blockage, you may have to try the Heimlich manoeuvre, also known as "abdominal thrusts". This can cause internal damage, however, and anyone who's been on the wrong end of it should be checked over afterwards.



  8. Here comes bod


    BTW being American is no excuse for not knowing who bod is, Wikipedia says that ;

    "It was an animated cartoon series narrated by John Le Mesurier with music by Derek Griffiths and produced by David Yates. The four books were published in 1966 in the United Kingdom and later in the United States and France. "




    . In the United States, Bod aired on Nickelodeon as a segment on the Pinwheel program.



  9. Our car was a UK model that we needed to get converted and these guys did a grand job for us,

    They did all the registration stuff as well as the actual mechanical work, we just paid them and they sorted it all out.

    Obviously they are an Opel shop and you have a BMW so you may not want them to do the work, in which case go with what Journeyman says and see a BMW dealer.