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  1. "Lost his bottle", is clearly related to 'bottle' as 'courage', and I first heard it at about the same time as this advert




    I always assumed it was recent and just came from the add, but I have also seen it explained as Rhyming Slang, 'bottle and glass' - 'arse, so 'lose your bottle' meant to soil yourself in fear. I don't like that version but it's possible I suppose.


  2. For anyone who wants to read up further, the paper is available here

    It clearly shows an association between exposure to smoking in movies and having tried smoking, and it goes some way to establishing causality, but it's not there yet.


    I am an ex-smoker of nearly 13 years, I really like the smoking ban in pubs and public places and I'm a concerned parent who doesn't want to see his kids start smoking, but I can't see how this will help.


    I would think that any effort to 'age rate' movies based on smoking content would suffer from the same failings that currently allow 15 year olds to get cigarettes.

    If the kid is getting his fags with fake ID then he will use the same fake ID to get into an 18 rated movie. If he is getting them via an adult accomplice then why would that adult not also get them movies.

    If anything getting past the age restrictions on films is even easier because most stuff can be downloaded from the internet and no-one checks your age on bit-torrent.


  3. In year 1 the extra costs are the makler costs, the taxes etc. Other years it just seems to be property tax.


    Interestingly the makler cost doesn't seem to be included in the rental calculation.


    Also it doesn't cover the 'next 10 years' ie the period after the mortgage is completely paid off where the buyer could be investing 12K per year(Monthly mortgage payments) but the renter would still be spending the money on rent.


    For me personally it was obvious that buying was a better idea.


    We had a good deposit, but the interest we were getting on it in the bank was rubbish. My wife and I are busy people who couldn't afford to lose that money meaning that investment strategies that offered "better than bank" rates were not something we were comfortable with.


    We found a place that we felt was a trade-up in terms of standard of living (House not flat, garden, better shops etc). The monthly payments are the same give or take €50 per month and we will be finished with repayments in 5 years.


    Fact of the matter is that it's different for everyone.


    Somewhere upthread there was a calculation from a German magazine showing that the property market (Rent v Buy) in various parts of Germany meant that, sometimes in some places owning is significantly better than buying, other times it's the other way round.




  4. If you make use of these benefits when you are not entitled to them then in my opinion that's fraud. If someone working for DB helps you in that fraud then they would probably be putting their job at risk. That's a big ask for a stranger on the internet.


    Even if you tried to justify it by claiming that it was DB's mistake and therefore their problem, you know it's not right.


    More importantly right or wrong, if they find out they can almost certainly take legal steps to recover any losses they make.


    Either you are entitled to the benefits , in which case it won't matter if you ask DB, or you are not entitled in which case finding out before you do something daft is a good idea.


    Note: I am not accusing you of any wrongdoing or suggesting that you intend to do anything wrong, just suggesting you think about things more carefully.




  5. Information is all on the website. You need to do it using the button you found, but it takes 14 days from pushing the deactivate button to actual deleting.


    Kundenservice >

    Hilfe & FAQ >



    Anleitung zur Deaktivierung Ihres Logins / Accounts


    Schritt 1:

    Loggen Sie sich mit Ihren freenet Zugangsdaten (Login-Name und Passwort) in das freenet Kundencenter ein.


    Schritt 2:

    Klicken Sie in der linken Navigationsleiste erst auf "Persönliche Daten" und dann auf "Deaktivierung".


    Schritt 3:

    Lesen Sie sich die im Hauptfenster aufgeführten Informationen gut durch.

    Sind alle Voraussetzungen erfüllt, setzen Sie ein Häkchen in das Kontrollkästchen neben "Ich habe die Informationen zur Löschung zur Kenntnis genommen und möchte mit der Löschung fortfahren.", und klicken auf die Schaltfläche "Account deaktivieren".


    Schritt 4:

    Klicken Sie auf der nächsten Seite auf "Account deaktivieren".


    Schritt 5:

    Sind alle Voraussetzungen erfüllt, erhalten Sie per E-Mail die Bestätigung "Account Deaktivierung", über die Sie innerhalb von 14 Tagen die endgültige Deaktivierung nach erneutem Login in das Kundencenter bestätigen können.


    Jetzt ins Kundencenter einloggen »




    Sind eine oder mehrere Voraussetzungen nicht erfüllt, erhalten Sie per E-Mail einen entsprechenden Hinweis und eine Aufzählung der Gründe, die eine Deaktivierung nicht möglich machen (z.B. "Sie nutzen ein kostenpflichtiges Produkt (freenetSingles Plus), das Sie vor Deaktivierung kündigen müssen.").




    Wichtiger Hinweis:

    Die Deaktivierungs-E-Mail ist aus Sicherheitsgründen nur 14 Tage lang gültig. Wenn die Account-Deaktivierung nicht innerhalb dieser Frist über den in der E-Mail befindlichen Link bestätigt wird, wird der Prozess automatisch abgebrochen. Ab diesem Zeitpunkt erhalten Sie nach Klick auf den Link eine Fehlerseite "Account-Deaktivierung nicht möglich" mit dem Hinweis "Die Deaktivierungs-E-Mail ist nicht mehr gültig". Wünschen Sie weiterhin eine Account-Deaktivierung, muss diese online im Kundencenter erneut eingerichtet werden.




