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  1. We should probably all avoid copying and pasting data-url's into the browser address box.

    I'm sure the posters above are all perfectly trustworthy and just showing a cool browser feature, but The "data" URL scheme can easily embed whole java programs and is already known to be a security hole. You are running a completely unknown piece of code that someone has taken the trouble to hide from you, does that sound smart?


  2. I just did a quick look on the website and I think you can send a registered A4 letter to France with delivery notification for €7.30 although for some reason when I add insurance that changes to a stupid €82.30

    The FAQ outlines the differences between the options and should help you to decide what you need.


    Since you need to go to the post office to actually send the thing, why not go in and ask for some help instead of trying to use the website?



    You, Starshollow, work in this industry so, regardless of your obvious good intentions, understand just how psychologically damaging it can be for someone in a state as vulnerable as mine at that time to be relegated to a money machine.There IS a reason why the medicine branches are so-called the 'caring' professions. If yours isn't a caring nature, maybe you should go into trading, engineering or even pizza-making.


    Seriously, you post in the FINANCE section, you get really sound advice from a caring member of the community about how the insurance process works from a professional in the field, and your reaction is to tell him that he is uncaring and should get a different job.

    That's rude in more than just one culture.


    For what it's worth, I think your description of the behavior of the doctor in your original post sounds terrible, and I was really feeling sympathetic, but if you were as rude to the Doc as you are to people here who try to help you then I get a feeling that the doctors version of events would be somewhat different to yours.


    I hope you get the help that you feel you need, because it's clear that you are in a lot of pain, but it would be nice for the rest of us if you could avoid lashing out at those who are trying to help.


  4. Seems to be the case, freaks me out too.

    I really can't survive without my glasses (Can't work) so I have a spare pair that I keep safe in case I lose mine and need to see while I wait for new ones.


    While I was typing this I thought about online retailers, and I see some of the UK online glasses places will deliver, and that they ship in 2 to 5 days.

    I won't list them since I haven't used them at all, but you might try a google search for 'glasses online' or similar.

    I also looked up a few German online sites and they were all about the same as the high-street, 10 days to 2 weeks.

    If you find a better(quicker) solution do post back.


  5. Using a Dlink router at the moment Derek so can't help much with fritzbox settings.

    Thing is though that you don't need to do much, and the steps are pretty much the same either way.


    In one case you setup the router to use the ISP's DNS servers, and the devices which you want to connect to the UK get setup to use the Overplay DNS, in the other you setup the router to use Overplay and devices that you want to connect directly to use your ISP (or some other) DNS.


  6. I tried the Overplay SmartDNS for a month last month Derek.

    My situation is similar to yours in that I work from home and need an SSL VPN to do so.

    I setup my routers DHCP server to provide the overplay DNS to devices that asked for an IP by DHCP, then manually set my work PC to use a static DNS configuration (using works DNS servers).

    That worked fine for all the stuff I wanted, I could watch BBC iplayer on all my devices (Wii, laptop, android phone etc) with no problems. Obviously I couldn't watch TV from my work PC, but thats probably for the best:).


    I had some issues with the XBMC iPlayer plugin for some reason, but I didn't spend much time investigating that, so I don't know if it can be fixed.


    I canceled the recurring payment right after I requested the trial, and that went without a hitch. They sent me one email confirming that I canceled and one email two days before the service was due to end reminding me that if I didn't renew it would be over, but nothing from them since, so all in all it was a good experience.

    When my existing VPN subscription runs out in December I may well switch.


  7. Alex, NO HE DIDN'T.


    1. Innocent unless proven guilty.
    2. Copyright infringment is not theft no matter what Hollywood and the music industry want you to believe (thats why we have different laws for it).
    3. Aiding and abetting a theft (or a copyright infringement) is not the same as theft (again thats why we have different laws)


    If he committed a crime then he was in the UK when he did it and should be subject to UK law.

    The servers which hosted the allegedly infringing content were in the UK, the guy was in the UK at all times whilst setting up and operating the site.

    It's possible (indeed likely) that users from all over the world accessed the site, but the 'alleged crime' took place in the UK and should be tried there with UK standards of evidence etc.


    If a UK citizen can be extradited to the US for allegedly committing crimes in the UK then something is broken.

    The US can't make international law on it's own and the UK should not be extraditing this guy.


  8. Yes I think finding work will be hard.

    1st/2nd level support means dealing with users. Users in Germany speak German.

    Where that isn't the case tends to be large multinationals, but they have often already outsourced support to an offshore location like Hungary where there are plenty of well educated German speakers.


  9. No idea if it's normal to be called back, but I remember being a new Dad and I can remember how scary it all was, so I'm sorry you are going through this right now.


    The check is probably just routine and nothing to worry about.

    Even if it isn't routine, remember this is just a check, and if the baby seems to hear you OK then it's probably fine.


    To be honest I'd just be glad that they are following up and that any lingering problems from his tricky entry into the world can get sorted out as early as possible so that you all can enjoy your new family.


    Don't panic, enjoy every moment with your child and remember that whatever the results of this test are you will still love him just like now.


  10. Perspective...

    It's not unreasonable for you to be pissed off because you have to go to a lot of effort to find your packages.

    Similarly though it's not unreasonable for your neighbor to assume that the delivery company will do their job and put a card through your door.

    The fault lies with the delivery companies for being crap, but they try to operate to the tightest margins they can and so often do a crap job in the pursuit of profit.

    The only person with any motivation to change things is you because are the only one that isn't getting what they want.


    Possible ways to deal...

    Ask the downstairs neighbor not to accept packages for you, tell him that you understand that he is trying to be nice by accepting them, but that because the delivery companies are so shit with leaving cards you sometimes get frustrated waiting.

    Then make a note of which delivery companies are crap about cards etc and boycott them.


    Or get the stuff delivered to work, or to a pickup address.


  11. I sincerely hope you can't claim it against tax.

    It's sad that he ripped you off, and it's a significant amount of money so I see why you are chasing down any way to reclaim it, but honestly why should I (and the rest of us taxpayers) pay you because your ex-boyfriend took your money?


  12. I think the first one should be "Mietrückstände" meaning rent arrears.

    In which case I think the questions are:-



    1. Are you behind with your rent now?
    2. Are you facing an eviction procedure?
    3. Have you been declared bankrupt?
    4. Are you also prepared to take on renovated properties?
    5. Do you play an instrument?
    6. Do you have pets?


    Then they want you to agree that the answers you give are true and that you understand that if they are not it can count as a reason for them to terminate any rental contract without notice.


    They all seem like reasonable questions to me except for number 4, but perhaps you meant 'unrenoviert' = Unrenovated?


    Don't sign anything a Makler gives you without getting help from someone who speaks German.


    Similarly I don't really see much point in giving the Makler a presentation about yourself, but if you do then get a native speaker to help.


  13. From the article ""Motorola is prohibited from acting on today's decision, and our business in Germany will continue as usual while we appeal this decision and pursue the fundamental issue of Motorola's broken promise."


    So as you can see nothing will change right now.


    Longer term, I can't see Microsoft actually letting this get far enough that they would need to stop selling things for long.

    If they have to send back product then they would move it to the distribution center in Venray in the Netherlands, but I don't believe it will even get that far.


    Even if it did though, that wouldn't be a big issue as far as windows update is concerned since the Mannheim court have granted a 'sales injunction' and windows-update is free (Or more accurately already included in the price you paid for Windows).