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  1. Selling a car when you can't drive.

    I know you guys like an update, and a couple of you reached out with offers and/or questions about the car, so here is the update. I sold the car this morning to wirkaufendeinauto. I did the whole thing with the website and the pictures last week and they offered me a good price for it, so I got my sister in law to drive me there today and make the sale. When I got there they took it away for an inspection and 15 minutes later we agreed a sale at the same price as the emailed offer. I was going through the paperwork this morning, and I found the original bill-of-sale, we bought the car for €10k and sold it 11 years later for €8100, I'm happy enough with that. They will take care of the deregistration etc so all done, no stress. Must say I recommend them.