  6. I live pretty near there.


    Some of the newbuild estates can get a bit parked up and access to trams and shops could be a bit far depending on where you end up exactly.


    The area in general is quiet and residential.


    Depending on where you are, the noise from the motorway and/or the railway can be a bit of a problem.


    Personally for us the motorway noise isn't a big deal but the railway was a pain where we used to live.




  7. Not quite the same topic but related. Mods please split if you think it's needed.


    My 13 year son is still in touch with lots of his mates back in the UK and they all have paper-rounds or similar jobs to top up their pocket money.


    He is saving up to go back and visit them all next summer and would like to find a similar kind of job to boost his savings.


    I'm all for it and will help out with the cost if he needs me to, but he wants to save up for it himself and I think that's great too.


    What kind of work (If any) could he legally do here in Germany (He is a native level German speaker, so this is just about minimum working age I think)?




  8. The law on this is clear as YL6 says you can do what you like. His company can't dictate YOUR tax choice and as your husbands choice is tied to that they can't dictate his.


    However the company can dictate exactly how much they will pay your husband. The 'equalization' agreement and your husbands work contract are where that has been done, read them carefully and talk to a lawyer if you don't understand.


    The company accountant may be telling you that the company will only do the 'equalization' based on III/V even if you change to IV/IV.


    This is going to depend on exact wording of that Ex-Pat agreement and will undoubtedly cause some bad feeling which your husband may want to avoid.




  9. I have a little bit of experience with both, a couple I know, in Hamburg, one Irish/Canadian and the other English, had their kids in Germany, and try to speak only English at home to their kids.


    We had ours in the UK and tried to speak German to them at home. OLOP for us because I spoke little or no German then.


    For us, OLOP stopped dead as soon as the kids went to pre-school. They simply refused to speak German at home at all, and pretended not to understand my wife.However when we moved to Germany (kids aged 6 and 11) they both managed to start school and integrate well, and they both now (2 years later) have fluent if not quite native level German.


    The kids of the family in Hamburg often play with my kids, and it's obvious when you see them together that they are not as fluent in English as my kids are in German, but their school report cards etc still show English as one of their strongest subjects, but it seems they are getting more out of MLAH than mine did out of OLOP.


    I think that either system will give a child a good start at native fluency, but that only living and breathing a language for an extended time will actually get you all the way.


    I agree with Conquistador that the real challenge will be the written language, but I wouldn't worry too much about it, just having all the extra exposure will give them a great start when it comes to learning English and if they need it then they will pick it up quickly.


  10. Too many to count, but favorites from songs:-



    Kirsty MacColl's version of Billy Braggs 'New England"




    "I sat beside the telephone

    Waiting for someone to pull me through,

    when the bastard didn't ring I knew it wasn't you"


    And from Poems, I remember the terror that " Your Attention Please" by Peter Porter instilled in me as a 10 year old, in particular for some reason this line sticks with me still.



    (Watch for the cuckoo in your perspex panel)

    But those are both really depressing and I'm not sad today, so this one is much more fun.


    From 'Sex with Ducks by Garfunkel and Oates'




    Pat Robertson once said,

    "It's a long downward slide

    That'll lead to legalizing sex with ducks

    If two men can stand side by side"


    God, I hope he's right

    'Cause if gay marriage becomes lawful

    Gonna find myself a duck

    And legally do

    Something awful (awful, awful)



  11. I have both phone and internet from them, so the process may be different for you, but when I want to turn this on or off this is what I do..


    Start at here


    Go to kunden-portal


    Login (Username and password were in the initial paperwork I think, been a long time since I got them from anywhere besides my password database).


    Select Meine produkte on the left hand side


    Then Internet & Telefon


    Then finally Telefon Einstellungen


    If you don't actually care how I found it, then you can just click on the 'kunden-portal' link and login, then click on the Telefon Einstellungen link from this post I think.


    When you get to the right page there is pile of options relating to the configuration of your phone numbers. Somewhere about 1/2 way down you will find a section marked


    Rufumleitung (Means Diversion)


    For each line there are a bunch of tick-boxes where you can set the call divert to kick in straight away, after 30 seconds, or when engaged. It can divert to another line or to the Anrufbeantworter (Answer machine).


    Hope that helps.




  12. You need to ask the Australians what they will accept.


    The person certifying it doesn't have to certify that it's an original driving license, they have to certify that the copy is the same as the original.


    The guys in Aus will check that what you sent them is a copy of valid drivers license.


    A search for "Certified Copy"


    Got me lots of hits, and Certified copies of university degrees thread looked interesting.


    Tips there included...


    For local purposes the equivalent would be something like this list




    Options are:

    Gemeindeverwaltungen: municipal administrations

    Landkreise: counties

    Verwaltungsbehörden: lower administrative bodies (do administrative bodies have "dirty parts"?), as are:

    Ortsbürgermeister und Ortsvorsteher: City mayor

    Stadtverwaltungen (Rathaus): City council (town hall)

    Kreisverwaltungen: County administrations

    außerdem von Gerichten, Notaren: additonally options are courts, solicitors.





