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  1. 21 minutes ago, Mr.Bear said:

    Still unvaxxed, still negative.


    Dude, by now no-one gives a fuck. The requirement was that a large percentage get vaccinated, and they did. The fact that you spouted a pile of bullshit about vaccination was annoying and you and your ilk probably have a measurable body count, but since you will never get charged, it's irrelevant now.


    Mods, please just close the thread down. All it is doing now is acting as an echo chamber for strongly held views on both sides.

    Those of us on the 'pro-vax' anti-covid side are unlikely to change the opinion of the hesitant or the explicitly refusenik, but their views may change the hesitant and that's not good.


    Flagging some mods who responded last time I tried to find them.

    @Malcolm Spudbury





  2. 41 minutes ago, Krieg said:

    I wonder why health insurances are called Krankenkassen in Israel.

    It's not that hard to look it up, from wikipedia



    The Yishuv's health insurance and medical services organizations, known as Kupat Holim (pl. Kupot Holim) were modeled after the medical mutual-aid societies that were formed in Germany following Otto von Bismarck's social legislation of the late 19th century. The term Kupat Holim is a literal Hebrew translation of the German word Krankenkasse. Although they have undergone significant reform since, to this day they are an integral part of Israel's universal healthcare system (as they are in present-day German-speaking countries)



  3. I know you guys like an update, and a couple of you reached out with offers and/or questions about the car, so here is the update.

    I sold the car this morning to wirkaufendeinauto.

    I did the whole thing with the website and the pictures last week and they offered me a good price for it, so I got my sister in law to drive me there today and make the sale.

    When I got there they took it away for an inspection and 15 minutes later we agreed a sale at the same price as the emailed offer.

    I was going through the paperwork this morning, and I found the original bill-of-sale, we bought the car for €10k and sold it 11 years later for €8100, I'm happy enough with that.

    They will take care of the deregistration etc so all done, no stress.

    Must say I recommend them.


  4. 6 hours ago, Anna66 said:

    I saw on my app that it expires in 2023, exactly a year from my booster immunisation which is interesting.

    The certificate expires after 1 year, not the booster. It's a technical limitation designed to make it harder to fake the certificates.


  5. 1 hour ago, katheliz said:

    You've probably put me on Ignore already

    I didn't block you, you are good people and you were trying to help. I get it.

    I just wanted a bit of a more forceful comment out there so that the hurting would stop.

    I love all you guys and I know you have my best interests at heart, and I also know that this is a serious topic for lots of us so the sharing of anecdotes and advice is important.

    I just don't want an email every time someone talks about how badly this could go wrong.



  6. @katheliz Please I have respectfully asked you not to do this. Now with the greatest of respect if you can't resit @ ing me or quoting me, FUCK OFF.

    I don't need to know right now and your advice will not help it will ONLY hurt. STOP STOP STOP.

    I know things can go horribly wrong.

    My kids know things can go horribly wrong, but right now my wife WILL die in the next 2 or 3 days there is NO TIME ENERGY OR PATIENCE for fixing this. As @Straightpoop quite rightly said my only option is to be optimistic. 


  7. 11 hours ago, Straightpoop said:

    But do not discount the words of caution and wisdom offered by @Sannerl

    Guys, I had the conversation about this with my kids last night, and we have agreed that later this year we will get some papers drawn up to get things in place. I only wanted to know about my legal obligations.

    Please feel free to discuss all the possible ways that family can be horrid to each other, but please don't quote me in any of those posts or share any more advice on this particular aspect with me as I am finding it very upsetting to even consider this possibility right now.

    I cannot and will not consider any further damage to my family structures at this point in time, I just don't have the capacity for it.  


  8. @Straightpoop Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou.

    That is the clearest explanation of a complex subject that I have seen.

    I understand now why it could get 'ugly' but I also know my children very well and am confident that it won't. We will be strong for each other and eventually get through this.


    Also thanks again to everyone else who wished us well, and my deepest sympathy to anyone who has gone through this or who might in future.



