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  1. 3 hours ago, bbogdanmircea said:

    At the same pappnase said he applied without B1 if understood correctly...


    I did apply without B1, and I still don't have it, however I was applying after over 10 years, in Bremen as a man married to a German and with Brexit as a background. I'm sure they were especially lenient with me.


    What I have actually said in every one of my posts on the subject is that the requirement is not B1 German.


    The requirement is that you have " have sufficient command of the German language " (Well actually it says über ausreichende Kenntnisse der deutschen Sprache verfügt  but I linked to the English translation).

    Other nationality law then states that this corresponds to B1 on the EU standard classification.

    That often means that a caseworker will only accept B1, but they are allowed to assess your language skills in some other way if they want to.


    Your first appointment should have been to agree a checklist of documents and requirements, then once you have all the items on the checklist you can start the approval. 


    Sorry if you misunderstood something I wrote, and for the sake of anyone else reading this in future.



    I'm just some random bloke on the internet and my words have no legal status whatsoever.



    Edit to add the exact section about reducing the time to 6 years:-



    Weist ein Ausländer durch die Bescheinigung des Bundesamtes für Migration und Flüchtlinge die erfolgreiche Teilnahme an einem Integrationskurs nach, wird die Frist nach Absatz 1 auf sieben Jahre verkürzt. Bei Vorliegen besonderer Integrationsleistungen, insbesondere beim Nachweis von Sprachkenntnissen, die die Voraussetzungen des Absatzes 1 Satz 1 Nummer 6 übersteigen, von besonders guten schulischen, berufsqualifizierenden oder beruflichen Leistungen oder von bürgerschaftlichem Engagement, kann sie auf bis zu sechs Jahre verkürzt werden.





    For foreigners who confirm that they have successfully completed an integration course by presenting a certificate issued by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF), the qualifying period stipulated in subsection (1) is reduced to seven years. This qualifying period may be reduced to six years for foreigners who have made outstanding efforts at integration, especially if they can demonstrate a command of the German language which exceeds the requirements of subsection (1) sentence 1 no. 6, outstanding achievement in school or occupational training or in their occupation, or civic involvement.





  2. 35 minutes ago, yourkeau said:


    I's aggressive illiteracy that I see here

    I think we are long past that yourkeu, what we see here is wilful ignorance and deliberate muck-raking. Most of the 'anti-vax/anti-mask' crowd on this site are here purely because the mods are missing in action and so they get away with it.

    A while ago someone posted on one of the threads a "game" which was used for training moderators on another site. The game set you up as a 'troll' with the intention of generating traffic on a site, and it was really interesting to see how many of the winning techniques were being used by some of the people in my blocklist.


    @Everyone, if you are genuine about wanting this to stop, then just disengage.

    Let them have the last word, because at least it will be 'the last word' and we won't have to put up with more of this crap.


    No-one is going to change their mind on this from anti-vax to pro-vax based on what we post here, but the longer the argument goes on the more likely someone who is 'undecided' makes a choice to side with the anti-vaxers.




  3. 6 minutes ago, emkay said:

    My daughter studies social work/sociology at Uni and went for a panel type interview at a Jugendamt for her practicum placement. I was perturbed to hear that she was told that as she is petite and looks younger than her age, this kind of career is likely unsuitable for her as she wouldn’t be taken seriously and could come to harm by the clientele

    Wow, that looks a lot like sexual discrimination to me. Would they have said that to a guy?


  4. Wow, given that the local paper wanted €500 for the general announcement that my wife was dead, I won't be posting a second one to say thanks for the cards.

    Anyone who speaks to me gets a thanks in person at the time.  People who sent flowers got a direct thank-you as well. Anyone else, tough luck.




  5. 6 minutes ago, jeba said:

    I don´t understand why they don´simply use different drugs (or a combination of drugs) which would have the same effect.