    The german term is "beglaubigte Kopie".



  13. If Space or zeeklafreek are correct then you can probably sort it out without going to a shop.


    Searching the net tells me that on Toshiba machines, often the key to switch between modes is Fn + F5 but somtimes it's something else.


    Take a look at this picture...







    Look at the F5 key and notice the symbol on it next to the F5...


    Look for a similar symbol on your keyboard, and when the machine is powered on and the lights stop blinking, press Fn + whatever key has this symbol.


    Display should switch back to the laptop screen.


    If it doesn't work then it's a bigger problem and you probably need someone who knows about computers to take a look.


    If the machine is only a few months old then the shop you bought it from would be a good place to start.













  14. The contract clause seems similar to my understanding of one in our contract when we bought our house, at the time it was explained to me that this was a common clause in a purchase agreement and that what that clause meant was 'If there is insurance on the building then the buyer must take over any contractual requirements for it. They must reimburse the seller for any unused part of the insurance and they must pick up the cost of the insurance to the end of it's current notice period'.


    For us that meant we had to give the old guy that was selling the place a months money back because he had payed to the end of the quarter in advance, and we had to give the insurance company 1/2 a year of premiums because the contract could only be terminated on a yearly basis.


    Until you have documentation from the insurance company, you don't have insurance (Someone else might but thats another issue). Until you pay someone for it then you won't get the documents.


    I suspect that the 'important insurance documents' that keep getting lost are something that you need to sort out, make contact with the insurance company and arrange to go into an office and pick them up.


    Take a German speaking friend and discuss the documents there and then. Clear up with them the insurance status of the property.




  15. The 'workaround' is to use compatability View in ie9 or to use another browser.

    The Fix is something that Editor Bob will have to get the backroom boys to sort out I think.


    Here is a more detailed problem report for the backroom boys:-



    Under certain circumstances when using IE9 in default mode the screen will go be overlaid with a dark grey inlay, and controls on the page underneath are not accessable.



    In a 'fresh from box' windows 7 install with no extra browser toolbars or ad-blocking enabled,


    Visit link http://www.toytownge...howtopic=218768 select the 'Favorites' Star, then click back into the page.




    1. I can duplicate this in IE9 64bit and 32bit.


    2. Doesn't happen in opera 11.11 (Although that is customised to block lots of stuff)


    3. Nor in Chrome 12.0.742.91


    4. Nor in SRWare Iron 11.0.700.3 (87000)


    5. Nor in Firefox 4.01

    At this point I stopped checking.


    Workaround:- Use IE9 in Compatability View, or use another browser.


    Possible extra information:-


    Digging around on the net I came across another site...

    Which describes the same problem (I tested the site linked to in the article, you decide if you want to) with another website so it's not just TT.

    They suggest that IE9 handles javascript errors differently to other browsers.

    The answer they suggest is to use IE9 in compatability View, and that seems to work.


    IE9's debug tools suggest that the problem is here


    SCRIPT5007: Unable to get value of the property '0': object is null or undefined lightbox.js, line 18 character 3252


    So I took a look at http://www.toytownge...ty/lightbox.js. It shows that it is version 2.04. Following the link in the script to find the latest version I see that it is version 2.05.

    The release notes for 2.05 explicitly say 'With IE9' support, so I suspect that may be the fix.



    You don't think his slapping has helped her?


    Nope, I really don't.


    medic82 and "Cindy" have a really tricky situation here, and talk about hitting her isn't going to help anyone.


    I can't ever conceive of a time when hitting a person is the best or even the right course of action.


    If you really believe that more violence is a good way to resolve this, then I stand by my original post and I continue to hope no-one ever teaches you how wrong you are by using your own methods against you.


    I suggest we stop this discussion now though since it has nothing to do with Medic's question and you and I arguing really won't help Cindy.


  17. @Mr Nosey, If you are serious then you make me sick.

    if you are 'only joking' about slapping people in a thread about abusive relationships you are just being a dick.

    I really hope for your sake you never find yourself in a state where your partner is abusing you it just doesn't have a funny side.


  18. For me it's a personal choice thing, if someone allows me to pay for their work and I value that work then I will.


    At the moment the BBC won't take my money and so I have no real moral issue with people(Myself included) watching for free. It's pretty much as close to a victim-less crime as I can imagine, and I can't really see this app making me feel that different about that.


    However personally I think the BBC is a valuable thing and the iPlayer a great resource, so once they have a legitimate way for me to pay for content I probably will.




  19. Todays Guardian is reporting that the BBC will launch an international iPlayer iPad app later this year, according to director general Mark Thompson.


    He said the global version of the corporation's online catch-up service for iPads will launch "definitely this year", adding that it will cost, "a small number of dollars per month, definitely fewer than 10".


    The international iPlayer iPad app will also give subscribers access to BBC archive programming.


    Full link here