    UK goods into Germany down 8.5% in further sign of Brexit damage


    Imports of UK goods into Germany fell 8.5% last year, in the latest signal that extra costs and red tape related to Brexit are damaging British trading relationships.

    Britain also fell out of the top five of Germany’s largest trade partners as the EU’s biggest economy turned to its neighbours inside the eurozone for machine tools, car parts and components for the aerospace industry.

    The German statistical office, Destatis, said UK imports fell in 2021, the first year since the Brexit free trade deal was agreed in late December 2020, to €32bn (£27bn)



  10. OK Thanks all.

    I'm a lot less stressed about this now, especially knowing I won't have to sell up and that my asshole brother-in-law won't get to stick his nose into this. (My sister-in-laws are all lovely but one of them is married to a right twat).

    I'll sit down with the kids when the time comes and make some grown-up plans, then we will go to a Notar and get those turned into legalese.

    I'm sure in my mind that there is no chance of them not getting their fair share, but it's gonna be better to get it all written down.



  11. 38 minutes ago, LeonG said:

    So I suppose if your kids don't take you to court, demanding that you pay out their share immediately, nothing will happen.  However, if they do, the court may decide that it's not fair to you to have to sell your house to pay them their share and that you can do it later.  

    Thanks Leon, I hadn't even considered tax, but at least I know now I won't have to sell up. The kids won't want anything, its all fine there. Once I go there will be no-one else and they will get it all anyway, so seems like it will be easy enough.


    38 minutes ago, jeba said:

    if she´s still compos mentis

    Thats the problem, over the weekend things took an extreme decline and she can't now be considered compos mentis (Doctor agrees). There will not be a will.



  12. Hi All,

    I haven't read all of this thread or all of the others on this subject, my head just isn't in the right place for it, but there is something bothering me and I hope someone will kindly explain.

    It is almost certain that my wife will die soon.

    She has not written a will of any kind (We kept meaning to, but then she was too ill and now it's not possible). 

    I'm trying to understand what will happen and how I will need to proceed once she has passed.

    Her 'assets' are very limited, she owns the car and has a savings account together they amount to around 10k, we own the house together (both our names are on the grundbuch), and the rest is just small personal effects.

    I am for some reason preoccupied with making sure that everything gets shared out and dealt with as quickly as possible, so I am trying to understand the process and to some extent who will get what.

    We have two adult children, and my wife has 4 surviving siblings and one surviving parent.

    She is German, I am a German/UK dual national. Our kids are dual nationals too. We all live in Germany.


    I've looked around online and as I understand it, her assets should be shared between me and my 2 kids.

    I get 1/2 and they get 1/4 each. The siblings and her mom get nothing.


    So the question is what about the house? Do I have to get it valued and give my kids some section of that when my wife dies?  How does this work?







  13. The science is fairly clear, the kind of 'myth-busting' we have been doing with Eric7 and his predecessors on this thread is not really going to convince them, and worse the controversy and argumentation over the subject may slow-down the uptake amongst the hesitant.


    We have to assume that there are at least 3 groups... Those who are already vaccinated, those who will never be and those who might be persuaded. 

    Our goal has to be to try to encourage and convince those in this third group to move to the first, not the second.


    That is better achieved by ignoring the arguments of the unvaccinated, and telling our positive stories of how we were vaccinated without fuss or problems.


    So here are my stories. You have probably read me complaining about the confusion around the J&J vaccine, well yes it was confusing to get the information I needed, but once I did, the vaccination itself was quick and efficient. For my first shot with J&J, I got an appointment 2 days after they became available to my age group. I attended the vaccination centre and after some simple questions (explained to me in English by the nice doctor there) I was vaccinated and asked to wait 15 minutes before I left.

    This first batch took about 30 minutes in total including the wait, and my post injection symptoms were a slightly sore arm and a general feeling of tiredness for 24 hours.

    After that I was fine.


    The second jab was what I thought would be my 'booster'. This was also easy to book an appointment for, but the system in Bremen had changed a little and I needed to travel a bit further to get it. Still the Doctor was friendly, she reassured me that the Biontec jab I was getting was the right thing to do especially since my wife was sick at home. It took about 25 minutes this time again including the wait.


