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  1. If you buy it straight from then you can pick from the following options at order time..


    • Beleuchtete Tastatur (Deutsch) & Benutzerhandbuch (Deutsch)
    • Beleuchtete Tastatur (Deutsch) & Benutzerhandbuch (Englisch)
    • Beleuchtete Tastatur (Englisch, International) & Benutzerhandbuch (Englisch)
    • Beleuchtete Tastatur (US) & Benutzerhandbuch (Englisch)



  2. The trojan you have described looks like its just designed to get money via 'paysafe', if they wanted to go after your banking details then it would be easier to ask you for it as part of the payment process rather than just try to steal it.

    Of course the whole point of a trojan is to look like one thing and to be something else, so don't rely on that.


    Depending on which version you have you can possibly get rid of it, but without knowing exactly, you can't be sure.

    There are some links earlier on in the thread which will give you the tools to try to clean it, but often the safest option is to wipe the machine and re-install.


    Most German online banking uses a TAN based system so you should be safe there, but pay extra attention to your bank statements over the next few months and perhaps get yourself a SHUFA report at the end of the year to see if anything strange like loans in your name have come up.


    Good luck in the clean up operations.



    How fast do you think vaccinations work? The kid's cranky because s/he is SICK from a low-grade infection of the disease.


    From here



    The measles part of the vaccine starts to work six to 11 days after immunisation. Your child may have a fever or develop a measles-like rash that usually lasts two to three days.[...] Children who get vaccine-related symptoms aren't infectious to others.


    Whereas children who catch measles on holiday are infectious, and as such shouldn't IMO be flying.

    It's a decision for Elfenstar to make not us, but there are sound arguments for doing it before travel.


    [Edit to add] I agree with you about not going being a better solution if there is any real risk of infection, I was just saying that recently vaccinated can be better than 'un-vaccinated'.


  4. I mostly agree with you BD, delaying a week or two shouldn't matter, but if it were me, I would check the stats for MMR vaccination in the holiday destination before I made the decision.

    Better to have a cranky but vaccinated kid on hols than a kid with mumps or measles on the flight home.


  5. Handbrake always worked well for me, but if it's not working for you then take a look here for a bunch of other tools with reviews and instructions etc.


    [Edited to add]

    If you are having trouble with handbrake but want to use it anyway, it seems that to rip copy-protected DVD's you need libdvdcss installed as well. An easy way to get that is to install VLC from here


  6. Hmm I never have any problems with the flash player in chrome, Can't see how you would go about 're-installing' it since it's built in to the web-browser. Could be that there is some kind of conflict with your old flash-player? (Of course if you meant that you were re-installing chrome then forget I said anything :)


    For the search plugins, I don't use search like that anymore, but I remember the option in FF and Opera and I quite liked it too.

    A quick look on the extensions website found 'Searchbox' and 'Searchbar'


    I haven't tried either of them but perhaps worth a look.



    I accidentally deleted my DVD player on my Mac OS X Version 10.5.8 - I know that is very silly but I had run out of memory and was trying to make some space before I had the chance to back everything up.Any guidance on where to go and what to download to replace it? Would be appreciated!


    I tend to use VLC for everything.

    It's installed on mac in our house but we don't use it for playing DVD's just video files (I don't really use the mac at all, just maintain it).

    I do use it for playing DVD's under Windows and Linux though, so no reason to assume it won't work just as well under OS-X.


  8. A bit late and a bit long, but I can answer some of the questions veganmama asked so here goes.




    1. To shut down the computer in regular Windows, simply go to the "Start" menu and select "Shut down."

    It obviously makes a lot of sense to go to the start button when you want to shut down, but apparently that was too easy.


    To shut down the computer with windows 8 I must first connect my other computer to the internet and search "How to shut down my computer windows 8," whereupon I learn that I must access an invisible menu of "Charms," then select the "Settings" charm, select the "power" icon and THEN select "shut down."


    Why do something in two steps when you can use four? Really though, why is this an example of good programming?


    And that's just one of a number of simple operations that I must search the internet to learn how to do...

    who has time for this?


    To shutdown windows 8 push the power button on the front of your PC. It will take care of the rest. This is how it always should have been, I mean going to the 'Start' menu in order to stop doing something Realy? :) .

    In this case MS is fixing years of lunacy(although not in a great way).

    If you want a shutdown Icon on your desktop in 8 here are some instructions to make one though.

    (Oh and alt-f4 still works just like it always has).



    And if that's not enough, a search brought me to this alarming article that claims W8 is configured to tell Microsoft about everything I try to install on my computer.


    Agreed that is pretty ugly, but you can turn it off and it's not that different to what other vendors (cough google/apple) do on their phone/tablet OS's. It's just new in the desktop world.



    Anyone here know where I can pick up a cheap copy of Windows 7? I'd prefer XP, but I think it won't run on a new computer...


    You should be able to 'downgrade' to windows 7 from Windows 8 for free although it's not clear from the article I linked how you should get your license key.

