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  1. Sounds like a wiimote, I've played with it for controlling bbc iplayer on the Wii and it works OK there.

    Since I have a Wii already I've just downloaded some free software from here to try it.

    It seems to work, but it only maps the buttons rather than the full motion detection, so not much better than just using a small bluetooth keyboard or a microsoft remote.


    Another option could be to download VNC Server for the android device and a vnc client for your ipad and use the ipad as your remote.

    [edit to add] But that does need you to have root on your device so I can't test it on my tablet without voiding the warranty.


  2. Totally agree with you Krieg, but this isn't a discussion about Android tablets (of the dodgy Chinese variety or otherwise).

    It's a discussion about the Microsoft Surface.


    There are tons of reasons to slate this thing (It's late to market, it's expensive, it doesn't clearly distinguish between the RT and Pro flavours, you can't manage the RT flavour as part of a domain or run Outlook on it etc etc etc).


    It's a crap tablet in either it's RT or Pro form, but the storage issue isn't the big failing that people are making it out to be, and the 'solution' to the storage issue that Microsoft have chosen is better than the solution that Google or Apple have chosen.


  3. True, but I tend to see that as a Spotify limitation not an Android one.

    You can't download songs from anywhere to a full tablet with no expandable storage (Like the ipdad or the nexus 7).

    This is getting off topic now though.


    My point was that although the Microsoft Surface RT is a POS, the storage limitation is not the big issue that many would choose to make it, and the Apple 'solution' is even worse.


    What I see at the moment is that the limitations of the RT mean that it is a poor choice. For any of it's supposed advantages one of the competing products will be better.

    For some (lots looking at the market share figures) that will be an ipad.

    For some that will be an Android tablet of some kind. Heck for some people it will probably be a Kindle.


    I could write more about the reasons I don't like the Surface in either it's RT or Pro versions, but since I haven't actually gotten my hands on one it would be a bit pointless.


  4. You can download the 4oD app from the UK version of the play-store. I don't know how to change which version, but I did manage to make it work as follows:-

    First you need to setup the VPN on the android device (I tried with smart-dns but it wouldn't work).

    Once I had the VPN setup, I opened this link in chrome. It asked me what I wanted to open the link with and I selected 'play store'. That gave me the option to download the app.


    I've just downloaded it and it seems to be running fine on my android tablet(although only when connected to the VPN), so with luck it will work on your stick too.


  5. Not sure what's going on with CSaddo but he can't make up his mind if he is a tutor or a student for a language school in Berlin, but he is sure to get the name of the firm into his posts...


  6. I skip it but it's not always an easy choice.

    With regards the cancer thing, you don't say which one but screening is not always a good idea.

    For example a 2010 report on 6 large prostate cancer screening trials found that screening increased the number of men diagnosed with early stage prostate cancer BUT did nothing to reduce deaths or help men live longer.

    Since 2 out of 3 men with a raised PSA rate (The screening test) do not have prostate cancer it seems to me that the chance of having a lot of un-needed tests and investigations is higher with screening than without, but my chances of living longer is unchanged.


    More thoughts on prostate screening here:- Cancer Research UK page on screening for prostate cancer.


  7. The important thing to know is that unfiltered water in Germany is 100% safe.

    It's no worse or better than even the correctly filtered water, so unless the filtering changes the taste of your local tapwater to something you prefer I just wouldn't bother filtering it.

    Some people are convinced that brita water filters have made them sick, and certainly if you don't store your water correctly then it can be a problem over time.


    There isn't any real way to know exactly how long a filter will last in a given environment, just a best guess at an average life.

    The date on the label may well be a marketing decision rather than a science one and will be chosen to get the filter replaced often enough to maximise profit but not often enough to annoy customers (for example by making them sick or by making them replace the filter too often).

    When the filter is saturated it will become ineffective and may start to dump the built-up residue into the water making the overall water quality worse.


  8. I suspect the thread has been removed, so not much point retrying. The first post in the thread was set of links to e-books which are all still subject to copyright and much of the rest of the thread was discussion about if that was legal or not.


  9. Not really directly relevant to the current discussion, possibly of interest to people who will read this thread.

    Whilst reading the article that Blue Proteus linked to, I came across Scan Eye, they maintain this site which is a tracking site that tracks and reports on which torrents have been downloaded by which IP address etc.

    I found it really interesting to visit it with my VPN and without and to see the differences in what they thought had been torrented from the different IP addresses. It seems no-one has been naughty on my ISP allocated address, but the UK address issued to me by the VPN company is a totally different matter.


  10. The policeman that you have already spoken to gave you the correct advice.

    Go back to see him again and make the report.

    Include all the details of your meeting with the club, including the fact that the head of school told you one thing (no longer teaching) but the other trainers told you something different (Still training on Saturdays).

    Having started down the route of saying something, you need to take it to the end.


  11. Pixmania is selling you a UK machine, so you will either need to change the power cable or replace the plug (See note in their description about needing an adapter).

    It also comes with OSX 10.7 Lion, not with 10.8 Mountain Lion, not sure if that is because it is old stock or not, but ask if you are entitled to the free upgrade to 10.8 before you buy.


    It's €50 cheaper for the base configuration than buying direct from Apple, but by the time you add in the postage at €11, the Upgrade to Mountain Lion at €18, perhaps €5 for a replacement C5 power cable, and the hassle as well, it's possibly not worth it.


  12. If you buy it straight from then you can pick from the following options at order time..


    • Beleuchtete Tastatur (Deutsch) & Benutzerhandbuch (Deutsch)
    • Beleuchtete Tastatur (Deutsch) & Benutzerhandbuch (Englisch)
    • Beleuchtete Tastatur (Englisch, International) & Benutzerhandbuch (Englisch)
    • Beleuchtete Tastatur (US) & Benutzerhandbuch (Englisch)



  13. The trojan you have described looks like its just designed to get money via 'paysafe', if they wanted to go after your banking details then it would be easier to ask you for it as part of the payment process rather than just try to steal it.

    Of course the whole point of a trojan is to look like one thing and to be something else, so don't rely on that.


    Depending on which version you have you can possibly get rid of it, but without knowing exactly, you can't be sure.

    There are some links earlier on in the thread which will give you the tools to try to clean it, but often the safest option is to wipe the machine and re-install.


    Most German online banking uses a TAN based system so you should be safe there, but pay extra attention to your bank statements over the next few months and perhaps get yourself a SHUFA report at the end of the year to see if anything strange like loans in your name have come up.


    Good luck in the clean up operations.



    How fast do you think vaccinations work? The kid's cranky because s/he is SICK from a low-grade infection of the disease.


    From here



    The measles part of the vaccine starts to work six to 11 days after immunisation. Your child may have a fever or develop a measles-like rash that usually lasts two to three days.[...] Children who get vaccine-related symptoms aren't infectious to others.


    Whereas children who catch measles on holiday are infectious, and as such shouldn't IMO be flying.

    It's a decision for Elfenstar to make not us, but there are sound arguments for doing it before travel.


    [Edit to add] I agree with you about not going being a better solution if there is any real risk of infection, I was just saying that recently vaccinated can be better than 'un-vaccinated'.