    The third appointment was a little more annoying, because of the J&J vaccine confusion I thought I needed another shot, so I went to get one. This time I was turned away because my previous shot was too recent, however the people at the test centre were still lovely to me and rescheduled my appointment without hesitation.

    I went back for my actual third jab a week or so later and the whole process took 18 minutes including the 15 minute wait. (It would have taken longer if I had let the doctor explain things but I asked him not to and explained that I was already comfortable with that vaccine).

    Again no side-effects, just a little bit tired for the rest of the day.


    All in all I can strongly recommend getting vaccinated in Bremen and looking at the latest statistics it seems like a huge proportion of the population of Bremen have decided to do just that.








  14. It's one of those marketing problems Jeba, over time dieting 'Calories' and scientific 'calories' have been conflated to the point where unless you are reading a science paper, you can assume that if the word Calories is spelled out in full they really mean kcal.


    This article explains how Calorie counts are calculated for foodstuffs and it bears no relationship to how I recall measuring the energy content of things with a bomb-calorimeter.


    It's a US focussed article but I think the same method applies round the world.  



  15. 8 minutes ago, Jonny said:

    Fine,  but why the theatrics of putting one on to take a few steps to go to the toilet or to go to the front door ? What purpose does it serve?


    Your seat in the restaurant should be properly socially distanced. However when entering or leaving, you will get closer to the other guests, who are sat without masks because they are eating.

    I'm sure it's not the most important part of the solution, but I'm equally sure that it does have a purpose.

    Ultimately there is no 'black and white' answer, in general the more often people wear masks when mixing in public the lower the transmission rate, its a statistics thing. 


  16. So this one might sound strange, but I have a quandary.

    I can't drive, and my wife is unlikely to ever drive again, but parked outside the house is a car.

    It was working perfectly when we last used it in August last year, but it's sat idle by the side of the road since then.

    I think I need to sell it before the TüV inspection is due in April because I see no point in paying for an inspection on a car I can't use.

    It's a 12 year old WV Touran Diesel but it's fairly low mileage and has a full service history. 

    I don't really care about the 'best price' but I don't have the time or energy to deal with random people coming to the door.

    So I need some advice on the best way to get this thing sold.


    I've considered just calling the dealer where we bought the car (who has also done all the servicing on it) and asking him to make us an offer.


    I've also considered wirkaufendeinauto or similar, but as far as I can tell I need to drive it to them to get the final offer and payment. I guess I could get my sister-in-law to drive the car, but if they did, how does the insurance work, are they allowed to drive it?


    Any other ideas on how I can get this thing sold for a reasonable price with absolutely minimum effort? (and yes I will include selling that to someone here if they wanna come and get it :-) )





  17. 49 minutes ago, smithr said:

    but I used to be able to watch the prime video on with my prime subscription


    That is very cool, I didn't know that was available. It seems to still work. It is heavily promoting 'watch whilst abroad' and a list of shows available world-wide, so I'm not sure if I'm getting all the same content as I would in the UK, but its certainly different from the German content which is nice.


  18. If a fuse is blowing, its usually a sign of something bigger being wrong like a short, if you don't have any electrical training, you should probably either take it to an electrician or more realistically just replace it.



  19. 44 minutes ago, keith2011 said:

    I believe he will be prosecuted for attending and organising parties during lockdown

    I think he will get the standard £200 fixed penalty notice for attending a party, I guess some of the 'repeat offender' fines might also apply, but even if they throw the book at him it won't amount to more than 20k in fines. I'm sure some wannabe knight of the realm will just bung him a brown envelope to cover that and trebles all round, back to business as usual.

    The whole criminal investigation thing is just a way to get Sue Gray's report neutered by making it's content prejudicial to an ongoing investigation and therefore illegal to publish.


    And yeah you are absolutely right nothing 'pure' or 'simple' about that bastard or any of the shower who support him in parliament.