    You can download the iso images of the install media from Digital River. Other people have linked to the downloads on the forum, but since I'm not 100% convinced that the links are approved by microsoft I won't share them.

    What I can say is that the ISO files downloaded via those links are identical to the ones I legitimately downloaded from microsoft for work, and so from a 'will it work' perspective they are fine.



    I always forget my point...


    Anyone have an idea how to configure Windows 8 to connect to the internet...we've got Alice and it's NOT a wireless connection. I managed to locate the control panel for networking but only wireless option comes up. Frustrating!


    Last one, I'm sure you already found this, but if you right click on the little network icon from the desktop you can "Open network and sharing center'. From there you can configure your networking. Or you can use "Windows-key X" to bring up the system menu and run control-panel.


  9. What does "First day of next week" mean to you? I'm sure it means at least 2 different dates (Sunday 18th Nov 2012 and Monday 19th Nov 2012) but it could possibly have more meanings.


    Imagine an algorithm for parsing 'friendly' names for the next few days, eg Tomorrow, next Monday, last Monday etc (Gnu date has such an algorithm if you want a look Wassim although it doesn't do 'First day of next week')...


    There is ambiguity in this function because of 'real world' ambiguity about what the words mean, but if the algorithm were poorly specified then it may seem even more ambiguous because of mismatched cultural assumptions between the reader and writer.


    I would probably refer to ISO_8601 (an international standard covering the exchange of date and time-related data) in order to avoid the ambiguity if I had to document something like this.


    Meant to post this a few days ago but didn't get time, hope it helps, sorry if it's late.



    My suspicion is that as his services are covered through a ‘rechtsversicherung‘ it was easy for him to print off a few letters and claim €300 per letter from the insurance then, and not so easy to claim further money without having to do some real work for it now.


    You could perhaps also try calling the 'rechtsversicherung' folks and ask them if they can help.

    If they are paying the bills then they may want this resolved quickly as well and so be able to apply the right levers.


  11. I've never seen it before and as you say google is no help, but one person I saw when I was searching had a similar problem caused by a full screen video app running on a disconnected second screen which was locking the task-bar.


    I only mention it because you said you had display problems with an external monitor once before.

    So perhaps you could try hitting windows-P and selecting 'Computer Only' from the popup. That should force disconnect a second monitor if there is one.

    See if there is anything running that you might want to close.


  12. I just had a google to see if it was possible with any VPN, and this video suggests that it is.


    So knowing that it was possible I had a play with my HMA settings and I found that it works OK via "USA, Missouri, Kansas City (LOC1 S6)" other random USA servers that I tried (Salt lake city and new york) both failed with the standard message about only being able to be viewed in the US.

    So give that endpoint a try and see if it works.



    She actually...


    Why thank-you for pointing that out.

    I took pains to refer to the OP in gender neutral language but for some reason I assumed Panda was a man.

    Must remember to look at profiles before i post next time.

    I'm sorry if I caused offense Panda.


  14. Hmm, Panda is normally a bit of an expert on this stuff so I'm inclined to accept what he says, but it seems to me that would only work if the OP was actually seconded to Germany.

    As far as I can see from the first post the OP isn't seconded here, they are resident and here in order to establish a life ("I arrived in Germany to live with my partner").

    Even if it does work it's only going to be a stop gap solution because when the 2 (or 5) years are up then switching health insurance will be the only choice.


  15. If you have a job and a life in Germany then the NHS isn't covering you right now, you just think it is.

    Read some of these threads for details.


    If your company in the UK wishes to employ you, then they need to do so under German law and contribute to your health insurance etc. Take a look at this search for details.


    You are a German resident now and so your options are the same as anyone else resident in Germany, pay private or pay public.



    So I have not reversed an Überweisung, but a Dauerauftrag, and immediately after it happened, not days later.


    Nope. You didn't reverse anything, you cancelled it before it was completed.

    As lots of people have pointed out above, you can't reverse an Überweisung (or Dauerauftrag), but you can sometimes get it stopped if you are lucky.


    Banks have different processes for reconciling the account balances, some do an overnight run, some pass bits of paper around etc etc.

    So if in your branch of your bank it's a relatively slow (eg, overnight batch) and/or manual process to transfer funds to another bank, and if the person you ask is friendly, then you have some chance of getting it cancelled.


    If it's a fully automated electronic process and within the same bank, then it can be impossible because the money is already in the account of the recipient.


  17. I don't think the central water spray arm will be motor powered, in every one I've ever used they are driven by the water spray and should turn freely if you give it a push when the machine is turned off.

    The smell was probably just 'new electronics', but with some designs the heating element for the water is exposed in the bottom of the machine, so

    you may want to check if there is any packaging still in there or if something has fallen down onto the element and melted.


    Regarding the plates fouling the spray arm, check if the top shelf can be adjusted up and down, some can. If not then you are going to have to tip the dishes over further or get different ones.