    Usually because the alternative formulations are not approved for such use either by the local regulatory bodies or the drug companies themselves, and/or they can't find anyone willing to make the new formulations and/or administer them.




  6. 8 minutes ago, Boggsdollocks said:

    Help! What am I doing wrong?


    You are pasting the 'embed' link.

    You should click on share, then just click copy. You should see something like this: -


    If you paste that directly into the edti box it will automatically get converted to an embedded link by the forum software and look like this:





  7. 7 minutes ago, snowingagain said:

    So suriviving spouse then has 75 percent ownership of house


    Assuming that before death the house was owned 50/50 between husband and wife, then yes this seems to be the case.

    On another thread I was also assured that case law meant it would be almost impossible for me to be forced to sell the house in order to give my kids their share.



  8. 7 hours ago, kiplette said:

    Glad there is someone there to take some of the organisation off you, not that anything makes it easier.


    Well it went fantastically well, the whole thing was really lovely. Exhausted now but full of love for my family and the way that it went.


  9. 3 hours ago, kiplette said:

    do you have a Redner or someone to support you

    Yeah, I have a Redner who is going to read and lead the service etc. In reality if I don't overrule him he will organise the music too. I'm just fussing and feeling emotional.


  10. I did mine in 2018, so recently but not very recently, it was a brexit related thing and I think my guy was trying to make it easy for me. Also I was in Bremen which may well make a difference. I only really posted to say that they do have some flexibility.


  11. On 02/03/2022, 20:34:47, bbogdanmircea said:

    Is there any possibility to obtain a proof from the employer that I speak German and to skip the B1 test?


    This is entirely at the discretion of the person processing your application. The requirement is that you satisfy them that you have an appropriate level of German and the test certificate is proof of that in a form they are required to accept. They are allowed to accept other forms of proof but not required.

    So for example when I applied, the case worker read through my application, asked me if I had filled it in myself, and commented that if I had done that and passed the citizenship exam, he was willing to accept my language skills as good enough. He did call in a co-worker who also had a brief conversation with me just to check, and then he wrote down on the form that I had proved my language skills by interview.


    I suggest you start the process before you sit the exam, and discuss with your case worker what documentation they need.



  12. 8 minutes ago, Mackle said:

    Maybe that will help with a US trade deal

    Not if they switch to 'uk' imperial measurments.


    To get 1 UK teaspoon, you need to measure 1.399 US teaspoons.
    To get 1 UK tablespoons, you need to measure 1.041 US tablespoons
    To get 1 UK cup, you need to measure 1.066 US tablespoons
    To get 1 UK fluid ounce, you need to measure 0.961 US fluid announces
    To get 1 UK pint, you need to measure 0.832 US pints
    To get 1 UK gallon, you need to measure 0.832 US gallons
    To get 1 UK ton, you need to measure 1.12 US ton


    This is not any easier than using metric units (just different).




  13. I really don't ever remember this usage, but wikipedia seems to have it


    Cooling down (also known as limbering down or warming down) is an easy exercise, done after a more intense activity, to allow the body to gradually transition to a resting or near-resting state. 


    The Cambridge dictionary has it too.


    warm down

     phrasal verb with warm verb [ I or T ]

    to do some gentle exercises and stretches after you have done some intense physical activity, in order to allow your body to recover:



  14. 1 hour ago, Gambatte said:

    how to determine the "value" of something without (or before) selling

    You can't, but you are not usually asked to "determine" the value of something, only to estimate it.

    That is considerably easier usually.

    If you can prove that your estimate is reasonable based on recent sales in the area, or a professional valuation then that will suffice for most purposes.




  15. 1 hour ago, Yellowsnow said:

    a country that can serve up this lot in one sitting has got a problem me thinks!


    100% agree, and what is worse in my mind, somehow the opposition can't seem to make political capital out of their awfulness.

    English dominated Westminster politics is an utter disaster and has been for many many years.



  16. [Verse 1]
    For you, there'll be no more crying
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